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What To Do This Summer Solstice

What To Do This Summer Solstice
Midsummer - later the days are at their LP and sunniest and the nights are momentary and, excitedly, sociable - is our favourite time of see, at tiniest according to a campaign I ran on A Bad Witch's Blog tolerate see.

This see, I am upright a campaign to find out what we are intending to do for the solstice. The have a spat so far assorted, with species saying they inner self be bill inhabitants rituals, personal rituals, goodbye to external trial, staying secret with their friends and profuse four-sided figure bill their own thing. State is silence a mean time to proclaim. To do so, scroll down to the very ending of the page to find the campaign.

If you haven't yet decided what to do for the Summer Solstice, happening are a few ideas:


Stonehenge, the 5,000-year-old megalithic monument on Salisbury Insipid, Wiltshire, is the record renowned place in England to correct the solstices. Admission is naturally detail except English Bequest, which manages the site, is standard to present what it calls "managed open range" to Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice and stage inner self be a one-day free party submit the stones on Sunday June 21. For better-quality enumeration of the party, expedition

If you purport to get hold of part in a druid ritual at Stonehenge, stage is one on Wednesday 24 June. it is organised by the Gorsedd of Bards of Cor Gawr Alban Hefin. The ritual starts at 4am and bravado is by pre-booked mark morally. Tickets charge lb2 each. For better-quality enumeration, or to book tickets, expedition or

Avebury, submit Marlborough, Wiltshire, a obsolete stone circle not far from Stonehenge and like as renowned, is in all probability the little record grassroots site for midsummer rituals in England.

On Saturday 20 June; Cauldron of Cerridwen is putting on a Summer Solstice Stretch out Ritual at the stones. This is advertised as a family-friendly open ritual starting at 12 the middle of the day at the circle. For more enumeration request Sian on 07746365980 or email sian ap For better-quality enumeration about Avebury, expedition

Several species make happy to expedition less important, less hectic stone circles and other megalithic sites. To find out enumeration of one submit you, expedition the website


Londoners who don't purport to attempt far can find to excess to do higher midsummer submit the town.

The disciplined Summer Solstice on Primrose Start is upright again this see, on Sunday, 21 June, starting at 12:45pm. This is a display to correct Alban Heruin with the Loose Link of Druids and is hosted by The Druid of Wormwood Scrubbs. Congregate at The Hawthorne Wood on top of Primrose Start, Regents Put Rd, London. For better-quality enumeration, email

The Chase of Avalon is putting on a Breathtaking Ritual for Midsummer to honour the Holy being of the London canal, Tamesa. This inner self get hold of place at Victoria Climb Put, London, submit Upper house. The ritual starts at 3pm on Sunday, 21 June. if you are goodbye, bring stores and get through to measurement, water as an put on and poems and songs about summer. For better-quality information join the organiser, Drew Galdron, at

With on Sunday 21 June, stage too Summer Solstice Sundown Ritual submit Staines, by way of a Litha ritual, gaiety, a Mummer's Pick at and Eisteddfod. This free open ritual starts at 8pm, but you must join the organisers to book a place before the match. Call 07889 126311. The ritual and gaiety inner self get hold of place at an ancient pagan site in woodlands. Move get through and stores to measurement.

If you purport to do whatever thing less coolly ritualistic, arts and mental health openhandedness CoolTan Arts is organising a midnight summer solstice guided chance on Saturday June 20 entitled From the Madhouse to Inexperienced Psychiatric Health resort. It starts at the Tate Inexperienced and ends the Maudsley Health resort, motion picture parts of epic London relating to Chaucer, Shakespeare and Dickens. For better-quality information, request 07985 658443 or expedition

MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S Have a desire for

A expedition to an outside amusement of Midsummer Nights Have a desire for is one way role can blow your own horn a magical summer sundown.

This see, Chapterhouse Theatre Camaraderie is putting on performances of Shakespeare's renowned fraud in some of the record faint capacity houses, castles and bequest sites in the UK and Ireland. The picture on top of comes from promotions for the match. If you purport to book tickets for a measure, happening are the dates in June and join details:

JUNE 19: Cely Jungle, Averly, Essex. Tel: 01842 814612.

JUNE 20: Hazeley At home, Hartley Wintney, Hampshire. Tel: 01252 842215.

JUNE 21: Porlock Entertainment Terra firma, Exmoor, Somerset. Tel: 01643 863150.

JUNE 27: Woburn Abbey, Woburn, Bedfordshire. Tel: 01525 290333.

For better-quality information, expedition the website page.htm

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