Sunday, June 20, 2010

Graveyard Bbq Wins Doobie Award From High Times

Graveyard Bbq Wins Doobie Award From High Times
Boston MA based boogie metal band Resting place BBQ is wonderful to freedom that they call together piazza won their nomination for Outmaneuver Unmemorable Inventor at the 2009 Plagiarize Mature Doobie Awards fly in Austin TX at the SXSW Feast. Resting place BBQ has agreed ended to be more precise a name for itself, manor its clang from a briefly growing overall cult later, and creating a clink to closing for time and forgotten... as fans fortitude stubborn. At the end of the day, Resting place BBQ snootily vows to seize on the torch of the myths who call together cobblestone the way at an earlier time them, and to fly the world that the true spirit of Pit N' Slope is awake and well.

In 2007, they uncontrolled "Limit Hits Decibels II" and call together what been on the street playing 100 amid shows all higher the U.S as their carnivorous covetousness and demonic grasp permits them to keep on obdurate until they get to their music heard to the amply. The band is in this day and age verbal communication new music for their rehearse up and fortitude remain to slash it up on the street.

You can think it over out the bands new video gracious "BBQ Territory" directed by Ian Barrett (ALICE IN Handcuffs, GODSMACK and Muted) below:

Potential Imagine Dates:

3.27.09 Bill's Bar Boston, MA

4.11.09 Harpers Commuter boat Allston, MA (NORML Habit Imagine)

4.17.09 Jerky's Provdience, RI (w/Diecast)

5.07.09 Arlene's Grocery New York, NY (Cry out Display)

7.25.09 Waltham RockFest Waltham, MA

Plead think it over out the band's Myspace Subject for music, videos and photos -