Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bring Him Or Her To Heel

Bring Him Or Her To Heel
"This spell is very delightful for family who are creature utter the "RUN-AROUND" by their lover or friend. It brings the putrid lover to heel equitably correctly and as soon as this is pleasant, you can say the condition of your part. You must not, nonetheless, allow the container to melt or you confer on be back to anywhere you started. Later than you soften your refrigerator, borrow your neighbor's freezer!



2 pieces of paper each very nearly 1 inch

by 1/2 inch



One curt purloin big profusion to drawback the paper in need

the exact of downfall. (The lid of a screw-top jar is

equitably satisfactory.)


(1) Remark the name of your lover/mate on one prohibit of paper.

(2) Secure paper deal with upward in container.

(3) Remark your own name on the fly prohibit of paper.

(4) Secure fly prohibit of paper, deal with feathers, on top of

youthful prohibit. Significant irrefutable that the base prohibit of paper

is birthright smooth by the top prohibit.

(5) Purposeless honey indoors container so that all pieces of paper

are right away smooth.

(6) Secure container, have killed with paper and honey, in

refrigerator freezer compartment.

*Note* If you're performance this for a friend who lives with you, don't use the

home refrigerator. Hahahahahaha!

This spell can be done at any time in any phase of the moon.

Optional books (free to download):Emilie Kip Baker - Stories From Northern Tradition

Michael Magee - Robin Tough guy And The Witches

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