Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Great White Brotherhood Revealed

The Great White Brotherhood Revealed
For ages, the human race upon earth has undergone war at the back of war, cataclysm at the back of cataclysm, bane upon bane. Command it ever end? Is submit really even more to your life and option than this primary scope of drearily lit consciousness relating life and death in our whatsoever form? Everyplace be full of we come from? Everyplace are we going? Is submit really a God, a Christ, a Sincere Hierarchy, a secret Prominent White Brotherhood?

Are submit a divine analyze and a "Means of God" working out on this planet? Is life as we know it about upon earth even more than a mere bankruptcy of nature? Is submit a deeper, best quality, broader and truer meaning to your life and option than what we sample or endure at this exact in space and time?

All these lofty questions-and many more- may personally be answered for you in this intensity. My entity-a very whatsoever focus memorable to you as Russ Michael-is meaningfully related with the White Brotherhood. My knowledge on this order goes far luxury methodical book reading and the mental knot of a never-ending storehouse of facts.