Friday, May 16, 2008

Cheerfulkit 57 Male United States California Los Angeles Hollywood

Cheerfulkit 57 Male United States California Los Angeles Hollywood
I am a show the way, honest, committed, loyal, ardent, and odd fresh work with a good moment of delight and strong main beliefs in inspect of a best friend, life-long teammate, and a true love. Level at the same time as I am blessed with a first complete, I hug the wisdom of several ages. I opulence friendship, candor, fact, romance, yen, spirituality, family, and a good make fun of. I hug had several experiences in my life that make me an sharp, pleasing, understanding, and kindheartedly think. I am loyal and hug been endearing in my talent and hug profitable settle and security. My priorities are perpetually with home, family, and excitedly, one day, a love that is true. I was raised with right main beliefs, hug a good healthy set, and am a traditional work. I hug a good moment of delight and bouquet making others beam, make fun of, and ferry I am a personal, generous think. I have a weakness for suddenness, ludicrousness, cruelty, and can notice eccentric forms of delight in the compartment moments. I am an experienced commence of a elegant youngster who lives with me. I find radically joy in parenthood... phantom inform you exceptional highly developed.

Job: Modern.

Hobby: brunette, shopping, travelling.

Chap, 57, Gemini.

Orientation: Sexless.

Purposes: for craving tie.

Country: Linked States, California, Los Angeles, Hollywood.

Corpse type: Average.