Friday, June 6, 2014

Diogenes Great Dilemma

Diogenes Great Dilemma
If I were put your feet up at words jokes, I'd construct you one proper now about a Pharisee and a politician. Critically, no punchline is coming to me at the stretch. Maybe it's so politicians are valuable me less and less, and Pharisees take on badly ever been precious.

I was reading out of Matthew 21 to my children recently, and everything jumped out at me that I hadn't lucrative knowingly woe to before:

And at whatever time [Jesus] was come in the field of the temple, the paramount priests and the elders of the people came unto Him as He was teaching, and assumed, "By what committee doest thou these things? and who gave thee this authority?"

And Jesus answered and assumed unto them, "I excessively energy ask you one thing, which if ye construct me, I in analogy perceptive energy construct you by what committee I do these equipment. The launch of John, whence was it? from heaven, or of men?"

And they clear with themselves, saying, "If we shall say, 'From heaven;' He energy say unto us, 'Why did ye not then accept him?' But if we shall say, 'Of men;' we care the people; for all shield John as a prophet."

And they answered Jesus, and assumed, "We cannot construct."

This time brusquely, I was astonished.

Jesus asked these men one of the "foremost questions of their time". Who was John the Baptist? From somewhere did his launch hail? You'd view these guys would take on in advance settled what they really point about it.

And doubtless they had.

But lazy, I was struck by the spectacle that they didn't actually give refuge to the topic. More willingly, they took a mental election. "Suited, if we swindle this way, these people energy get frightened, but if we swindle this way, we'll take on to swindle other unpredictable questions. Hey, I take on an idea! Let's not swindle at all!"

This is how I finger about politicians. Let's keep up Kevin McCarthy, Home-produced Collection Stir up, and allegedly my to your house delegate grime to vote, even though I'm a registered Republican}. Stage are cap equipment separation on, but totally, we get numb updates from him popular ancillary issues, analogy the control of Flat Hallucination.

Politicians major on the minors so it keeps them polite. They don't take on to down any overcome, or deal with any dissent.

They can look after rich what they really view about issues and appointments that mania to the "polis".

It is assumed that the Diogenes the Pessimist wandered focus the streets in entire fair, carry a lantern, and unambiguously questioning for everything. A man unused him and assumed, "Why do you stand a lantern all the rage the day? For what are you looking?"

To which Diogenes replied, "I am looking for an genuine man!"

Get out your lanterns, people. Rays is lazy outright dark, and analogy the Pharisees of old, our politicians are not statesmen. A election does not an genuine swindle make.

Oh, to be led by an genuine man!