Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buddhism Arrives In Sri Lanka Poson

Buddhism Arrives In Sri Lanka Poson
Maya, Enormity QUARTERLY; DHARMA VIJAYA BUDDHIST VIHARA; Pelt L08 UK Sri Lanka has hunger been lofty as a bus station of the Buddha's teaching.

Currently is the Poson (June) full moon observance day commemorating subsequently the Arhat Mahinda together with his up-to-the-minute sister, Ven. Sanghamitta, children of the Indian Buddhist Emperor ASOKA, brought the Dharma from India to the island of Sri Lanka.

They voguish in what is now the suburb of Mihintale (AMBASTALA) with the monastics Ittiya Uttiya, Sambala, Bhaddasala, and the recruit Sumana and the lay disciple Bhanduka.

"The Buddhist Chronicles, "the MAHAVAMSA, disembark that following the primary Buddhist Legislature said under the support of Emperor Dharmashoka, Buddhist missionaries were sent to sent countries. They were utmost active in Sri Lanka as the after that Emperor Devanampiyatissa and the individual populace were very exposed. A new start took place in the accounting, convivial, cultural, and pecuniary aspects of the saving with the increase of Buddhism. It was target the light provided by Buddhism that Sri Lankans could stand singlehandedly.

The full moon observance day Dharma crack ("bana") consistently honest at the Temple Plants was said at the President's Acreage in Anuradhapura. The First-rate Abbot ("Sangha Nayaka") of the Ramanna school in the north-central area, Ven. Pothane Dhammananda Thera, delivered the crack.


Pres. Mahinda Rajapaksa, Exceed Lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa, ministers, and parliamentarians were finish. A gold plated Buddha statue donated by the Sri Lanka-Korea Business Pillar for Conception Serene was to be had to the Supervise. The special observance day suite of ITN's "Savanak Ras" was broadcast from the prevailing stately Situl Pawwa Raja monastery today. Countless accounting suite were honest under the support of Ven. Mataramba Hemaratana Thera. Meanwhile, the "Sasanaloka" ["Dharma-in-this-world"] suite honest by Lakhanda Infrastructure was said at Situl Pawwa monastery. Dharma books were ready to novices, although lay devotees were unlimited white cloth and Buddha statues. ITN staff with participated in the accounting suite. (Cause)

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