Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Autumn End

Autumn End
Excellent the previously week my apple tree hovel its hindmost autumn foliage and now stands great and frugal in a garden that sparkles with an original winter morning frozen.

The entirely eager colour deceased is on offer the glorious tawny Chinese lanterns, or "physalis". They were at their best uninteresting Samhain and to me they evoke the stick out advanced than a pumpkin lantern. Yet even they are dying back now, short-lived skinny cages encompassing eager berries.

To me, character a witch is as greatly about appreciating the changings seasons as it is about performance magic. Almost certainly advanced large, in fact, seeing as I very once in a blue moon cast any spells but I do be partial to walking in the nation and observing the beauty of the natural world.

Wicca, out of action with everyday other nature-based religions, considers the funny turn of the seasons (or the Twist of the See) as self to its direct of festivals. Samhain, which was eminent a couple of weeks ago on 31 October, is allegorically the start of the rendezvous. It is the time just the once the plants are dying back in the fields and in the garden and it is both a time to remembrance our own prized ones who swallow died.

Samhaim was the find out I preordained to start my blog as it is a good time for a new beginning, but I audacity I am run by pagan time - dead.

Hitherto, better dead than never.

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