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In The Lights Of The Gospel

In The Lights Of The Gospel

"My friends:

Greeting our brother here, as well as the other fellows of our evangelic caravan, I do it in the peace of Jesus, wishing you His sanctifying light.

There is nothing more useful than the effort of evangelization, nowadays, and it is in this luminous affirmative that we need to develop all our works and direct all our thoughts and attitudes.

The century's terrible and bitter transitions have their origin in the clamorous incomprehension of Christ's example.

The secular work of organization of the positive sciences has progressed side by side with the stagnation of the religious principles. The absurdities contained in today's assertions and denials are the crowning of the general work of the human sciences, among which, void of almost all its magnificent aspects of the Antiquity, lies the philosophy in a transcending negativism. And what becomes evident, to the bitter days that pass by, is, on one side, the science that does not know, and, on the other one, the religion that cannot.

Our work must be totally characterized by the effort of renovation of the consciences and hearts, in the lights of the Gospel. It is urgent, through acts and feelings, to take all organic laws of the divine code out from the incomprehension and bad faith, and apply them to the common life.

Your sacrifice and effort will execute a regenerator work, but it is necessary not to worry about time, divine patrimony of the existence of the spirit. Through examples and supported in your sincere convictions, you will get high realizations, which will het to the human laws the central and immortal laws of the Divine Master. This is the greatest problem of the times.

No message from the spiritual world can surpass the permanent and eternal lesson of Christ, and the task of the Spiritualism, always new, is, above all, to evangelize, even sacrificing other activities of doctrinaire nature.

The human soul is tired of science without wisdom and, poisoned by the modern thought, the brain, in its cultural functions, needs to be substituted by the heart, by the education of the feelings.

The Gospel and the continuous work for the renovation of man's interior must be our common cause.

Let's try to develop all of our effort within Ishmael's workshop in this way, and we will have found, for our activity, the healthy and lasting area of edification.

May Jesus bless the workers of our friend and his fellows, who, with abnegation and renouncement, fight for the cause of the glorious Angel, serving as sincere instrument for the higher orientation of His Home in Brazil, it is the very fervid prayer of the brother and humble servant.


Psycographed on May 13, 1938.

Directed to Manuel Quint~ao, at that time Vice President of the Brazilian Spirit Federation, who was in Pedro Leopoldo visiting Chico.

It was published by the Reformador that same year (p. 210) and published again in the issue of May, 1976, in the same magazine (page 123).

Jorge Hessen