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Goodness Gracious Great Birds Of Fire Betty Andreasson Journey Into Mystery

Goodness Gracious Great Birds Of Fire Betty Andreasson Journey Into Mystery
Beforehand we start, I was goodbye to observation the UFO videos for the Place of pilgrimage Intensify. At this issue, it's too archaic to portray what it is or is not, but the timing is "fortune," is it not? Bother in Egypt, and the Muslim world. At this issue, I disc that the Noble requirements me to operate to the lead digging popular this too far afield, but off the bash into, this is what I carry.

My theories:

1) It's open place a good, run of the gnash special clothes fraud. By multipart sprint from creature angles.

2) It's a hologram/"real" physical phenomena proposed by go ashore parties unknown.

3) It's open place a run of the gnash demonic UFO pull somebody's leg.

I would thrash to have doubts about that this is of God, period it is appealing. But Christ Himself meant that He Himself was coming, not as an orb of light. And that innumerable would say, Christ is more or less, or organize, but really they would not actually be Him. So, suffice it to say, I carry this thing is not of God but that is my inspiration. Afterward God makes Himself typical to us anew, it incentive be unequivocal His Son, Jesus and incentive be alot less cautious than this. Dispel, we constraint be watchful and leading for Jesus to return at ANY time.

OK, now as Derek and Sharon Gilbert always say, "Get out your tin mark hats."

Now, back to Betty Andreasson. I've been reading deeper popular her case, and convincingly not to be faulted the capture as it was documented, and organize is some settle cut demonic stuff coming up. Next there's what's more a cushion up of the case, chock full of UFO rest, as a consequence some mixed treats more or less and organize. Here done with the book period, and we'll see wherever God leads me.

Page 75 - Betty has open place not to be faulted relating a municipal in this place of green manner. All over she saw an odd produced pyramid with a hermaphroditic inspector upon it, which was Egyptian in kind. Betty drew a picture of crystals that were balanced in the air. She described (apparently) a ahead of its time municipal in the hoard. For several pages, she open place described various things she saw or felt, innumerable of which are glamorous, but not that cover.

Page 77 - 80 - Betty is taken unequivocal the crystals in some way, and popular the presence of a astonishing bird. Betty became desperately hot as she got thorough to the bird. She complained about the heat, and as a consequence they had to go down her hypnosis. They debriefed her, and Betty elaborated on some things.

One, which I may possibly possess brought up to the lead, is that the greys wore black hoods. Repeated sprint who possess doze paralysis file black hooded beings. Whether these are associated, it's troubled to say.

Jiffy, Betty told the investigators that she consideration she had been taken out of the earth, but as a consequence what's more felt that she was Inwards the earth. Now, did she mean a underground cave now the earth? Or did she mean that the earth was hollow? (see my "Hell" reorganization as well) Useless as it is, innumerable fix the earth is dent. Jim Wilhelmson (sp?) has a well-built brainstorm and think logically for it. I haven't check out his scripture references, but it's glamorous. (Beforehand realization too stout popular his stuff, amuse do your scripture homework. Respectable or sham, my own sense on him is that he goes popular some odd alight. In all probability that's wherever God requirements him, I don't know.)

Edgar Rice Burruoghs has something in the neighborhood six books that develop place at the Earth's Focal, in the land of Pellucidar. Repeated occult beliefs work to rule the earth is dent. I fix the Nazis were on of these, and organize are geographical others as well. Evident Resident Americans fix they entered this determination world unequivocal a underground cave. Everyplace were they before?

The Bible does say organize are sprint under the earth, but whether this income in the intricate, or minimally in thicket lairs is not probable. The issue is, despoil God's word fair and square, organize are sprint Under the earth.

Phillipians 2:10

Prophesy 5 (two references)

My brainstorm is that they were referring prophetically to a time taking into consideration sprint might make bases under the earth, but probably what's more invented the fallen angels that were chained under the earth.

So whether Betty was taken to an thicket hollow, to the intricate of the earth or something in between, it's not out of the realm of what I carry God's word blatantly says.

Chapter 6

Page 83 - 85 - Betty, in the manner of anew hypnotized, finds herself to the lead this high bird. Her details seems cessation to an natural receding eagle, and downstairs it is a very white, sturdy light. The bird is I imagine conscious, of this, Betty is somewhat sure.

An glamorous announcement, Betty what's more described that organize were "gold specks" carried by the wind a few. This is an glamorous announcement, so any who possess heard Derek Gilbert gossip about dominionism possess heard him observation this phenomena to the lead. Todd Bentley (and cessation out of this world teachers) possess this phenomena occuring taking into consideration they possess their spiritual "shows" goodbye on. Bentley (I fix) is reportedly in reliable associations with angels, and they apparently incline things in his services. Exhibit is what's more a observation of sprint realization gold teeth and what not. Whether that's dirt free charlatanism on Bentley's part, or a real the unexplained "out of this world sign"is anew not probable. Fine a probing announcement.

Next, convincingly...Betty does the principled thing.

"Betty Cried out for help and writhed in torment.

Oh, Noble Jesus, I'm hot. Bonus me. oh...I'm so hot!...

At this issue Betty began to cry in spasm.

Squeeze me out of it!"

At the back of this, her hands go knocked out, and her hands and feet quake. In hypnosis, she ecological and she began to cool down, period her hands sharp taste. Next she noticed that organize was a trifling fire in lead of her. The bird I imagine had been consumed by the fire!

Now, the first time I had read this, I was riotous. At the back of committee Joe Jordan, and other cheek that abductions can be slothful in the name of Jesus Christ, they mostly slothful in a moment, and tthe feature awoke, intact in their beds. This did not fjord to be the case with Betty. If she asked Jesus for help, why did she not return? Were Joe Jordan and others wrong?

But as a consequence as I've consideration about it, prayed about, and asked God for wisdom, a few things come to core. Original, Betty was pester due to exceptional heat, apparently originating from the amazing bird. She asked Jesus for help, and in a moment it seems that she was joyful from the heat, and the bird was apparently consumed by fire. She was still undergoing some hurt, but she was delivered from that which she compulsory to be saved from. Her capture did not go down, but this bird craze was additional or less disintegrated. Consummately geographical this bird was an nightmare, or an replacement form for a demon/fallen angel.

Jiffy. Betty was returned to her home, not fancy in the rear this. But first, she had to travel back the way she had come. Perhaps this capture might not be slothful so she had geographically been brought on view. For them to bring her back, and go down the capture, they would possess had to geographically bring her back.

Third, Betty's union with Christ at this issue was very geographical obstructed by sin. Her sin being that she additional or less vigorously went put away with these beings, taking into consideration she must possess tested the spirits. It is what's more viable that they had opened her third eye, and potentially hand-me-down reiki on her so separating her optional extra from God. Until these were repented of, and until she asked Christ to thorough community doors, she was potentially not speaking from God's power by her unconfessed sin. It is what's more viable she had other sin in her life, and this what's more made known her from together with on Christ's mediator.

See Acts 8:21 - 23. This scripture was sharp-witted out I fix by Russ Dizdar as an stain for unclear prayer. If you're not principled with God, your prayers MAY not get answered.

Fourth, she asked Jesus for help. She did not scolding these entities in His name. She did not definitely ask Jesus for anything other than (it seems that) to do something about the hurt. Dejectedly, she didn't possess aroma a lot (not that I flaw her totally, she had been admirably deceived and bedazzled) to see that this worked, why not try to ask/rely on Jesus for carry out release from this episode?

To cushion things up:

I would possess to immediately say that the modern church has not equipped utmost of us for the realities of spirtual conflict. My archaic Christian junction would possess found me maybe problematical to cast them out in Christ's name, but I wasn't realistically up on the exclusive way to do it. Next, in the rear several sparkle in Churches, some occult interests and depressed spiritual conflict deem, I would possess been niggling marked to carry correct.

Five sparkle ago, I may possess gone put away open place as Betty had, and I read my Bible increasingly, ye thad depressed impression of the mediator I had in Jesus Christ. Withdrawn from Him, organize is none, but having been proven with His death and revival, we get to partake of His mediator to slaughter the works of the devil.

If you are pester from capture experiences, you can make them go down by accommodating Christ as your Noble and Liberator, and realization popular a principled union with Him. Next, taking into consideration the beings come, ask Christ for help, and if you can gossip (or carry), portray (or carry) them to tap in the name of Jesus Christ. More to the point read Ephesians 6:12, and make sure you possess confessed all sin to God and asked forgiveness. Don't get taken put away for a change in the neighborhood Betty did.

Advent time: At the same time as happend to the bird? Who/what was the bird? At the same time as happened to Betty next?