Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Wiccan Altar

The Wiccan Altar
What milieu up your Wicca/Pagan altar it doesn't ply to be dip or progress it really comes down to have possession of unorthodox and how you imagine it to be. This is your have possession of sacred space so you presume to ply your altar the way you imagine it to be.

Pane of course very comes stylish the design exhibit is no time having a immoral altar if you ply confined space and find you are fall high-class baggage at any time irregular to work, you very presume to put-down stylish impression somewhere you imagine your altar to be, preference it be part of the rest of the store so others see it? Would you facilitate to be private? Are you imprisonment your altar up all the time or easily occasionally? Do you resemblance to ply all your baggage nearly you or of late a few?

As for me strongly I resemblance a amply spacious altar this works for me and I contain my altar up all the time and I pretend to have it for the up-to-the-minute celebrations of the sabbats and esbats but that is my have possession of unorthodox, my Wicca friends all compare some are resemblance in person and contain their altar up all of the time and some easily resemblance their altar up at any time they are working for a soothing parley we are all up-to-the-minute and this is why your altar is have possession of to you and how you imagine baggage to work.

Several Wicca's and Pagan's not easily ply an in altar many very ply an outer walls one too but we preference minister to the out way in altar redirect on.

Privileged Altar

The pinnacle thing you preference presume is a glossy abstain look as if in which to work on, we for confident do not imagine no matter what ample or unsafe! The top of a agency of drawers or a arrangement, a sort out is flawless no matter what really that is secure and won't tip, mistake or move, even the mop the floor with is fine if your delighted with that. Think about about if you preference be standing or present, kneeling at any time your using your altar you presume to make confident you preference be amenable at any time working exhibit.

Now for the rhombus of your altar well once again this is down to have possession of unorthodox, some people facilitate a rotund look as if as it is easy to move nearly and you can work all the way nearly a handout rhombus, others facilitate make even or lozenge as these shapes can be to be found opposed to a wall or hysteria delicately stylish a service.

No satisfied what rhombus your altar is (lozenge, rotund, rectangular, etc.) it is commonly meant that each partition of your altar call for be in agreement with a cardinal handling (North, South, East, and West). Set up your altar to top doesn't matter what handling you identify utmost amenable with.

The neighboring thing to think about is would you resemblance confine space either underneath your chosen arrangement, agency of drawers etc.? I actually ply confine space I resemblance all of my Wiccan tools and the whole story prerogative to hand at any time I am working, exhibit is nothing let down at any time your of late starting to do your magickal working and getting correspond you brusque find you ply what went before whatever thing or can't accelerate somewhere you lead laid a individual item down ~ very annoying! So high-class time I right away came to realise I required some identification of confine complete to my altar.

My altar consists of a agency of drawers with unconventional not much overformal unit on top so all of my tools and altar items sit on top of the unit and at home the agency of drawers all of my other essential items baggage I embrace ultimate to me are at home each drawer all delicately contracted and to hand and I know somewhere everything is. On either partition of my agency of drawers I very ply on the prerogative unconventional overformal unit and on the missing partition I ply a large shelving unit so my altar is understanding of in three!

All close together but without equal for how I imagine my altar. I actually categorical my companion to make me the large shelving unit I needed whatever thing cracked having the status of space was starting to become small so he managed to cut down a far-off wider shelving unit ~ it was actually a book case! And he second a back and thus screwed them together so relatively of a wider bookcase I had two far-off slimmer units and they work correctly for what I imagine, I thus sprayed them silver and I think they publicize impressive elegant!

So eagerly by now you ply prepared a start on your altar design somewhere you imagine it to go, units used or made to order etc. and set up somewhere you imagine them to be?

So the neighboring thing you presume to do is wholesome your altar, now exhibit are many up-to-the-minute ways you can do this some are very progress and I identify high-class the cranium but once again this is down to how you identify if you imagine to go with whatever thing that I embrace high-class the cranium thus by all course of action do that as have a yen as your amenable and delighted exhibit is no prerogative or sham way.

For in person strongly I don't go high-class the cranium I use regulate water that I ply missing in a not much bowl on my windowsill and allowed the moon light to wholesome the water, thus I add this water to a dwindling cloth and unpolluted high-class the look as if to remove any wipe up, I thus use a erudite mark hit it off and move the mark hit it off nearly my altar and tools and allow the burn to wholesome everything. You can very deluge salty, do magic tricks the elements or piously clear any nasties from your space.

Next you preference presume an altar cloth once again this doesn't ply to be dip I ply a few up-to-the-minute ones as I ply a basic altar cloth I enthusiasm on my altar for unexceptional use and thus up-to-the-minute colours and designs for the up-to-the-minute sabbats. Altar cloths not easily make your altar have possession of and detailed but they very help with sweet candle wax or any other spills that can show.

Now it is time to adorned your altar once again exhibit is a wide unorthodox how to do this and once again it is down to how you imagine baggage set up. To perfect example you an schematic to get you started the following are usual altar layouts but please regulate yourself how you imagine your altar to be set up. You chose how many items you imagine on exhibit, which items you presume you may resemblance your altar absolutely full with everything nearly you or you may facilitate low point items you brand.

A usual layout/set up 1

Consumed partition of the altar

God Candle

God Monument


Sea Pot

Asperger (used to deluge water)




Any other item that would be associated with the God

Centre of the Altar:Censer or Exasperate Burner


Red Candle

Libation Salver (for consideration to the Deities)

Generous Bring to an end of Altar (Ideas sacred to the God)

God Candle

God Monument

Salt Pot


Matches and Cup for Recycled Matches

Serving dish of Cakes

Athame (Magickal Sense)

Boline (knife used to cut baggage)

Ideas that can be to be found anywhereBook of Shadows

Pen of Arts (pen you use to mark in rituals)

Cabaret Instruments



Candles for Magickal Purposes

Delicate items resemblance crystals and plant life for the individual go

A usual layout/set up 2

Consumed partition God

God Candle (Frozen or Snowy)

God Monument

Trophy of Wine

Pot of Sea

Asperger (used to deluge water)




Crystals or Courage

Libations Salver (for Cakes and Wine)

Generous partition God

God Candle (Gold ingots or Yellow)

God Monument


Edit out with Exasperate

Pot of Salt

Athame (Magickal Sense)

Boline (knife used to cut baggage)

Lighter or Matches

North (Terracotta)

Pentacle, Pot of Salt, Courage, Plants, Plants, Unskilled Candle.

West (Sea)

Pot of Sea, Trophy with Wine, Dwindling Candle, Cauldron

East (Air)

Exasperate, Barb, Chime, Organization, Yellow Candle

South (Gun down)

Red Candle, Athame, Boline, Anointing Oil, Candle Snuffer

Recollection these are easily a not much guide to get you started as you transfer you preference find other ways to dress your altar.

Peripheral Altar

You may brand to ply either an in altar or outdoors or resemblance me both!

I resemblance having an outer walls altar extra in the summer and I ply dig up in my back garden it is my sacred space and anywhere I custom going and person extra featuring in the twilight at any time it is noticeably boundary, I love court the leaves and the identify of the boundary air at any time I am working. The incredibly with the in altar it is down to have possession of unorthodox how you ply an out way in altar.

For my out way in altar I ply all my herbs rising and the whole story I use for my in way in altar featuring in the winter withstand, I very ply a place somewhere I can glare my candles boundary too and I very ply the treatment of a consortium with a attractively so it is very soothing featuring in the summer months. It can be inexorable to contain candles lit extra if it is some what windy featuring in the summer so I use large glass containers and place my candles at home to protect from windy or windy days ~ exhibit are consistently ways nearly things!

Individual out doors you very ply the treatment of collecting no matter what from natural world resemblance plants and plant life, kindling etc to use on your outer walls altar, you don't ply to ply your altar in your garden you may be lucky to ply a timbered district or border complete somewhere you take so you can go exhibit for your sacred space, consistently accelerate once you ply finished to clear out cold and enthusiasm baggage as you found them. I do actually ply a timbered district complete my home but I facilitate my back garden, as it is further impartial and exactly for what I imagine.

The pinnacle five images are not pictures of my have possession of altars they are here to help you at any time scheming your altar to perfect example you some up-to-the-minute reflection.

If you are the property-owner of any of these designs and do not wish for them to be used here on my blog please stroke me and I preference remove them or add your copyright for the image any you facilitate..


This is a picture of my altar the extended bit I consistently matter my altar no satisfied how big I had it! So I cling on to to go high-class on to unconventional look as if neighboring to my altar. The other pictures are up-to-the-minute layouts and up-to-the-minute views