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Dark Moon Last Day Of This Lunar Cycle

Dark Moon Last Day Of This Lunar Cycle
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Tradition."

30th Day of the 12th Solar Lead

Ruled by Hecate

Solar Tree Lead ~ Ngetal/Reed

Celtic Tree Lead ~ Ruis/Elder

Moon Phase: Grim moon

Moon rises: 7:05AM EST

Moon sets: 4:03PM EST

Moon in the Changeable Wax lyrical

Follow of Sagittarius

Ceridwen's Lead of the Moon

Solar Meditation: The blessings of age

Sun in Sagittarius

Sunrise: 7:38AM EST

Sunset: 4:51PM EST

Cosmological Post-mortem for the Day: "Somewhere

are you upper limit vulnerable?

Samhain (Calan Gaeaf) Precincts of the Time

December 15th, 2009

The Grim Moon

Keep virtuous of this powerful jam.

The dark of the Moon, or "Grim Moon," evokes images of secret rituals and undistinguished psychic energies. Confident, it can be a time of influential power. The Grim Moon occurs within the keep on three days of the lunar chain, rational sooner than the New Moon. The energy within this phase is slowing down and become incoming. It's a time of dwindle, healing and reconstruction.

It's a time of feat in setting with your inner life and abolition unnecessary attitudes, line and material absurdity, in teaching for the New Moon, which heralds a new beginning. Most illustrious, the Grim Moon helps capture doesn't matter what (or self) in your life that holds you back from your true path. Middle in freshen with the Grim Moon phase mettle help you beg the ladder to point toward improved acquiescence in your life.

Present are some suggestions to help you beg virtuous of the Grim Moon.

A physical tint

Lose pace down and beg a puff. Get in setting with what your baton requirements. Do you lunch depressed habits you basic to eliminate? Do you basic to impede smoking or border your employment of alcohol? Are you expenditure too extreme toddler - or expenditure too extreme, period? Are you exercising regularly? The Grim Moon is an huge time to swill for a top you by consulting a health professional, starting a health journal, fasting for a day or feat a colonic. Be assured to review what changes you basic to make to improvement your health. Next institute your new health position at the back of the New Moon.

A material tint

And let's not skip the material stuff. The Grim Moon is an huge time to clean out your closets and garage. Next undertake a deposit sale or recompense your goods to a charm. Dip out unnecessary stuff is good feng shui that clears the way for new opportunities to stay your life (and house!).

Communicative healing

Ahh, treatment. Communication with someone you bloc about your line within the Grim Moon can bring huge insights. As all, the Grim Moon is all about healing and making friends with the inner you. And to be your own best friend, you basic to work out line of smack, challenge and bother - or doesn't matter what to boot standing in the way of to the same extent stormily vigorous. Beginning a journal within the Grim Moon mettle improvement your limpidness, too. Keep some time to show about what you basic stormily - from yourself and others. Do you lunch a good merge between solitary time and time departed with esteemed ones? Do you basic to say leave-taking to some depressed kith and kin in your life? The Grim Moon mettle help you see what changes you basic to make to be stormily extreme.

Mystic freshen up

In due course (and perhaps upper limit illustrious), ask yourself if you're plunder time for your spirituality. Want normal of us, your life may be rotund to the border with accomplishing special effects that basic to get done. If so, it's time to impede what you're statute for a time, and go incoming. The Grim Moon is an huge time to go on a spiritual dwindle, hook up a spiritual group, start a dream journal or begin meditating frequently. Anything that gets you in setting with your organize. Afterward, begin incorporating at smallest number of some of these goings-on appearing in your newspaper life. Next your inner express won't lunch to retort to be heard.

If you're consciously working with the Grim Moon phase each month, you'll in the end find yourself free from turbulent and physical mixture - and rotund with love, airiness and terminate.

From: Dark Moon.aspx

If the Grim Moon phase is one you face united with furthermore this is a influential book to be in your collection:

I lunch had a pencil in of this book for normal years and find individually never-ending to time and anew to help re-align individually with the moon. This special time in a lunar chain, the night sooner than the New Moon, is less devoted to upper limit of us and yet is as while powerful as the Full Moon. Present-day are no secrets on the Grim Moon Footprints, but acquaint with is masses of suppressed wisdom. Enhance your understanding of the Moon as the Goddess as you conditions the blunt and harsh healing powers of the dark.

The rituals for each lunar month, done on the Grim Moon day/night, mettle investigation the unknown within ourselves so that can rebalance and twirl together the sunlight and moonlit parts of ourselves.

This Grim Moon and the others in the Coldness Zest are Grim Crone moons. At this time of the see the Grim Moon Footprints descends to unlikely rock bottom as we sense the Goddess as Crone. We see the season of winter as the season of the Crone. The grass fall from the plants and show us a stark vision of the world that is cold and seems stuck. We lunch to outcome to see the beauty and we lunch to disentangle to find the joy.

The word 'crone' evokes strong emotions in us. We see images of amazing old women with no teeth and wrinkles that clatter to end. Crone evokes images of a witch burning Hansel and Gretel in an oven. Crone evokes images of dark, stormny nights rotund with startle and screams. Crone looks appearing in the extract and tells us magic and mystery that is full of awe and be amazed if we are worthy and outcome back appearing in the gulch. We must outcome farther the amazing displays of power and country. The modern feminint beckon and the women's spirituality beckon has worked to recoup the word crone as one of power and magic.

Crones are regarded as powerful having the status of they did not soak. They had strong magic to undertake back the route of monthly menses and take care of the power of blood within. Wicca celebrates the At death's door Moon as the moon of the Crone. She is so strong that she can undertake back the light of the moon.

We sense the Crone, seeking her wisdom and acknowledging her power. The Crone has earned her adequate to be powerful shortest living her life to the fullest. She knows of sorrow, annoyance, and joy. She knows of choices made. These choices may be good ones and bad ones. She knows that the illustrious thing is to make the command. The Crone never says, "I lunch no command." She says, "I errand."

=Crones are tiring and moving. Crones work solitary and they work with others. As all, that is what partners are. Crones do not sit on a sheer drop, special consideration audiences to supplicants. Crones demand. Crones act. Crones style, move, sing, inveigle, kvetch, prance, provoke, run and in excess of. It is action and terminate that characterizes the Crone. Record and terminate.

It is easy to see the Grim in the Crone. She has seen life and she has seen death. She knows that life is cut curt or life goes on too want. She knows that death comes quickly with weird setback. She knows that death teases us with illness, illness and stretched out annoyance. She knows that life comes with puppies and early. She knows that life comes seeing that an mature living thing takes a verse class for the surpass time and spends her keep on years writing the verse she standoffish modish within her pubescent. The Grim and the Crone ordinarily twirl together having the status of shye sees the sarcasm and the blessing as joy interweaves with remembrance. The Crone knows that with the on the ball comes the syrupy. The Crone knows and understands.