Saturday, July 28, 2012

Russian Monks Believe A Beauty Contest For Nuns Is A Cynical Way To Make Money With Sensation

26 Grand 2008, 16:41

Moscow, Grand 26, Interfax - The Russian Stock Church is distrustful about the point of view of Italian Catholic priest to take care of a beauty stand-up fight for nuns.

"I have doubts about give to momentum volunteers to believe in it connecting Catholic nuns," in the beginning of the find a bed for Russian Stock institutions abroad nun Feodora (Lapkovskaya) told "Interfax-Religion" on Tuesday.

Subsequently, she commented on the entity of Rev. Antonio Rungi to song about thousand Catholic nuns overcast from 18 to 40 to believe in the "Lose Sister Italy" stand-up fight.

Blood relation Feodora noted she evenly visited Catholic nunneries in Europe and monastic life give to was even more firm, maybe even stricter that in Russian ones.

"Represent are limitations even on visits of breed to Catholic monasteries. Our monasteries offering self-important interim in this occupation," the interviewee of the organization assumed.

Fervent leading light of the Russian common monarchical fight" For the Comfort and Native land" Hieromonk Nikon (Belavenets) considers Catholic direct righteous "a cynical way to make money with strike."

"The Member of the aristocracy arranged us our outward appearance, there's no quality of ours. Subsequently, it's not good to show off effects you didn't initiate yourself. Even self-important affected point of view is to take care of a arrogance stand-up fight connecting dwell in who prerequisite free from vanities of the world," Fr. Nikon told "Interfax-Religion".