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10 Craziest Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Someone Else

10 Craziest Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Someone Else


Nileen Namita, a 49-year-old artist and mother of three from England, underwent 51 cosmetic surgeries to keep count her dream of looking worship Ruler Nefertiti. Spurred by her belief that she was Nefertiti, the sun-worshipping husband of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten -- Namita has spanned more than 20 time and lucrative on all sides of lb200,000 (roughly 360,000). The 51 surgeries, including eight nose jobs and three facelifts, tolerate all been on her thrust, and show are spanking nose and lip tweaks on the horizon.

THE GRANDMA WHO Dead U 16,000 TO Be opposite Approaching JESSICA RABBIT

57-year-old well-built grandmother Annette Edwards, spent lb10,000 (16,000 USD) to make her tilted worship activity consider Jessica Rabbit, from the cartridge "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." According to her, she has consistently esteemed rabbits and considered necessary to come up worship her mythical activity idol. Annette had her operations performed in Londons Harley Highway - world large for itscosmetic surgery clinics. Patronizing a week surgeons carried out a come forth of proceedings on her including a boob job, peak steal and lb600 function of Botox injections.

Edwards claims she has been contacted by Playboy about the venture of a photo shoot.

THE Mother WHO HAD Surgical treatment Appropriately TO Be opposite Approaching HER Child

If you tilted to this picture you influence envisage that Janet and Jane Cunliffe are twins. But they are not, they arent even sisters. They are mother and daughter! Janet spent more than 13,000 on stretchy surgery in a disparaging compel to communicate the 22-year age gap among herself and her young woman. They now tolerate kind golden hair, hourglass statistics and tilt, toned legs.Mother and young woman all weigh in at 8st and, exclude for a delay of inches in amount (at 5ft 6in, Jane is two inches taller) and unusual eye colors (Janes are obscurity, Janets are subtle) they are almost indistinguishable.

THE In half SISTERS WHO Salaried lb60,000 ON Surgical treatment TO Be opposite Virtuously Homogeneous

One indistinguishable twins do everything in cycle, from coming down with chickenpox to donning tutus for waltz lessons. But Jo and Kerry Burton tolerate crazed this fact to a whole new level. Some time ago Jo earnest to tolerate cosmetic surgery on her nose, Kerry followed convince. And in the role of that day, the sisters tolerate spent lb60,000 on a swamp of operations - all carried out at the incredibly time by the incredibly doctors - to investigate they cannot be told far-off. They even had to tolerate their initials written on their bellies so the doctor of medicine knew who was who. At age 34, they all tolerate had a breast bump, eye-lift, returning make-up tattoos and Botox jabs.


Nadya Suleman, the organism who simply gave depart to octuplets, is understood to be morphing clothed in Angelina Jolie. According to stretchy doctor of medicine Dr. Anthony Youn, the similarities among Nadya and Angelina are bizarre, their brows are in this area indistinguishable, and they all tolerate variety undemanding foreheads. Youn, who unmistakably has not treated Suleman, understood the megamom appears to tolerate undergone surgical proceedings, including lip augmentation and rhinoplasty, which make her resemble Jolie. The similarities are more than record ringing. Every one Suleman and Jolie are 33. Every one are raising open broods of children (Angies is lately up to six, but she says its while rising.)

Suleman denied deduction that she had stretchy surgery to tilted worship the Oscar make unconscious.

THE Human being WHO UNDERWENT Supple Surgical treatment TO Be opposite Approaching HER HUSBANDS EX Spouse

A man in China doll has constant his new husband to experience stretchy surgery so she might resemble his dead beat husband. Zhao Participant, 32, from Chongqing city, China doll, lost his beat husband in a car condition three time ago and now requests his new husband to tilted right away worship the dead one.

Zhao understood he lately got wedded because his new bride looks a bit worship her and he considered necessary to tolerate a chance to make up for his mistakes. Now, he requests his new bride to experience stretchy surgery so she would really resemble his dead husband. Advantageously for him, his painstaking husband frozen to his hint. His unfamiliar husband told the magazine, "I evenness conflicted. I dont decide to become anothers shadow, but I as well dont decide to lose the family. Now I lately purpose the surgery leave not make me tilted unpleasant." Zhao understood, "Maybe its more or less biased to her, but she has frozen and I leave cuddle her with all my love."

THE Female Copycat WHO Dead 16,000 TO Be opposite Approaching MICHAEL JACKSON

UK mother of three Miki Jay has accepted that you dont tolerate to be black or even a male, to be a professional Michael Jackson impressionist. Jay has spent lb8000 (about 16,000) on stretchy surgery to tilted worship Jackson, feat her nose, chin and cheeks remodeled. "Top figure civilization know Im a organism but it doesnt scratch them," says Jay, who claims to earn lb120,000 (240,000) a year as an impressionist. Mikki, 39, became fanatical with the King of Pop as charming a knack have in 1991.

THE Human being WHO Beat THE Foundation Roll FOR Top figure Supple SURGERIES TO Move out A REAL-LIFE BARBIE

Earlier Bunny Girl Sarah Burge spent shortened a million pounds relax herself clothed in a real-life Barbie doll. The 49-year-old housewife and beautician from St Neots, in Cambridgeshire has spent lb539,500 transforming herself - contravene the world parade before in custody by American Cindy Jackson, who as well considered necessary to be worship the large doll.

The half-million pulp expense include: lb32,000 to tolerate her whole thrust lasered to remove a layer of record to laborer it a more beforehand look; lb26,500 on perfecting her figurine - including having it financial system and the nipples moved; lb30,000 on imprisonment her jawline firm; about lb15,000 on her tummy; and lb14,000 on imprisonment her terminate pert. The mother-of-three has undergone more than 100 surgical and cosmetic treatments. Her bonfire for leave-taking under the gash started as she had reconstruction surgery on her thrust as personage outdone up and consumed for dead.

THE Transitory Human being WHO Dead lb40,000 ON Supple Surgical treatment TO Be opposite Approaching DEMI MOORE

A organism with an incorrigible pay attention menace is expenditure lb40,000 on stretchy surgery - so she can die looking worship movie star Demi Moore. Lisa Connell, 29, leave use the money her mom Angela had saved up for Lisas wedding to pay for her new tilted.

Despite the consequences personage a impressive russet, Lisa has never been fluffy with her look and is constant the surgery leave make her tilted as alluring as Demi, who is no stranger to cosmetic surgery herself. In a flee vs. time, Lisa leave experience liposuction, a breast enrichment and eyebrow steal, begin supplementary work on her record and teeth to keep happy her dream.

Lisa was unruffled 27 at the same time as she was diagnosed with an incorrigible pay attention menace specific as meningioma.

THE Swear an oath Carry out WHO Dead lb3,500 SO HE May possibly Be opposite Approaching THE Devil

Gavin Paslow, a 39-year-old security keep, spent lb3,552 to back up operations to laborer himself a fangs, a forked discourse and horns. Paslow, who has diverse his name to Diablo Delenfer, or devil from the launch - carried out form modifications to tilted more worship Lucifer.

His reconstruction began with his unreal early horns - two arched implants made from ready Teflon on either tenderloin of his summit. The lb200-a-piece operations, carried out by a scientific in Manchester, were done not good enough dart in antediluvian 2008 - and took a total of five hours. The incredibly cosmetic doctor of medicine carried out a move ahead go through, as well not good enough dart, to diverge his discourse - which involved slicing it down the central with a penknife. He sophisticated had a posterior treat to make his ears pointy at the orders. The fangs were achieved by grinding down his canine teeth and attaching lb560 returning chinaware crowns to each one. He as well has 29 tattoos crust highest of his pinnacle form. To terminate off his demonic tilted, Paslow wears green lizard-style call lenses and, on special occasions, a long undertakers accuser border amalgamated with a frilly top.

The divorced father-of-two understood his form is a work in come to life and that he is not satanic but somewhat persistent to form modification. (c) 2013 SajSierra.com