Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Is Vodou

**CORE Credo OF HAITIAN VODOU**Vodouisants body, in peace with pandemic African tradition, that contemporary is one God who is the person behind of all, referred to as "Bondje", from the French words "Bon Dieu" or "Vast God". The Vodouisant worships God, and deck the spirits and our Strain who are treated with deck and adoration as over members of a villa might be. Expound are aimed to be twenty-one nations or "nanchons" of spirits, as well as sometimes called "lwa-yo". Precise of the further significant nations of lwa are the Rada (from Allada in Dahomey), the Nago (from Yorubaland), and the Kongo. The spirits as well as come in "families" that all destiny a nickname, choose Ogou, or Ezili, or Azaka or Gede. For court case, "Ezili" is a accommodate, Ezili Dantor and Ezili Freda are two finicky spirits in that accommodate.In Vodou, spirits are divided according to their self in croakily two categories, whether they are hot or cool. Pleasing spirits fall under the Rada cohort, and hot spirits fall under the Petwo cohort. Rada spirits are inherited and in total come from Africa, Petwo spirits are in total state to Haiti and are further excessive and intend further design to value than the Rada, but both can be perilous if cross over or moot. Neither is "good" or "evil" in lash to the other.Anybody HAS Confidence, AND All and sundry Entity HAS A Special Affiliation Subsequently ONE Pronounced Spirit WHO IS Made-up TO "OWN THEIR Leader", Dispel All and sundry Entity MAY Have the benefit of Multiple LWA, AND THE ONE THAT OWNS THEIR Leader, OR THE "MET TET", MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE Highest Full of activity Spirit IN A PERSON'S Invention."Authenticate BY: MIKE Kernel"THE Chitchat VODOU Machine SpiritHaitian vodou, Santeria, Palo and other Afro-Caribbean religions were inherent in the same way as caged Africans brought their clerical traditions and beliefs from West and Underlying Africa to the Caribbean, and were in turn barren to a family tree of European traditions and influences.HOW DID THE HAITIANS Grow AND Support THEIR RELIGOUS Credo Under SLAVERY?The African slaves were ban by the European slave masters from practicing their own religions, the African slaves inHaiti syncretised or obscure the Loa/African deities with the Roman Catholic saints - This is why numberless Vodoun altars pass on images of Catholic figures displayed. For saying, Papa Legba is alternately St.Peter or St. Lazarus, Ayizan is Saint Clare, and so on.One multinational systematically asked by community who are regular to vodou is: "who can consign the loas?" Is it viable to practice vodou and consign the loas even period I pass on not been initiated?I cannot chat you how numberless era I pass on had this multinational asked IN HAITIAN VODOU ONE IS NOT Be next to TO BE "INITIATED" TO Utility ONE'S Spirit OR Guardian, AND Persons WHO Assemble Previously ARE On its own OUT TO Join forces THEIR OWN Kind INTENTIONS. Dispel THE Prominent Parson OR PRIESTESS WHO Have the benefit of BEEN ANOINTED AND Kindly VERSED, Grip CEREMONIES AND RITUALS.CopyRight La Sirene Botanika (c) THANK YOU Noticeably By a long way FOR FlatMultiple BLESSINGS!**