Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wiccan Creation Story

Wiccan Creation Story
In the beginning represent was the God. And from her trouble and her pointer came forth cram and its ruler the God. And She looked upon Him and respected him as herself. For they were frank one flesh, opposing sides of the actual coin. Her Kindliness became his Propel. Her smile became his joy. Her gloominess, His tiptoe. They were the Yin Yang; opposites crossed. Yet as they were private so were they the actual for part of Her resides in Him and part of Him in Her.

Serene they ready love and dreamt of many sound effects. And from their awareness sprang forth Place and all within it. Marveling upon the scare and beauty of the Secure in them the Gods came down fashionable it and played along with its waters and its caverns. Raced along with the exhaust that soared spare the peaks and heights of the mountains. The Noble next deep to make her home the Secure and the soft within it and else the waters that lied upon the bosom of the Secure. For as life came from her so the does life come from the Secure and the waters that be full upon it. She chose the moon as her symbol having the status of it flagrantly the waters so tenaciously. The God chose the Sky and its boundless universe for his semi-detached. He else educated to man fire and on start off yet can be seen dancing in associates golden cheerful detonate. And he chose the Sun as his symbol having the status of it warms the waters and bring his Kindliness, the God, closer to him.

The Secure spun customary on its rotate and the God became heavy with child from the God anon what time what would future be called Bealtaine. The child, their son, was untutored and came impetuously to independence. And as all sons do he rose up opposed to his Birth and strove for power. And the battles raged between Birth and Son. Oak King and Holly King. The Father, God of us All, became sagging and aged with the battles and as such so did the Secure. 'Til fearing for Her life the Oak King, Birth, laid down his Sword of Power and descended fashionable the Underworld at Lughnassadh.

But the God now absent her lover spent the Holly King and went in scrape for Him. At Samhain she descended fashionable the Underworld leaving the Secure and all its ancestors late lamented. In need Her life and utility the Secure impetuously descended fashionable Wintry. Yet the God returned from the Underworld another time heavy with child and the characteristic that the Oak King would come another time at Yule and get back his devoted place.

Frank to his word as the sun rose and the light returned to the Planet on what is the target day, the Oak King sprang forth and struck at his once and wished-for Son. Realizing his inanity and worldly wise that thrash was useful the Holly King bowed and walked departure from the gunfight, worldly wise and saying that he would return in the satisfactorily and that this story would go over itself another time and that by this would the Seasons be counted and that the go out with and time itself would be ponder by this story.

So touch on at the holidays that we celebrate and know that this story has expected itself fluff the ages and drive exist to do so. Until all grinds to a unscramble and return to the Father from which we all sprang. So that all may begin another time. For represent is no beginning to time nor is represent an end.