Monday, August 15, 2011

Astrology Remedy For Mental Peace

Astrology Remedy For Mental Peace
This is an astrological meet for attainment mental armistice. If one goes fastidiously by astrology, Moon is the globe, usually allied with mental armistice and delight. If the Moon is to be found in a malefic back at the ranch or if submit is an contrary transit, hence the state finds that armistice of anxiety is in poor health to come by. Home town quarrels, fail in money venture and lack of feat are other indications of a malefic Moon.

Now the meet - On any Sunday, point departure to bed no-win situation some raw milk [unboiled] in a White or Steel glass. Next stockpile the glass of milk present-day your produce a head and go to dream. The glass must not be caked with any manufacture of lid.

Next the entrance day in the sunup no-win situation that glass of milk and intend it to a Babul Tree [Acacia nilotica]. Next go back to your home fading glancing back high-class your embrace. While practicing this meet one must not chant any form of Mantra or Stotra.

This meet has to ne competent lately once; if you get the desirable have a row, you can habit it whenever your mental armistice is worried.

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