Monday, August 8, 2011

Back To Magic School Hedgewitchery

Back To Magic School Hedgewitchery
Hedgewitchcraft is a form of witchcraft stimulated by the magic of cunning folk, wise women and traditional witches.

If you imply to learn particularly about it, conversant witch May Draper is working a series of one-day workshops called The Hedgewitch Rendezvous.

The eight workshops stimulus be transmit stuck-up the meeting from the immature vault fair of Imbolc to Yule. On the course, participants stimulus learn to possibility the line of the hedgewitch and persist in arrangement with the seasons and elements. The sessions stimulus be included peripheral rituals, earth magic, spellcraft and herb lore. The Hedgewitch Rendezvous stimulus position place in Strood, bordering Rochester, in Kent.

The pinnacle workshop is on 28 January and the outlay for all eight workshops is lb240 (lb30 per day). Each style runs from 2pm to 9pm. For particularly information, communication

If you would to the same extent to read about Hedgewitchery, one of the upper limit needed books on the public is Fortification Witch: Aim to Unique Witchcraftby Rae Beth, which can be fixed in a straight line Amazon.

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