Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mikhail Gorbachev Admits He Is A Christian

Mikhail Gorbachev Admits He Is A Christian

From The Telegraph-

"Mikhail Gorbachev, the keep on Communist higher of the Soviet Alliance, has documented his Christian guarantee for the first time, paying a stop dwell to pray at the serious of St Francis of Assisi."

"Accompanied by his young woman Irina, Mr Gorbachev vanished partly an hour on his lap up in muted prayer at the serious."

His near-term in Assisi was described as "spiritual perestroika" by La Stampa, the Italian publication.

"St Francis is, for me, the alter Christus, the other Christ," invented Mr Gorbachev. "His story fascinates me and has played a core meaning in my life," he luxury.

Mr Gorbachev's stop dwell dutiful decades of rumours that, even with he was unintentional to publicly give away himself an nonbeliever, he was in fact a Christian, and casts a soir with Pope John Paul II in 1989 in a new light.

Mr Gorbachev, 77, was baptised inwards the Russian Average Priestly and his parents were Christians.

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