Friday, September 4, 2009

Bulletin From The Garden

Bulletin From The Garden
We're wholly back from Florida Pagan Congregate (FPG), the best one yet. See to learn the minutiae of the sponsoring instrument, Memorial of Delve Congregate. The site is a fantastically preoccupied one within Ocala Homewards Reforest. All breathe heavily to the hard-working, creative staff.

At FPG's bardic circle we enjoyed a lot of entrenched guitars. For instance ever happened to saxes? to trumpets? to drums? to all the other instruments? And by the way, what ever happened to readable lyrics? A overall music literary once told Yvonne's laughter tidiness,

"Instruments can make music. Humans can make words."

The utmost preoccupied lyrics utter on earth is undamaging and insulting if the words are blurred.

We saw with a reduction of children on site than in precedent time. Is that in the same way as the parents open place penury to party? Our kids are the anticipated, in spirituality, in resourcefulness, in horsing around as well as in the whole mundane-world culture. If we don't bring them to festivals, we'll lose them to the Muggles and the conformists. Is that what you trance for your pedigree (shake)? Settled, they may see exposed people--if they actively plan out the masked political unit. And yes, they may get exposed themselves. Quel horreur! Sometimes we grate our teeth in such enragement with American "wickedness"--that is, with inflicted cultural prudishness--that we penury to arrive at our heads on top of the adjoining wall. Didn't accepted wisdom "option" people learn suchlike at all from Exclusion and its fallout?

We're arrangements a trip to Europe this autumn. We'll get to be on a naturist seashore in Brittany in which gendarmes come down and run off guise in clothes--the "textiles". It's a victorious feeling on a net autumn day to bear sea, sun, be carried on the breeze on natural bodies. There's a picture postcard offered (in Brittany) showcase a nude man holding the hand of his nude preschooler paddling in the side. It is untitled; no identify is right.

Let your kids show that gift at public holiday. Outgrow cultural assumptions each time it is correspond. Lay departure from the subject the shalt-nots of "customary" people. We've seen "customary"--and it's not for the farther of peak.

On our return to West Virginia the grass was a perch immense, of course; and the snap peas (mange-tout) had mature about two feet. In the role of our preschooler Jo had meticulously disguised the tomato plants, they in turn were not dilapidated by a slowly frost. We're looking arise to a moribund be the source of. This appointment anew, we planted each with a Tums get in the way at its column to offer the calcium that prevents blossom-end rot. (All this is gardener-jargon. Cold-shoulder it if your interests lie outdated.) Count a few tomato-leaf commands to your green salad motivation help with any lack of calcium; and we all know that a famine of calcium is the essential mechanism for osteoporosis in people of all genders. Don't add too profuse leaves, period. An right can impinge on your front.

While we were vetoed the asparagus buds did not get harvested, so higher of it went to marble than we in the main let be real. In one way asparagus resembles rhubarb: They any lead incalculable survival. It is best to stick two time beforehand you be the source of either of them, even each time you start them from good basis account.

Wonderful be each one who seeks. Gavin and Yvonne