Sunday, September 27, 2009

Can I Wear Someone Elses Pentacle If I Do Will I Get Cursed

Can I Wear Someone Elses Pentacle If I Do Will I Get Cursed
"Can I wear someone else's pentacle? if I do, force I get cursed?


Beneficial Hannah,

No, you won't get cursed, clear. Still, you might attract some bad mojo to yourself that may well be take credit with the pentacle. Any nonconformist item of yours or someone else's endlessly carry their energy - that energy might be positive or depreciatory, so it might accomplish you in strange ways.

The best thing to do, if you dissent on strenuous it, is to purify it and charge it with your own energy. Do a simple purify of the pentacle by cleansing it in blaze, incense vapors, water, and salt (or sand). You may chant a simple chant to help you give directions cleansing any depreciatory energies from the pentacle. Once upon a time you've cleansed it, charge it with your energy so that you can tolerate any keep drops of one else's energy and frequent it with yours.

Once upon a time you've managed to purify and charge it, you may wear it. You can further bless it under the moon and/or sun past you wear it, but that's not primitive.

Cherubic Be