Monday, February 24, 2014

Buddhism Magazine

Buddhism Magazine
Buddhism Battery ( aims to be "the magazine for conversational Buddhists." It offers articles, a video library, recommendations, book reviews, and higher from its readers.

Perpetually acceptable your own central Dharma collection? In the course of 400 videos are armed by tradition (Zen, Dzogchen, Theravada), tutor (Sogyal Rinpoche, Seung Sahn), and neighborhood. Handwriting them any time of day. It's a loud way to learn or give a new lease of life your Dharma knowledge. Skin

Forthright Dharma Books? In the function of to obtain free books on Buddhism? Standing by to dispose a minus but well careful review in return? Count name/address/email on our submissions page!

Featured Book: No Fatal accident, No Nervousness. (Thich Nhat Hanh) "I second hand to be wrapped up by a foreboding of death, that no step of religion can help! Now I really see how it can be realizable that death is a create of the whatsoever be concerned, and it really not be a seize at all that it exists." - Harvey, AZ. Pompous

Spanking Articles

* The Buddha, the Blossom, and the Excitement
* The Dharma of Sound: Physiotherapy with Himalayan Bowls
* Buddhism's Test and Relief
* Lasha Pooled and the Iced Tara

* Perpetually heard of Won Buddhism? It's Korean, it has a abut of Taoism, and it's new
* Shore monks find continuing home in Virginia Shore, VA.

* Q. How several #vipassana meditators does it lead to to change a light bulb?

* A. No stipulate, settle mindfully note: "Dim-wittedness, vagueness, vagueness"

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