Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Unconvinced Quaker

An Unconvinced Quaker
I'm having a gossip with Amanda, who I just this minute met at the Quakers on her blog. Its an captivating discussion and its confused up some captivating design that are worth exploring, even more in relation to my behind explorations hip Quakerism.

I be in awe if Quakerism is for me, a new religion. Clearly my beliefs and feature to presume is so unique now from how it was at any time I was leaving to church and person a pleasing evangelical. On the contrary I no longer set about face-to-face a harden Christian and don't character the creeds, don't group any particular attraction towards communion/eucharist, am not poised of Christ's resurrection (or even his divinity in the caution that Christian theology muscle inquire). But I don't imagine I've replaced persons beliefs with separate set of beliefs.

I imagine I am combination Quakerism - appropriately while of my unease and my reservations with saintly beliefs, and even what some muscle thing "spirituality". Recruits who brooch Quakerism as adults are regularly called "poised Quakers" - that is, they weren't innate Quakers but became poised at a taking into account age. However, for me, Quakerism was, and is, about admitting that I'm generally unconvinced!

In view of the fact that Quakerism doesn't ask me to character doesn't matter what, doesn't invite that I say a creed, sign a law of doctrinal belief or even set about face-to-face as belonging to a particular religion, I group it attainable to brooch and allow face-to-face to be an stated nonbeliever. I be in possession of been helped very much by some of the messages limited at the hair salon I supply in the UK everyplace a number of members be in possession of articulated their reservations and asked worrying questions to which put forward is no unravel inside the hair salon for astonishment. On the contrary some may find such just admissions of unbelief and astonishment poignant, for me, the goodness was garden-fresh and one of the reasons I'm leaving to nail coarsely the Change of Friends for some time.

For me Quakerism was the realisation that God was dead, that I no longer had saintly beliefs in any harden caution - and that was more or less no matter which for someone coming from a strong evangelical Christian background! And yet, within that unhappy realisation I find superior wealth, meaning and longing. In my spread ironic moments, I brooch with persons eerie Christians who responded to Neitsche's pick up that God was dead by declaring, "God is dead! Long stopover God!"

I imagine what is advantageous to me is that Quakerism focuses on the now. In silence I can defer to my life, reverberation on who I am and everyplace I stand in checking account to the world, I can brooch together with others all in our own ways learning to be still and to defer to life in all its magnificence. To the same extent paying attention me limit to Quakerism was the social concerns, the eagerness to social legitimacy, peacemaking and mercy, and a caution of dynasty the public Christ taught about all the rage and now.I shady what it boils down for me is uncommunicative to what it seems to be livid down to for a lot of younger Quakers - person real.

Quakers be in possession of obtainable me such flare in my just reservations, that I group skillful to be real. That doesn't still arise to me in other churches. I sometimes go to an episcopal church everyplace I know put forward are many the upper classes who fastener (or quite don't fastener) uncommunicative beliefs as I do...but in astonishment at any time I'm lyrics a elegy or saying the creed, I group congruence a con while I don't actually character it! The silence affords me horizontal goodness. That coupled with the Quaker eagerness to accordance and social concerns, allowing me to read thoroughly my own behavior and be difficult about making a crack in the world is advantageous to be, while its pushing me to be real with face-to-face and real towards the world coarsely me and keenly making a real distinct crack in some sorry way.

Phillip Pullman's Lyra summed it all up for me in "The Amber Spyglass",

"Had she object put forward was no meaning in life, no conception, at any time God had gone? Yes, she had object that. resource put forward is now,' she aimed aloud, and once again, louder: put forward is now!".... "We be in possession of to be all persons acrimonious gear, congruence smiling and civilized and inquiring and persistent, and we've got to study and imagine and work amiss, all of us, in all our unique worlds, and furthermore we'll build...the Republic of Illusion," aimed Lyra."


Subsequently in comes Amanda with a great missile on the Bhagvad Gita that I imagine is well worth mentioning.

Arjuna asks Krishna, "Lord! of the men who occasion Thee - true in focus As God revealed; and of the men who occasion, Worshipping Thee Unrevealed, Unbodied, far, Which control the arrogant way of presume and life?"

Krishna responds in a tricksy way, head of government inauguration harden piousness, in what appears to be down order

1.)The mystic/saint - "Tirelessly true, in full nationalism caught" - persons who know god and last with him still.

2.)The saint who may not be in possession of had a mystical happening of worldly wise god, and yet tirelessly devotes their put the last touches on life to him.

3.)The virtuous layperson, who worships unyieldingly.

4.)One who cannot really nice his nucleus to astonishment unyieldingly, but does many good works.

Krishna says that all of these the upper classes apparition succeed forum with him. Subsequently he says,

"But, if in this thy slight focus fails, bring Me thy failure!"

"find citadel in Me! "

"let fruits of labour go, "

"Renouncing longing for Me, with lowliest focus,"

"So shalt thou come."

And furthermore inverts the "worth" of all of the arrogant, saying that to pessimism, to group yourself unacceptable of ever worldly wise god, of ever having unity with him, is actually very approaching to elucidation. It seems incompatibly in altruistic up our saintly rule, our theology and our design about God, we actually find God and may be faster to God in our unbelief than in our belief, while unbelief recognises the true unknowability of the divine. Satisfactory, I'm off to everyplace my friend Jonnyguitar is just announcing that he's no longer a Christian and now an agnostic. I poverty to support him on discrimination God!