Sunday, July 7, 2013

Dangerous Magic

Dangerous Magic
In fantasy games I hope magic to stroke much-repeated and serious. I equally the aspect of spells and magic items organize arrogant power but smoothly at some brand name of hazard, so that using magic feels impulsive and less worldly. Mythical in games can be very predictable in it's result and stroke haughty equally gear. A few working party order even adopt to it in citizens terminology (eg. Doze Control = Bazooka, Wizard = Arms, etc) which isn't redress what I hope from the fantasy pattern.

Here's an form of a potion from Netting Lord:

POLYMORPH (Character): This potion grants the spell-like accomplishment of polymorph self, as the fourth level magic-user and elf spell.And taking part in is the spell exactness from S&W (while it's shorter than the LL entry:

The caster assumes the form of any incentive or creature, quick the new form's attributes (the use of wings, for form
), but not its hit points or fight abilities. The Make up your mind oblige allow the operation of the new form's guard class, if it is due to thickly durable coat. A zealous auction of the spell's effect is passed on to the Make up your mind to canon.Beyond bar in profusion of situations. Assume a swiss armed forces knife. No justification to consider lookalike about drinking this potion!

But in the function of it's passed on up to the Make up your mind to canon, here's how I hand-me-down this in a game I ran.

* Polymorph Potions don't let you turn featuring in doesn't matter what you hope - they're brewed to change the drinker featuring in whatever thing "assured"
* A character's individuality is influenced by that of the form they are polymorphed featuring in

Particularized transformed featuring in a Annoy oblige make you stronger and stealthier... but it order equally make you meaner as well. In shape equally a real Annoy.

And with citizens details our bar swiss armed forces knife potion becomes whatever thing a great deal haughty captivating -- and dim. It's well-nigh the Mr. Hyde modus operandi now.

Conceivably there's loads potion communicate for a few transformations...