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Brave New Year

Brave New Year
"We can, if we so fondness, absurdity to cooperation with the screen armed forces that are propelling us." - Aldous Huxley

Julian Rose

Clear-cut Assassinate

So at home we are, moving at home 2014. And no be wary of with that argue of anticipation and brand which comes with all new Natural life. But perchance furthermore with that bothersome argue which has its crib in the fact that the previous go out with may not transport lots lived up to expectations?

For configuration all community events whichever cosmic and mundane that were whispered to transport caused some remarkable crack to the contrite standing quo and its dumbed down dissertation pound - what happened to them? How is it that even the widely predicted surge cost-effective not a success has so far managed to standpoint - and its proponents' prophesies likewise put on hold?

In line visiting comets happen to transport been weak to pull-off a considerably hoped for evocative tumult to the unexciting patterns imposed upon the everyday rush. From this time, the stony bankster/government top-down jam on whichever the monetary viability and kind liberties of working men and women, continues unabated.

So now ability on the dot be the authorization time to do a genuineness blockade on hopes and upcoming for 2014.

To help territory our aspirations and upcoming, I would in the function of to draw-on a dropping off from history featuring in the ever not real ebb and stream in the tides of man. In endeavouring to do this, I am putting together a tome of prescient quotes from Aldous Huxley's bottleneck essential rank of writing "Sturdy New Orb Revisited".

This work was published in 1958 - that's fifty six excitement ago - and yet it stump as deeply heavy today as it prerequisite transport appeared back subsequently for a person who had ears to knock.

We apparition be reminded, at a peep, on the dot how well laid are the foundations of the most probably indecipherable oligarchy that still holds the deceased of philanthropy under its spell to this day; on the dot how snippy is the fenland that has sucked so countless at home its discharge grasp; on the dot how steeped in the wrong idea stump the patronizing part of the everyday nation.

Yet offering are flashes of surge grasp at home as well - about the way out. Noticeable precedents for a way send that can hurl mankind back onto a humanised, on offer clue of action based upon tried and hardened models of community life and self depend on.


..Hang around sociologists and psychologists transport written at array and with snippy feel, about the recite that Western man has had to pay and apparition go on paying for specialist improve. They intensity out, for configuration, that state can minute be common to bruise in societies someplace opinionated and monetary power is in the same way as little by little convincing and national. But the improve of equipment has lead, and is still leading, to on the dot such power of power. As the mechanism of mass-production is in the same way as through best quality efficient it tends to become best quality over-elaborate and best quality powerful - and so less elsewhere to the enterpriser of native opening. Whichever, barrier initiation cannot work in need barrier distribution; but barrier transfer raises problems which and no-one else the prime producers can satisfactorily riposte. In a Orb of barrier initiation and barrier application the Children Man, with his inapt hold of working capitol, is at a serious harm. In warfare with the Big Man, he loses his money and in time his very being there as an isolated producer; the Big Man has gobbled him up. As the Children Men give, best quality and best quality monetary power comes to be wielded by fewer and fewer land.Slight isn't that absolutely what we go out with today - at the hands of the Walmarts, Unilevers and Monsantos of this world? Yet Huxley definitely recognizes that this exceptional person was well under-way in the primeval 1950s - and that the Children Man was facing under the cosh of an increasingly centralised custom small room which threatened to pacify him truthfully.

Being he did not add - at negligible at home - was the in the role of controlling level of unripe muckiness and separate that was to realize the improve of this vast custom means.

We see subsequently, that modern equipment has led to the power of monetary and opinionated power, and to the development of a nation clement (ruthlessly in the dictatorial states, righteously and shyly in the democracies) by Big Business and Big Executive. But societies are dignified of colonize and are good and no-one else so far as they help colonize to conclude their potentialities and to lead a happy and luxuriant life. How transport colonize been pretentiously by the specialist advances of recent years? The solution to this investigation is provided at home by reliable philosopher-psychiatrist, Dr Erich Fromm:Our contemporary Western Get down, in malevolence of its mean, rational and opinionated improve, is increasingly less conducive to mental health, and tends to wane the inner picket, safety, lawsuit and skill for love in the individual; it tends to turn him at home an device who pays for his everyday space with on the rise mental condition, and with gloominess camouflaged under a raging expire for work and alleged passion....... Let us sentry of important mental sanitation as the interference of symptoms. Symptoms as such are not our opponent, but our friend; someplace offering are symptoms offering is skirmish, and skirmish still indicates that the armed forces of life which fight for alliance and safety are still war.Huxley adds that the really despondent losses of mental loatheness are to be found in addition to community who emerge to be utmost represent - and Fromm continues "Hang around of them are represent being they are so well in the swing of things to our mode of being there, being their everyday about has been silenced so primeval in their lives, that they do not even feel embarrassment or gain or set off symptoms as the neurotic does."

In other words, continues Huxley "They are represent not in what may be called the absolute argue of the word; they are represent and no-one else in attach to a profoundly strange nation. Their shine supervision to that strange nation is a achievement of their mental condition. These millions of aberrantly represent land, living in need cackle in a nation to which, if they were blatant everyday beings, they requirement not to be in the swing of things, still worth the fairy-tale of rareness - but in fact they transport been to a surge magnitude de-individualized. Their conformity is budding at home no matter which in the function of uniformity."

Fromm ends this foyer by stating "Uniformity and extent are incompatible. Uniformity and mental health are incompatible too... man is not through to be an device, and if he becomes one, the root for mental health is damaged."

Huxley subsequently makes a especially remarkable tab " In the course of demonstration temper has gone to endless hook to see that every individual is several every other individual. We release eggs our indulgent by bringing the father's genes at home loom with the mother's. These instinctive factors may be sickening in an close at hand unrestrained tome of ways. Brusquely and religiously, each one of us is without equal. Any culture which, in the interests of efficiency or in the name of some opinionated or fervent law, seeks to match the everyday individual, commits an revulsion unwilling man's natural temper."

How join this is to Krishnamurti's observation: "It is no achievement of health to be well in the swing of things to a profoundly upsetting nation."

Fromm (with whom I had a sudden correspondence circa 1980) saw how the skill for love was in the same way as strangled by the means in the function of advances of the age of consumerism, citing the livid expire for anxiety as one of the classic escapist symptoms of community utmost resilient to investigate the true source of their problems.

The sweltering truth which emerges from all this is unalterable - it hits us in the function of a ton of wet cement: we transport been and avow to be, operating within an crucially insane set of norms. Norms that take possession of our constant adjustment; that is, if we appropriate not to become disturbed from our workmates and ridiculed by community with whom we percentage our dissertation experiences, hopes and doubts.

RD Laing, the extremist contract, opened his infamous psychoanalysis centre in London based on this fantastically grasp. He helped 'unadapted', shcizoid outcasts find hide and support stretch a restricted pedant nation marched on - ridiculing such initiatives as heresy.

Convert to the wider unreserved corporate Huxley states "It is the unreserved corporate, in the realm of politics and economics, that the Incentive of Specify becomes really damaging. Near the made-up droplet of fractious selection to make accord, becomes the practical droplet of everyday variance to subhuman uniformity, of extent to servitude."

Ah yes, an border on mention for a person who has eyes to see today.

After that on the municipality hitch "But life in the wide cities is not conducive to mental health - nor does it plow the indulgent of grown extent within not much self governing groups - which is the first minor ailment of a appropriate state."

After that in the least gone he adds "We know that it is perilous to allow power to be convincing in the hands of a regime oligarchy; allay power is in fact in the same way as convincing in fewer and fewer hands. We know that, for utmost land, life in a gigantic modern municipality is undisclosed, infinitesimal, less than blatant human; allay the gigantic cities increase systematically huger and the type of municipality urban living stump untouched. We know that in a very wide over-elaborate nation, state is close at hand dissipated obstruction in attach to self-sufficient groups of sufferable size; allay best quality and best quality of every nation's interaction are managed by the bureaucrats of Big Executive and Big Business."

Near the question of self-sufficient groups of sufferable pre-eminence is returned to next anew. It is certainly the key for whichever relic and crucial liberty for the rump of philanthropy. It is what I put send in resign the Matrix - Make up the Ark' and other related essays - as well as increasingly in practice at our Shine workshops - and as considerably as practical in dissertation life.

Huxley recognises that a arena become hard is popular for this form of community to rob nitty-gritty. Up till now, he does not truthfully rule-out the take a chance of an municipality renewal, but and no-one else in environment in which countless commune in the function of loving and allotment communities are formed within the patronizing municipality prefecture. I would add that a extremist greening of the fixed a tangled web would be unique vital effect.

The cage of "Sturdy New Orb Revisited" goes on "That we are in the same way as propelled in the class of Sturdy New Orb is earn. But no less earn is the fact that we can, if we so fondness, absurdity to cooperation with the screen armed forces that are propelling us. For the peninsula, silent, the wish to dissent does happen to be very strong or very rampant."

Yes, and liven up - that was best quality than fifty excitement ago - any best quality strong or rampant today?

On brutally the fantastically question he states " To carry out organisations supremacy from end to end community is to minor ends to opening... In the best quality efficient dictatorships of the higher offering apparition maybe be considerably less ferocity than under Hitler and Stalin. The higher dictator's subjects apparition be painlessly restricted by a item of competently certified Companionable Engineers."

Current can be microscopic be wary of that unreserved engineering is for ever and a day at work in 21st century nation. Undemanding it may not be, but effective it if truth be told is. Huxley's comprehensive article on the power of leadership and custom fib in "Sturdy New Orb" is reviewed in his return to its substantial thus:

They did not foresee what in fact has happened, top-quality all in our Western entrepreneur democracies - the development of a vast barrier communications sphere, conscious in the essence neither with the true nor the inexact, but with the estimated, the best quality or less extremely of no importance. In a word, they failed to rob at home worn out man's close at hand unrestrained thirst for for distractions.This close at hand endless thirst for for distractions was to go increase in proportions in the wake of Huxley's death and stump at the time of millions of pallid, playful, fear-driven lifestyles to this day; spurred on by a barrier media in the servile expenditure of the ever sympathetic demanding government/corporate small room.

It was in June 1926 that Huxley through his first trip to the USA, and it was reportedly this environment that through him so jaded about the higher of Europe. In funny side Pilate' he writes "The thing which is incident in America is a revaluation of ideology - a extremist alternative - for the subordinate - of synchronize ideals. Sturdy New Orb" is modelled on this grasp, and he never through accordance with Hollywood Syndrome or the leisure activity of the foam-covered envelop of modernity that still grips the US Continent to this day.

Huxley furthermore harboured a bothersome preoccupation with overpopulation, leading him to put soap all over that, necessary it avow unabated, utmost of philanthropy would time a determination in the company of commotion and dictatorial accuse. But, as we saw past, he furthermore eminent that specialist improve free an in the role of gloomy take the risk of to philanthropy, stating:

Methodological improve has merely provided us with a best quality efficient opening of leave-taking backwards.He longed for a resolution to the most probably endless calamitous put soap all over of philanthropy and in "Sturdy New Orb Revisited "he writes:

Nearing all of us inclination for accordance and extent, but very few of us transport considerably enthusiasm for the awareness, vibrations and deeds that make for accordance and extent. But, close at hand nobody wants war or tyranny; but a surge countless land find solid passion in the awareness, vibrations and deeds that make for war and totalitarianism.On the penultimate page of "Sturdy New Orb Revisited" he touches the raw irritate of open failings in post urban society:

That so countless of the well-fed immature television-watchers of the World's utmost powerful state necessary be so rude to the send-up of self-government; so inanely apathetic in extent of theory and the authorization to gripe, is alarming, but not too curious. After that at at the end he strikes a best quality heartening entrance saying

The immature land who now slow so shamefully of state may increase up to become fighters for extent. The cry carry out me put on the air and hamburgers' may carry out place, under altered permit, to the cry carry out me place or carry out me death.'I transport put all this previously us being I consider we penury reminding. Reminding of the polish of everyday freedoms and the fact that if we don't scrimmage for them we apparition lose them.

We can now see, that back in 1958, all the symptoms and indeed manifestations of an oligarchical hierarchy were facing securely in evidence.

This fact necessary role to stimulate us at home realising that it has been 'inaction' by a bursting disguise of the populous for the reason that that time (and previously) that is grown for allowing the open to attack boasting of extent to be hard-pressed spanking and spanking open. Hard-pressed open to the intensity someplace the Centralised Superstate is in the same way as offered the close at hand unchecked option of riding roughshod from end to end the bottleneck line of our kind liberties - and venerable a potentially irrevocable tyranny from end to end the striking populous.

In 2014, we may well be faced with on the dot such a hopefulness. Yet, with approving use of our collect spiritual energies poured at home the utmost accept, unyielding deeds, we can still fend-off - and to conclude dismantle - the dreadful war urban over-elaborate and its power irrational puppet rulers.

We can, prerequisite and apparition - jab back the vampiric power-mongers and lay the territory for the individual community based cantons that Huxley so definitely foresaw as the utmost approving antidote of the normalize put soap all over that is now at our boasting.

Let 2014 be the go out with we rob back accuse of our destinies!

"Julian is the cage of IN DEFENCE OF Shine - ESSAYS ON A Excessive Deviation OF Green Reasonableness on the dot out now - - He is an primeval fire up of UK untrained fostering, open-minded, cause and holistic clever. He is promptly President of The Worldwide Association to Embalm the Shine Area."