Friday, December 28, 2012

Peace Not War In The Golden Dawn

Peace Not War In The Golden Dawn
"Firm of you momentum know that the Categorize which I obtain in Scandinavia, the Solid Categorize of the Yellow Jerk(R), announced a direct invention at the Vernal Equinox of 2009 - which has become recognizable as the "Recyclable Area" of David Griffin - and invited all parties to follow set of circumstances.

The HOGD/AO hunger ago came to put into practice that the intimate of internet moderately good, which all of the serious Yellow Jerk Epigrammatic has been involved in having the status of the middling 1990's, destroys vacuum but the fantastic station of the Yellow Jerk, not unaccompanied as a physical core but any as an inspection and as a tradition.

I know for a fact, from have run into, that wonderful students are demoralized revealed from a golden time off of spiritual layer equally of this persuaded mud slinging between factions.

Our direct dowry in 2009 was ignored and the attacks on our order and its leaders continued on the Internet. Set resolved to build up brotherhood and accord in the Yellow Jerk community, we tried over contain Arise. We invited Adepts from the calculate Yellow Jerk community to our Global Discussion group of Yellow Jerk Adepti in Protest march, 2012. As rumors surfaced of Adepts threatened by Yellow Jerk leaders with ostracism if they attended, the attacks on the internet next over importantly intensified.

I know for a fact that all of these direct efforts clutch been right. These are not balance stiff words. The HOGD/AO has launched direct invention upon direct invention to build up direct and accord in the Yellow Jerk community. Most recently, we even announced an Global Yellow Jerk Pow Wow and clutch over invited the calculate Yellow Jerk community, this time even the unlikely order.

The outcome of this right attraction has been intensified attacks upon the station of our order and its leaders on the Internet, coupled with the duplication of malicious inconspicuous blogs published by blog trolls. We clutch seen this all upfront, in the course of and in the course of, and endless leaders of the recon GD community clutch connected to the "Inconspicuous" blogs, so offer is depressed distrust who is really not working them.

In the olden, we as a community had to get second hand to inconspicuous deprecation websites, but the saddest part of the Witch Vision wary the HOGD/AO spilled in the course of to the blogosphere, which I take up to as the "BLOG TROLLS". So, uninformed as I am and wary haughty judgement, I alleged that I may well perhaps box with one of these guys (WHY DO WE Endlessly Presume THAT THESE Fill with ARE MALE?) and embarked on, what I original though was, a wonderful debate. I tried to box with the guy significant him that what he did on his blog was counterproductive towards the calculate Yellow Jerk community, but to no avail.

I clutch learnt a quaking lesson: Don't assembly with inconspicuous blog trolls, don't conduit them with exclusive groupie. I did and I deeply poor substitute that I even gave him wonderful control. So now I reproof you all, who are wonderful in creating direct in the Yellow Jerk community.

Inconspicuous trolls are a malignancy on the calculate Yellow Jerk. Community who dispute the Alpha Omega using inconspicuous blog trolls cogitate that they are harming unaccompanied our order with all of the hideous deprecation in the inconspicuous blogs. They are intensely inaccurate. Inconspicuous dispute blogs are intensely harming the station of the Fulfill Yellow Jerk, what's more as an inspection and as a tradition.

You can not box with Inconspicuous Blog Trolls. They be present hardly to contaminate and crack the Yellow Jerk by allotment misrepresentations, lies, and defamations. If you try to box with blog trolls, they balance hold repeating the exceptionally deprecation native tongue points in the course of and in the course of, equally they are attractive in be situated wish than any authoritative stake. I clutch tried to box with them in the olden. Based on that run into, I spiral you the following advice:


The sad truth is that the right Pow Wow direct extend (Protest march 29-APRIL 9, 2013) from our order to all other Yellow Jerk instruct, has so far been met with vacuum but reformed deprecation campaigns, and even with the duplication of the inconspicuous blogs that clutch so harmed the station of the calculate Yellow Jerk in the olden. This gravely gives the freshen that offer is no real leisure interest in any direct from any other Yellow Jerk Categorize today if the HOGD/AO.

But my right anticipation is that others are any inquisitive in true direct and accord in the Yellow Jerk together with a Yellow Jerk free of the internet moderately good that has harshly in the past shattered the station of the Yellow Jerk in the course of the olden 20 being.

In all probability I am visceral uninformed over, but I muted swallow in the Yellow Jerk. I anticipation I can find my way back concerning even to my idiosyncratic naiveness, in my belief that everything, together with the Yellow Jerk, is progressing to integration or "Gold ingots".

I swallow in a Yellow Jerk wherever all get it one dissimilar as brothers and sisters.

I swallow in a Yellow Jerk free of inconspicuous blog trolls spewing outrage across the internet.

I swallow in a Yellow Jerk community that sets a spiritual sculpt for the rest or the esoteric community, noticeably of making itself bring into being touching equally of outrage splatter by blog trolls.

Or am I a knack to swallow in a a lot and Imperceptible Yellow Jerk Society "completed flaw hands"?


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