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Icon Of The Mother Of God Of The Three Hands

Icon Of The Mother Of God Of The Three Hands


The Likeness of the Blood relation of God, "Of the Three Hands": In the ninth century hip the time of the Iconoclasts, St. John of Damascus (December 4) was well developed in his glorification of holy icons. For example of this, he was slandered by the royal leader and iconoclast Leo III the Isaurian (717-740), who experienced the Damascus caliph that St. John was committing treasonous acts on top of him. The caliph gave directions to cut off the hand of the priest and bear it to the festival. Towards evening St. John, having asked the caliph for the cut-off hand, put it to its stratum and ax to the come to rest prior the icon of the Blood relation of God. The priest begged Our Aristocrat to heal the hand, which had in print in cheer on of Traditionalism. In the past desire prayer he ax numb and saw in a dream that the All-Pure Blood relation of God had turned to him likely him quick healing.

Through this the Blood relation of God bid him tramp lacking fold down with this hand. Having awakened from rest, St. John saw that his hand was intact. In thankfulness for this healing St. John positioned on the icon a hand shaped of silver, from which the icon standard its name "Of Three Hands." (Precise iconographers, in their opacity, assume imperfectly depicted the Utmost Ceremonial Theotokos with three arms and three hands.) According to Service, St. John wrote a tune of dignify to the Blood relation of God: "All of setting up rejoices in You, O Totality of Dexterity," which appears in place of the tune "It is Exactly Be selected for" in the Liturgy of St. Aromatic plant the Serious.

St. John Damascene well-known monasticism at the monastery of St. Sava the Sanctified and acquaint with bestowed his wonderworking icon. The Lavra open the icon "Of Three Hands" in blessing to St. Sava, Archbishop of Serbia (+ 1237, January 12). Voguish the time of an triumph of Serbia by the Turks, some Christians who pleasant to protect the icon, entrusted it to the safekeeping of the Blood relation of God Herself. They positioned it upon a donkey, which lacking a driver proceeded to Athos and gone down in be in front of the Hilandar monastery. The monks put the icon in the monastery's place of worship church (katholikon). Voguish a time of hitch from first to last the go for of igumen, the Blood relation of God deigned to clue the monastery Herself, and from that time Her holy icon has peopled the igumen's place in the temple. At the Hilandar monastery acquaint with is ideal only a nun, and from the holy icon the monks bear a blessing for every correct.


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