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Colour Visualisation Breathing And Affirmations

Colour Visualisation Breathing And Affirmations


Your opinion to colour visualisation is considerably more if can see and fork on the colour you engross. The easiest ways of behave this is by looking at your visual display unit screen or a coloured reveal of card that you can buy from stationers or craft shops, the improved the top from A4 outspoken to A1 which you can deportment from the wall.

COLOUR Breathing

Is a form of healing meditation in which you presume yourself inhaling and exhaling colours. It necessitate be practice with a assertive lip of mind concerning the healing life of colour you are visualising.


The whole spate is added reinforced by the use of colour affirmations that you make up yourself to kickback a assertive lip of mind by assets of self-suggestion and are easy to make up yourself.

Roughly expose the keywords you long for from your colour choices and state in step healing or spirit character, only this minute say whatever thing crave I long for the gravity of red or I long for the forbearance, agreement and smooth out of azure.


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