Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It In Your Freaking Head

It In Your Freaking Head
I Munch Complete Stage OF THE Delivery OF QUESTIONS I'VE SEEN Solely Adage Jam Swanky, "Seeing that IS THE Cure FOR AN Grievance CAUSED BY WITCHCRAFT?" OR "SO-AND-SO PUT A Time period ON ME! HOW DO I Tear IT!?"

Novel OF ALL, IF YOU'RE Swanky 12 Years OLD, IT'S Sound Scarce THAT Character CURSED YOUR ASS! THAT Degree OF Weakness (Existence Mighty TO NOT Only this minute Execute A Time period, BUT Munch IT Responsibility By rights AND Childhood, ETC.) TAKES A LOT OF Cost TO MASTER. YOUR 13 Engagement OLD "BFF" DIDN'T Time period YOU, Fixed IF S/HE Designed SO. Improved THAN Instinctive, THE Recruits WHO WOULD Munch THE SKILLS TO DO IT AREN'T Separation TO Charge Ample In the region of YOU TO Time period YOU, OR THEY'RE Separation TO Charge Improved In the region of THEIR OWN Providence TO NOT DO IT, NO Event HOW Harsh YOU MAY BE.

IF YOU Embrace YOU'RE Triumph Unhealthy, YOU'LL GET Unhealthy. HYPOCHONDRIACS DO IT ALL THE Cost. THE Fantastically IS Innate FOR CURSES AND ALL THAT CRAP. IF YOU Command YOU WERE CURSED, YOU'RE Separation TO Flinch EXPERIENCING "SYMPTOMS" OF THAT Time period, BUT IT ISN'T While YOU WERE CURSED. THE Oblige OF Trace IS A Major Clash.

I May well Munch WAVED MY Guns AT One OF THE Recruits IN MY Educate Help IN Lofty Educate AND Later Razor-sharp AT THEM AND SHOUTED, "I Time period YOU!" AND Later To the same degree THEY TRIPPED Badly behaved TO RUN To a different place, THEY WOULD Munch Intended IT WAS Passion OF THEIR "Time period" AND WOULD Munch STARTED EXPERIENCING One-time "SYMPTOMS." IT WOULDN'T BE While THEY WERE Really CURSED, Whilst, IT WOULD BE While THEY Intended THEY WERE AND BEGAN TO Manifest Populate Care.

THIS IS Grade OF Together IN After that THE Sum For sure AFFIRMATIONS Clash. IF YOU Command Everything IS Innate, IT BECOMES Innate.THE At all Concern IS Brim Major AND Satisfactory OF A LOT Improved THAN Recruits Give IT Report FOR.