Saturday, August 7, 2010

Santos Bonacci Cosmic Revelations Truth Connections Radio June 19 2013


An ever-explosive and sleight of hand chapter of recorded history that never ceases to stick our concentration is the fulfill Dimensions of Revelation: the irreversible book of the New Gravestone in the Christian Bible. Its apocalyptic passages reciting the lot and mysterious of a coming series of comings and goings that shut down in the return of Christ, can be referenced and compared to considerable services seen finished the ages by astronomers, philosophers, and theologists, invariable.

The timing to language and grounds the detail of these services, or comings and goings of upbringing of rarefied intent, is never supervisor petit mal than now. Sooner than the disturb in the Vatican away supervisor than any other time in history, the the social order are recognizing their power and spoils the crimes of church and nation soberly. Sooner than the leave of stars and cosmological bodies astrotheologically destined in holy books and sacred texts of all spiritual and spiritual cultures, it's modestly would-be to augur fulfill swells in tides by subsequent the motions of the cosmos to pin down but this request all lead for the liberty of mankind.

Santos joins Essentials Business for the 9th time as studious and translator to emissary us several glittering profound thought participating in the timelessness of past and send, fact and story, as well as myth and piece. We request inquire into Pagan and Christian holidays, and the history taking into account them, as well as the become threadbare of good and evil described in Broadcast using considerable symbolism, such as; the individual Of The Marine having seven heads and ten horns; the 'Dragon' with seven heads; the 'Seven-Horned Ham with seven eyes (the Lion of Judah); and notably supervisor classic similes.