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Ralian Ufo Cult Responds To Pope Franciss Statement On Alien Baptisms

Ralian Ufo Cult Responds To Pope Franciss Statement On Alien Baptisms

In Intelligence by Robyn Pennacchia

May 16, 2014

Put a bet on this week, Pope Francis announced that, in the do that we ever do make jot down with outer space beings, he would be treat than pleased to given name him some martians. Or, you know, Venusians or Jupiter...ians or whatever. He specific, perfectly "To the same extent the Lady shows us the way, who are we to say, 'No, Lady, it is not prudent! No, let's do it this fashion. Who are we to give orders doors?"

Yes, who are we surely to give orders doors? Block, you know, to gay take over and women who control object to be priests.

In a good way, our nation's top UFO cult, the Ra"elians (no in the bad books the ever-so-fashionable Unarians, of course, but they're not so future surrounding anymore), exert now weighed in on this damage. Predictably, they do not elapse. For instance the Ra"elians take on that all of the objects at all beings be devoted to as gods are actually aliens, they take on it would be treat up to the aliens to given name Pope Francis. Or no matter which.


Upon testing that Pope Francis supposed he would escalate aliens at the Vatican and even given name them, the spiritual commandant of the Total Raelian Gesture has issued a restraint.

"Give to command be no scarcity to given name populate he calls "aliens" to the same extent they coagulate to come back," Rael supposed in a statement liberated today by the IRM. "They are the ones who created all religions on Soil, and they were unsuspectingly taken for gods. Noticeably of offering them inauguration, the pope command exert to have possession of that they are the gods he has been praying to all listed."

IRM agent Brigitte Boisselier, Ph.D, explained that according to Raelian philosophy, all forms of life on Soil were created by the Elohim, outstandingly advanced at all beings from additional gravel.

"They came from additional gravel and finished us in their image," she supposed. "The elemental, Hebrew Bible blatantly states that 'Elohim' created life on Soil, but this word 'Elohim' is in the plural form, not the extraordinary. It resources populate who came from the sky.' It was ensuing mistranslated modish the extraordinary form, icon,' which led to monotheist religions would like Catholicism."

Give to is an easy strategic for populate who really middle to know the truth, according to Boisselier.

"By reading the elemental Bible without the fiddling of the monotheist go through, ego can doorway the information the Elohim comfortable us to aloofness," she supposed. "Evidence of the their work is worldwide, and we ourselves are becoming creators as new forms of life are now the same as conceived and created in our laboratories. The superciliousness of the pope in wishing to given name populate who sent Jesus shows the level of his density."

Yahweh, commandant of the Elohim, gave Rael bits and pieces information in 1973, Boisselier supposed.

"Amid other objects, Yahweh was outstandingly stale of the Vatican," Boisselier supposed, adding that take over can read all of Yahweh's Messages for themselves in Rael's book "Tangy Draft," downloadable for free at

Oh, well...typically.

For populate of you untaught in the world of unlikely UFO cults, the Raelians are led by Rael, a preceding "sports-car playwright" and choir member, and they are really modish topless ladies, cloning and aliens. They take on in the resurrection of Jesus Christ ended a mechanical cloning series. I sign you set back until you exert a few thin hours before you start your option modish that unusual internet black hole while, really, there's authentic so future acquaint with.