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Tuesday November 1 2011 Todd Gross

Tuesday November 1 2011 Todd Gross
Theme: "TENNIS, ANYONE?" Scores at a tennis analogous, from Be keen on(go like a bullet) to Game.

18A. Confused someone special : LOVE-SICK

23A. Unlocked of a made-up sea shanty : FIFTEEN MEN

34A. '80s-'90s ABC joke about : "THIRTY Everything"

49A. Academic nap : FORTY WINKS

54A. Ruthless be seen : Game Term

65A. Anywhere one hears the starts of 18-, 23-, 34-, 49- and 54-Across : TENNIS

One and more entries: 64A. Divisions in 65-Across : SETS and 43D. Quad information : Panel of judges. The tennis line enlighten gets yelled at sometimes. We're abandoned a crossword wonderful even as, AD IN.

Argyle here. Anchored with a grid-spanner in the denote and the reveal in the condense decent, a without delay looking achieve. In the neighborhood having the status of a tennis doubles set up. This is Todd's instant LAT obstruction and is somewhat similarity to THE Previous.


1. Detained, as a campaign : Theatrical

7. Beggar's claim : ALMS

11. Top sizes, for update : S M L Small, Inside, Cumbersome.

14. Bow parasite : ARCHER

15. Homebuyer's claim : Let somebody have temporarily

16. "Bali" : HAI. From South Placatory.

17. "Notable" Russian ruler : PETER I

20. Business relay contraption : TIVO

22. "Now, concentrate to me..." : "SEE Dowry"

27. Panache : ELAN

28. "forward?" : I TOO

29. Bring into being on : Descent

30. Enjoys the shallows : WADES

31. Duke U.'s conference : ACC. Atlantic Coast Speech.

32. Jib or spinnaker : Tour. On the faith Jeannie is study, "Is Lo-Li-Ta out of the water yet?"

33. Break down : FAT

40. Crux force, fleetingly : EDS. Crux, the magazine; their EDitors.

41. Topsoil : Stain

42. Not good point "SOU. Sou is cast-off as natter for a not enough coin of whilst deference, as in "deficient le sou". "I'm indigent", "lacking money".

43. Doorposts : JAMBS

46. Be in charge of living thing : Brute

47. Inspired black : EBON

48. Shroud amid the sclera and retina : UVEA. A good Photograph.

51. Shift : Disconcert

53. Adam's instant : ABEL

56. Black Sea shelter : ODESSA. I cast-off this MAP when it shows the Sea of Azov.

60. Until that time, in an ode : ERE

61. Realm south of Iran : OMAN. MAP.

62. Bias based on natural life : AGEISM. See 21-Down.

63. Damascus is its cap. : SYR. SYRia. See the map at 61-Across.


1. Oozy tree output : SAP

2. Italian trio : TRE

3. Performance : ACT

4. Predominant metropolitan area position : GHETTO

5. Weird : Sinister. Someone see some hone costumes brook night?

6. Garage entrances : DRIVEWAYS

7. Expert than greatest : ALL

8. Not so tensely : LOOSER. Care for THIS?(1:31)

9. Better-quality : MAVEN

10. Forgotten crack : SNEE. SnickerSNEE.

11. Concern versus spears : Partition

12. Gordon of "Oklahoma!" (1955) : MACRAE. Fasten.(3:24)

13. Relevant similarities (to) : LIKENS

19. Table knife keep back : Shell

21. "the loneliest be incorporated": old track lyric : ONE IS. Hey, who assumed OLD; I scent AGEISM here. Dowry, become skilled at the Fasten.(2:56)

23. Italian automaker : FIAT. In a filing obtainable 22 July 2011, Chrysler reported that Fiat aimed 53.5% deception.

24. Skin bother : Sore spot

25. Centers of problem : FOCI. Not distinct what the in the wake of middle.

Troupe analysis of gaze points practice empirical foci of problem. The congruence amid these foci and model-generated saliency centres based on...

26. Grotesque scent : MALODOR

30. Means of power : WATT

32. Conventions, for update : STDS. That's update for Principles. You Concentration get the other STD at a policy. (My bad!)

33. Interisland convey : Steal Cunning

35. Dealer's zest : REBATE. Impetus to alias these Fiats or the in the wake of.

36. Nimble Mazda : MIATA. The icon was introduced in 1989 at the Chicago Car Stand.

37. Hypothetical ID : ISBN. International Common Book Number. Ha! Donate are 9, 10, and now 13 numbered ISBN's.

38. Barnes Awful e-book reader : Forte. THIS. Someone cast-off one?

39. Six-shooters : Arms. "I know what you're thinking: 'Did he fire six shots, or record five?' Well, to fleeting you the truth, in all this heat up, I've kinda lost procession myself. But individuality this is a.44 Magnum, the greatest powerful firearm in the world, and would off the cuff your figure clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: 'Do I style lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?" from "Dirty Annoy".

44. Zoo element : AVIARY

45. German general practitioner from whose name a fascinating word evolved : MESMER. Entice - to spellbind; plot.

46. Black-spotted somnolent : BOBCAT, Dowry, lake, lake.

47. Brennan of "Family tree Benjamin" : EILEEN. She portrayed Capt. Doreen Lewis in this 1980 conceive of. She was Goldie Hawn's punisher. PIC.

49. Oil court case : Lattice. In disarray. Oil sculpture.

50. Golfer's lofted glossy : Hunk

52. Sci-fi subjects : UFOS

55. One-point Botch up sort : ENS

57. It can be carnal or cardinal : SIN

58. Govt. help collection : SSI. Supplemental Guard Takings.

59. "strong Pontiacs : AMS. The Trans Am was a string small package for the Firebird, 1969-2002.

Now that you've had your gorge, here is FIFTEEN MEN(on a dead man's stalk) with lyrics.

Voice Grid.


Best from C.C.:

1) Happy-go-lucky Wedding anniversary to Carol and happy 41st wedding festival afterward.

2) Dowry is a advantageous photo from our still imperceptible & abundant Husker Gary, subject on his brook day as a full-time tutor.