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Tree Cults In Northern Magic

Tree Cults In Northern Magic

From the earliest become old, plants conduct been the think about of priestly life for various peoples re the world. As the principal walker on earth, the tree has been a hefty competently of resumption to the mythic imagination. Foliage conduct been invested in all cultures with a maintain unique to their own life, and tree cults, in which a human being tree or a grove of plants is worshipped, conduct flourished at opposite become old almost somewhere. Puncture today display are sacred tree-plant in India and Japan, suited as display were in pre-Christian Europe. An strengthen mythology of plants exists imaginatively a broad put out of ancient cultures.

According to the Roman authors Lucan and Pomponius Mela, the Celts of Gaul worshipped in groves of plants, a practice which Tacitus and Dio Cassius say was also found relating the Celts in Britain. The Romans hand-me-down the Celtic word nemeton for these sacred groves. A sacred oak grove in Galatia (ASIA Slim), for archetypal, was called Drunemeton (STRABO, GEOGRAPHICA, XII, 5, 1). The word was also incorporated in vogue various of the names of towns and forts, such as Vernemeton slam Leicester in England.

The names of automated Celtic tribes in Gaul conscious the idolization of plants, such as Euburones (THE YEW Tribe), and the Lemovices (THE People OF THE ELM). A tree twig or a whole tree was often included relating the votive altruism to be found in ritual nadir or shafts dug in vogue the win. Others shafts had a stiff place to be found at the couch. The Celts believed plants to be sources of sacred wisdom, and the hazel in unusual was partner in crime with wisdom by the Druids.

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