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Brotherhood Of The Star

Brotherhood Of The Star

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


This blog post behest be about the flash hopeful group that has been working incognito throw down the scenes for the excellent of humanity and relief of the soil.

I squeeze gained ingress to one of esoteric texts that was in black and white by a fanatic of that group and I am publishing it now in its count up with full aptly of that group.

>>Brotherhood of the Triumph is a astrophysical oupost of the Down in the dumps Apartment of Sirius that is useful with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Stability. The request of the Brotherhood of the Triumph is to guide the augmentation of the soil under the government of Sanat Kumara. The inner circle of the Brotherhood of the Triumph are Masters and Arhats that squeeze reached their Ascension on this soil. The beyond circle of the Brotherhood of the Triumph is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the Ascended Masters that squeeze reached the seventh subdegree of the third Age band. THE Handbook Secure OF THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE Triumph IS A Giant Subterranean State-run OF SHAMBALLA, Everyplace THE Crushing Mystery Academic OF THE TRANSHIMALAYAN BROTHERHOOD IS On the go. The Esoteric Brotherhood represents its hallway.

Brotherhood of the Triumph was never conventional so the time of Atlantis. It was working incognito through its discliples. Disciples of the Brothehood of the Triumph bear the Request of the Triumph. Request of the Triumph is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the principal, flash and third Age band that squeeze incarnated on this soil with the request of occult triangulation of light and gloom. Members of the Request of the Triumph squeeze been influencing the world issue based on mystical government from the Brotherhood of the Triumph.

They squeeze caused the flourishing of Graeco-Roman culture aided with mystical impersonation from Brotherhood of the Triumph. They were excited as Druid priests in Celtic culture. As Essenes they were collaborating in the folder of Ascension of Jesus and Magdalene/Grail reign stance as a reduce the effect opposed to the thirteenth bloodline of the black nobility. They squeeze founded Sufi initiation information. In the 12th century they squeeze founded Cathar and Albigensian be busy which has invigorated Divinity mysteries through Troubadour words and squeeze plus invigorated Gnostic Christianity mysteries from the time at the forefront the Constantinian Christian cult. In the 13th century they squeeze founded the Templar order which was based on discovery of Isisian esoteric texts in the burial place less than the Salomon temple. Case on introduce somebody to an area scrolls has enabled the regeneration of the old Egyptian star mysteries and formation of freemasonry. Based on an advocate from the Brotherhood of the Triumph, unknown Cathar lodges squeeze triggered the Rebirth about 1450 in Florence and this has created our western ethnicity as we know it now. This has broad the provisos for development of principal government of the Esoteric Brotherhood hip Europe from meaningful Tibet.

In the role of as well as onwards a few dozen government of the Esoteric Brotherhood are working incognito throw down the scenes in Europe. In the 16th century they were excited principally in Florence, Venice and Verona, in the 17th century principally in London and plus outmoded in England and in the 18th centruy principally in Paris. The Esoteric Brotherhood has transmitted the spiritual advocate for the beginning of the Vindication be busy to the Request of the Triumph and this has reshaped the 18th century and set the band for the methodological and methodological metamorphose.

The Esoteric Brotherhood has triggered the inauguration of the mystery school through Comte de Saint Germain in Paris in 1775. This secret mystery school was excited for about 100 being and as well as the Esoteric Brotherhood has triggered the inauguration of the Theosophical Creation through H. P. Blavatsky in 1875. Downhill mystical impersonation, the Esoteric Brothehood has guided the recuperate of science, truly through Nikola Tesla.

Now Esoteric Brotherhood is not byzantine in the matrix of cryptogram on soil Grub. We previous in unknown locations on the happen of the soil.

Esoteric symbol of the Brotherhood of the Triumph is the calm stone of Sirius, fire jewel, cinta mani, lapis ex coelis, which represents the jewel of our true Soul (atma-buddhi-manas).

Esoteric symbol of the Request of the Triumph is a chalice of Moldavite, the calm stone of Pleiades, the holy Grail, sangreal, which represents our contributory weight and the star nobility, the mandala of 144,000 star beings of light.

Amor Vincit Omnia!" [Love Conquers All! -AK]"

Brotherhood of the Triumph is the late bottle green stump of the mystery schools of Hot from the oven from Atlantis. The Section tried to permeate it short capture as they squeeze very particular cipher of confession. Sadly, the Section was much supervisor flourishing with piercing the supervisor conventional mystery schools such as Jesuits were help to do with freemasonry in the juvenile 1800s and as THEOSOPHICAL Creation WAS INFILTRATED While HELENA BLAVATSKY DIED AND HER Teachings WERE Misrepresented Later BY THE Section. THIS IS THE Person responsible OF Much Mess By means of THE LIGHTWORKERS, BUT Valid Teachings Determination BE RESTORED Later on AS Section OF Custom DREAMLAND.

For that begin, other members of the Brotherhood of the Triumph can proximity me at