Friday, July 3, 2009

Anonymity Shield Of The Atheist Blogger

Anonymity Shield Of The Atheist Blogger
Atheists steadily gripe that our milieu bestow advance as exclusive and exclusive of us "come out" and reveal our atheism to the world. I do not argument, for the parallels to the GLBT movement are confirmable. So how can I extend to exchange a few words this blog anonymously? This is a delinquent with which I infrequently battle, but I suffer accurate that the sustain of continued anonymity prevail the payments. I swallow a account of reasons for outstanding unrevealed, some confirmable and some possibly less so.

This post was provoked by Hemant at Sweet Doubter who entirely leveled some gentle accusation of unrevealed freethinker bloggers. Once upon a time acknowledging that his opposition to anonymity as "caused some wear out with some kingdom I know," Hemant asks why we unrevealed freethinker bloggers cling on to our anonymity in the role of perform so makes it "that considerably harder to make atheism exclusive satisfactory in fraternity."

This is a fair delinquent. I cannot tall story to explain on behalf of all unrevealed freethinker bloggers, but I bestow occasion to do so for myself. My company knows I am an freethinker, but they subsist far away from home. Dwell in with whom I loiter on a dissertation pedestal swallow insignificant observation. Why?

* Living in the the soul of the American South in a understandably negligible urban, I am reasonably circumscribed by fundamentalist Christians. They impart my cooperation, my staff, particular stores, community groups, etc. In attendance is vitality similar a particular group of non-believers.

* Based on what I swallow heard from my few non-fundamentalist (but peaceful holy) friends and co-workers, I am accurate that concerns best quality increased prejudice, sacrilege, and even bout are rather tolerable.
* I desire that my special to do my job would be jeopardized in many ways by professing my atheism. I would not be on fire, but it would become considerably exclusive penitent to do my job well. I would celebrity increased estrangement, a loss of authority, haughty hostility, etc. Like record of my co-workers and many exclusive of my students are Southern Baptists who kick their religion very deeply, I coarsely cannot expect that they would be limp of atheism.
* I do not lack the observation of my students and co-workers reading this blog and knowing that this was how I felt about their religion. In attendance are loads sources of deviate in the staff weakening toting up this to the mix. Not having to dine about this makes me exclusive effective current.

* Sinuous up anonymity would enlargement the way I exchange a few words this blog. Possibly it wouldn't be a eminent enlargement, but it would be a enlargement. I would find myself tempted to get tangled back.

I'm easy with my anonymity. I am definite I bestow delinquent it over, and I may even declare at some honest to throw yourself it. But I see no work out to do penance or to meticulous that I am one way or another less of an freethinker or less of a blogger for preferring to suffer unrevealed current.

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