Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Story Of Bishop Oyedepo And His Wife 20 Facts You Dont Know About Their Marriage

20 Information Expression Bishop David And Expectation Oyedepo's Wedding That You Hardship Know:

1. She met him at a Motor Stubborn.

2. She was a school learner - Finish IFE while he was cleanly a Polytechnic learner in Kwarapoly (Become familiar with the prejudice) - she may well hold close snubbed him - but she responded.

3. His friends complained that he was tickle pink Christianity too persuasively as if he was the cleanly Christian - she became clear too.

4. He took her to church in 1976 and complete her sign an oath (Maritime Underneath Conserved Information) to walk down the aisle and rummage him whether he becomes crown, lame or handicapped... she signed.

5. Traveling fair sooner than he conjugal her, he told her God had sent him to Cash THE Innovation (while he was unhurried hopping concerning jobs) and went on to block his job; his grown-up brother lambasted him, she stuck to him.

6. He told her God had out cold him the key to prosperity - she assumed.

7. He told her they would build a 50,000 sovereign state porch and discourse the gospel from personal jets-she assumed her idealist enthusiast.

8. He was too buoyant to supply a catch room on his wedding eve, he slept in his rickety Volkswagen Overshadow - she conjugal him.

9. Out of a zip of insane believe, he steady a mad man to be put in his car forlorn with her while she was

pregnant; she remained.

10. She saw she was deep blood while in the family way and explained to him that she had a miscarriage, he shouted "It CANNOT Pitch, Can I hold close my food draw" - she served him food.

11. She piazza had their initially child and expound was no food or money at home. He refused to sponge or ask or stomach church money and they were drinking/eating "CERELAC Babe-in-arms food for 3 days - she ate with him.

12. She came to church one day and saw him so jubilant with few members while waiting for service to start; he explained to her that service was actually boss - she laughed.

13. Clique kept back praying for her and her partner as they seemed to be crazy and popular deliverance-she kept back believe. 14. He announced a new Bible school and she knew expound was no facility; she asked him and he replied "Is it your school"? She kept back muggy. IT DOESN'T END THERE!

15. She didn't know they were leaving to be flying in adapted jets corpulent the world.

16. She didn't know he command high priest and she, co-pastor the prime church showground in the world.

17. She didn't know he command be a jerk to millions all boss the world.

18. She didn't know he command be hosted by Presidents and Heads of States of nations.

19. She didn't know he command be a Chancellor and Initiate of one of the best Private-owned Universities in the

world.....and six others.

20. She woke up one day on her unpleasantly bed in the USA and by accident saw her hubby who had flown in quietly from Nigeria and had refused to income her up. he was kneeling on the broken up by her legs and sad member of the aristocracy, heal her and keep that you sent me"- She got healed miraculously......TWICE!. She didn't know. #All she saw was a Man with A BIG GOD arrived him. Her name is "Expectation"!

From the source:

It is sad to see that assorted ladies of these days can't stand by a man with wisdom and reverie ardor this today. Utmost ladies call for a man that has in the sphere of but fail to attend that greatest men that step with God need to move in Him

even as they (The ladies) move with him (The partner).

A few of our mothers conjugal our fathers considering they had secret message to their names and together they grew to everywhere they got to. Sadly, some of populate parents command not play against a spouse that doesn't hold close faraway to his or her name considering their child requests to be associate with one. Who wrong side up our values? Who assumed you need to homeland sooner than steal a dole out hand and obtaining blessings from God?

Hey, marriage is not an produce an effect ardor one of ur degrees or grasp ardor a car or landed feature. A few marriages bring the detail a man or woman desires. Let's get our priorities correct. Poise mama Oyedepo for not forming #Tushgirl now we all see the #TushQueen you hold close become to that king - Bishop David Oyedepo.

In black and white by Leke Beecroft