Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Religion Myth

Religion Myth
Theology and Legend
by Lady Ardane

One of the highest enthralling things I discovered in my study of religion are the absolute similarities in the mythologies of Paganism and Christianity, and how many get older basic themes strike a chord themselves. I dent it can be interesting to equalize some of these myths and their beginning.

In the elementary time of man, the cycles of weather and seasons were of massive immensity to humans. Recurrently the margin along with prosperity and tightly was learning how to look for and following cattle farm, sow and gain in calm with the elements. Accordingly early man educated to enjoy to the rhythms of life. Equally so appreciably depended on the generosity of the elements, man attempted to curry change by sacrificing to the Gods. The vision of Cost became incorporated in close every religion from that time on. To this day Christians convene that Jesus was the son of God and was sacrificed to "pay" for the sins of mankind.
This in fact is no divergent from Paleolithic man slaughtering a chicken and spilling the blood on the meadow in order that the look for destitution be successful. In fact, Jesus is extremely called the "White meat of God which taketh to the right the sins of the world". He is extremely hypothetical to be full of been inherent in a hideaway on December 25th, wilt to the Pagan celebration of the Wintry Solstice, this is extremely the birthdate of Mithras. The genesis of Jesus was huge by Priests and wisemen who brought candles, frankincense, and gold.

Prompt tribes had tribal leaders, on the whole the strongest and the wisest of the kinfolk, who would lead and protect his take over. As he reached the age later than his powers were deterioration, he was replaced by a younger, stronger "king". This myth is methodical time and again almost literature and history. The significant story of Emperor Arthur is a go well together myth, a loss for the happiness of his take over. The customary ancestry going on for is the benevolence of the loss to act in that veil.
Jesus went to the cross kindly.

The ancient tribal Kings were endorsement their paddock absolute essay for their take over.
Material loss is eternally huge in the Roman Catholic church by the
"loss" of the Mass. Currently a Witch's loss is a libation of water or wine poured to the meadow or the finest of fruits, vegetables or vegetation brought to the altar. A variety of years previously the genesis of Christ, the Gnostics and the Essenes apiece had a philosophy of penitence somewhere a heirophant or priest could assign up his sinless life as loss to the Gods he hoped to mollify. This was probable the tone of the myth of the sacrificial Jesus.


The vision of new start methodically follows the theory of loss. Profound heroes almost history on the whole continue on in myth. Their followers nearly to imagine that they sustain and behest "come again" to mass their take over. Emperor Arthur was hypothetical to be full of been hard at it to the Atoll of Avalon, to return again later than his soil desires him. The elementary prototype of the belief in new start is 4000 years old in northern Syria somewhere the shoot at at HALAF water supply show that the Pagan folk invented that the horned moon "died" and was resurrected in three days. Cutting edge, civilizations in the Taurus Mountains incorporated that belief inwards the respect of the Bull God. Jesus, of course is hypothetical to be coming again (the moment coming) to mass humankind. New beginning was passed by all early Christians.
It was not until the religion had gone from a simple look-in of a dependable take over to an mutual with a ranking of priests and leaders. References to
new start were unconnected from the writings that became the bible. They missed a few, and these form the tone of the existing argument Untrained Anew Christians use to "authenticate" their particular. They gather nonetheless, a spiritual new beginning comparatively than a physical one.

Acme of all, the moist Hebrew word in the Bible which has been translated to mean virgin was "almah" which really direction "inexperienced girl". Having the status of the early Hebrew texts were translated inwards Greek the word was mistranslated from "almah"
to "parthenas" which does mean virgin. The error was corrected in following Greek translations and "parthenas" was sundry to "neanis", which direction inexperienced organism.
The foundational error stayed in the Emperor James Bill of the Bible. Having hypothetical that, nearby shoot at the myth of the virgin, or mother of fatherless sons who saved their point in one way or additional. The Babylonian Ishtar, Neith in Libya, Ate in Celisia, Anaites in Armenia, Ataigates in Assyria, Ariadne in Crete, Cybele in Phrygia, Astarte in Phoenicia, Kwanyin in China, Kwannon in Japan, Aphrodite in Greece and Isis in Egypt. Memo that Isis (nearly the Virgin Mary)
was called the Ruler of Illusion and Gullible Lady many centuries previously the genesis of Christ...additional customary myth. Gold ingots, frankincense, and myrrh were hypothetical to be full of been brought to the Christ Trivial, in 469 BC they extremely attended the genesis of Socrates, and in 1200 BC angels and shepherds were hypothetical to be full of brought the enormously gifts to Krishna. They extremely were at the genesis of Confucius in 598 BC and at the births of Zoroaster, Mithra, and Osiris.


The mother of Christ was called Mary, Buddha's mother was Maia, as was the mother of Hermes. Bacchus and Adonis apiece had mothers named Myrrha, and even Krishnas mother was called Marima. The mother of a Siamese "knight in shining armor" was Maya Maria. It appears that the enormously root word handy to all of these mothers.
I be suspicious of that root word was from Mare...methodically translated as water or sea, and a symbol of the earth mother from whence we all sprang. Pond is extremely a bactericide, and the myth of inauguration to geld is a customary one. Christians be full of John the Baptist, but the gods of India, Greece and Egypt extremely urged inauguration. In Egypt the god Anup was called "the baptiser".


A variety of of the deities claimed cribs or caves as their domestic. Apollo, Bacchus, Jupiter, Hermes, Mithra and Krishna all were inherent in caves or cribs.
The word creche key assumed hideaway, not double bed. Cot assumed stable, creche assumed hideaway. Jesus was thus inherent in a hideaway, not a stable. But it does sturdy that the unifying myth is that a knight in shining armor or avatar inherent in be thinking about casing, who led his take over and became their spiritual "knight in shining armor".


The Christian Trinity is attributable to Plato's philosophy. He viewed the Betoken behest as three-fold. The intention, and the epitome and spirit of the World...thus the Jerk, the Son and the Delightful Temperament. Display were many other trinities. The Brahmin Brahma, Vishnu and Sitva; the Persian Ormazd, Mithra and Ahriman; the Chaldean Bel-Saturn, Jupiter-Bel, and Baal-Chom. These complement to spirit, matter and time, and to power, wisdom and justness. Yet additional customary ancestry unifying divergent mythologies.


At the same time as elementary get older take over invented in magic. Paleolithic man dent he could power the Gods losing chant, action and loss. Cutting edge folks massive Magi or Wisemen who hand-me-down astrology to see the providence. A number of cultures invented in oracles, some in casting brushwood or water scrying, but highest had a gigantic go after for magic. Although the Christian church condemns "sorcery" and magic as the work of the devil, the Catholic clergy skilled it lengthily until the Sport. Albertus Magnus was a Bishop and conjuror, and Thomas Aquinas was his adherent. Roger Bacon, a well significant sorcerer, was a nun, and Pico Mirandala was a Kabbalist. St. Augustine skilled insight by sufficient. Hildebrand was a Performer, Pope Sylvester II was a acknowledged sorcerer and Cardinal Wolsey was an alchemist. Catherine de Medici even employed the services of a Jacobean Nun who murdered for her by direction of incantations, effigies and necromancy.
Likably tolerable, the Catholic church had a service of exorcism in its prayer book until balance most recently. It was an horrendous reserve of revenue for the Place of worship for centuries.


The Pope has hard at it as symbols of his safe place the pagan wand or staff, the keys of Janus and Cybele, and the Tiara of Brahmitma, the massive chief officer of the initiates of Old India. The Bible claims that Christ hypothetical of Peter "on this heave (Petra) I behest build my church." The root word translated as Peter is the enormously root word as the Egyptian Ptah, and extremely the names of some of the cities somewhere the oracles were positioned. Point Buddha has a go well together root. The designation Peter Roma subsequent to was Petroma, the pagan Exalted Nun of the local of Rome.

These are in simple terms a few of the customary myths of mankind. Have to you be intrusive in reading condescending about these things, I bid any of the Joseph Campbell books on myth; Oriental Religions in Roman Paganism by Franz Cumont; Hebrew Tradition by Graves and Patai; Deceptions and Tradition of the Bible by Graham; and the Emperor James glug of the Bible.