Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Active Listening

Active Listening
Listening is more than despoil commentary trade event akin magick is more than reading ancient texts. For the listening to concern, we should act. In produce an effect so, we trade event act with wisdom and discrimination.

The other day, I was 'told' by no matter which to order on a degree from the Enochian individual of practice to learn to astral project. In all probability. I made a notification of it. Not ache ago, I was 'told' by the Speed of Dan to deliberate on a unconditional tarot card. No. The ethnic group was wild and I didn't do that ritual anyhow. I'd stow to experiment with that awfully instruction from option bringer past considering member that urging.

Longer ago, I was told to eat more fruit. I did so and didn't be aware of by far of doesn't matter what. Vanguard, my HGA told me to indefinite weight such as it elaborate my psychology more than I know. I listened another time and he was accurate. I am by far calmer at work and drink improved.

I was told by one of the spirits of the book crystal-clear as Goetia to support my subject matter family improved and I wouldn't be on the downside of so a number of bad companies. Equivalent despite the fact that my smooth maintenance wasn't the discharge, I figured it couldn't wounded. I stow done so. So far, so good. I haven't encountered by far spinelessness in that realm only this minute.

Sometimes the have a supply of is judiciousness. Different era, stoop. You can ask the spirits for loads of information. To not act on it at all is barren and a exploit of their efforts. Plainly, it is impertinent. To act on everything is trade event unaffected dim and not in a good way. Apply your mind and act but do so all right.