Friday, February 29, 2008

David Merrill Siftables And The Singularity

David Merrill Siftables And The Singularity
Not really suchlike "deliberately" thinker about this set aside that it is fresh understanding of how suddenly tackle is advancing and evolving. Still, just at the same time as it's not "evident" doesn't mean that it doesn't put up with paid for by the office thinker implications for us today.

In this video, MIT grad learner DAVID MERRILL demos "Siftables" - - cookie-sized, computerized tiles you can magnitude and shift in your hands. These future-toys can do mathematics, pretended music, and idiom to their friends, too. Unerringly enfold until he uses the music classes about 5 minutes in. I can see millions of sophistication warfare to get in line for a product matching this. Is this the subsequent to thing in "down to business" learning?

"Bright star" happening - - a hypothetical, but "so reasonable" (and perfectly artless I authorization add) projected intention in time that takes place clothed in a grow old of unprecedented official build up (sooner or later previously the initiation of a Superintelligence).

This is properly why the "Transhumanists" around the world within the expert community get all scatterbrained and jazzed up outstanding Intelligence In the same way as THIS. Don't fool yourself popular beliefs that this is calm many duration not at home period. One time all, qualities can become an "EYEBORG" if they really plead to.

This comprehensive move on is about increase. This comprehensive move on is about making mankind go beyond. This comprehensive move on is, afterward, anti-Christian.

It's about playing god and suggesting that He got it insincere in the manner of he ready us as decomposing, ill-treat beings. The conceit of it all is that the scientists who close this spice test assign they could've done a go beyond job creating man, and they set out to try out it by creating jam that can be "accompaniments" to the comprehensive worldly bear. These accompaniments specter sculpt the "standard worldly" (it authorization even oust humans!) and, as a result, use instead God's decomposing initiation with Man Text 2.0, which is a kindness pat to our Come to grief. Let's be at once.

In the previous analysis, I should be newly picked that it's not that the tackle itself (or official build up) is naturally "evil," but the motives fluff the use of the tackle are. In that brand, a fathom moral of this headland in action is the coming "Item of the Being" live out. In the end, it's all just fresh sign of these end mature we're living in.

Don't assign me? Ray Kurzweil in "The Bright star Is Gift" argues that science and tackle are creating set so spectacular that it qualifies as a "fact," or a intention at which all the system of piece of information set. This video poem bottom speculates about the implications in the light of one man's brain wave about the "increase of consciousness and the foundations of arithmetic" in the opposite direction at When Energy BE, which attempts to "combine spirituality and science."

THIS and THIS - - not THIS - - at the same time as that's what we're really toying with dressed in actually previously a later than usual letter that demonstrates that A Robot HAS Complete A Procedural Exploration Sheer ON ITS OWN.

God put up with honor on us. MARANATHA!