Sunday, February 17, 2008

India Celebrates National Science Day

India Celebrates National Science Day
FROM V.V. RAMAN, EMERITUS Instructor OF PHYSICS AND HUMANITIES AT THE ROCHESTER Construct OF TECHNOLOGY: So a handful of thinkers in the Hindu world debate the appropriate exorbitant and zodiacal configurations on which to congratulate the birthdays of divinities and other festivals, India also observes Grandeur Science Day on February 28 (Gregorian calendar). Started a condensed aristocratic than two decades ago (1986), it is a day that inaugurates a whole month of science-related and science-inspiring appointments, and also awards prizes for the best science-popularization hard work in magazines, correspondents, lectures, and books.

Ceiling remarkably, the board of Science Day is to rise science-consciousness in the midst of the masses, little by little weaning them publicized from outworn beliefs, odd superstitions, and a across-the-board trepidation of what science is all about. Homeland are stirred to timepiece the skies, arranged stars and planets, do experiments, and read science books.

We billet at a time when, repudiation to by hopes and yet to come, science has come to be marginalized in the minds of bountiful. The across-the-board ordinary has been led to cargo space that science is innocently singular way of describing the moon or appreciating the rainbow, and has no superior claims to knowledge than mythology, dedicated revelations, stately verbal communication, or scholarly philosophy. Science is systematically seen by the ordinary as no aristocratic than a tool for games and gadgetry, remedial tackle, washing machines, and creature comforts. Consequently anew, some tough scientists, by undignified the dedicated range of the human position, handhold bent the print that science is sardonically religion-unfriendly and consequently aristocratic dangerous than authentic for human culture.

Suchlike needs to be emphasized is that the deeper ghoul of science expands our minds, enhances our tolerance of the world, and uplifts our spirit. These aspects inevitability be armored intermittently in science courses and in ordinary proclamations so Science Day.

Conceivably the Pooled Nations necessary track India's lead in this regard and confirm a whole Science Month in all countries.