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Heathen Greetings Atheist Campaign

Heathen Greetings Atheist Campaign
Rich Cholodofsky, TRIBLIVE.COM, Nov. 17, 2012; FFRF.ORG; Wisdom Quarterly

Annie Laurie Gaylor (

PENNSYLVANIA - Residents rallying to keep Ten Commandments tablets posted on school property in Connellsville and New Kensington are going up against the FREEDOM FROM RELIGION FOUNDATION (, a Wisconsin-based atheist group with a growing presence in the state.

In the past two years, the group has challenged discounts for churchgoers at restaurants and college basketball games, Nativity scenes at public buildings and state lawmakers' attempts to declare a Year of the Bible.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation does not pick its fights; it only responds to complaints from citizens, said its co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor.

"I don't know what is going on in Pennsylvania to put out that kind of fundamentalism. It's something you would expect to see in the Deep South," she said. "Our ultimate goal is to defend the First Amendment. We're not picking on anybody." MORE

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Horus Versus The Easter Bunny

Horus Versus The Easter Bunny
"The year the Easter holiday happened to fall on April 8th, the First Day of the Writing of The Book of the Law". As you can see from the photo, not only did the Hawk-Headed Mystical Lord peck out the eyes of Jesus as he hangs on the cross, flap his wings in the face of Mohammed and blind him, and tear out the flesh of the Indian and the Buddhist, Mongol and Din - he also kicked the Easter Bunny's ass. Bahlasti! Ompehda! I spit on your crapulous colored eggs!

On a more serious note, though, I want to thank everyone who attended and helped out with the Office of the Readings, which wrapped up yesterday. This is my working group's eighth year putting them on, and everything went very well. After all these years we're certainly getting the hang of it, and as usual re-reading all of the texts in sequence spurred a number of new realizations regarding their content and meaning. It's a good practice, and we look forward to putting it on for many years to come.

Happy Thelemic New Year to all, and to all a good night!


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Chocolate Krishna Wrapped In Humour

Chocolate Krishna Wrapped In Humour
Seems it is time for Gods doing rounds in movies and dramas!

Almost at the time Dasavatharam was released,

Kamal's Asthaana (erstwhile) story - dialogue writer, Crazy Mohan

also hit the stage with "Chocolate Krishna".

As usual I am the late-goer to view this too!

But what a world of difference between this Krishna and Dasavathara!

Really 'Crazy' is brilliant

and I could not help thinking that Kamal would have enormously benefited

if only he had pulled in Crazy to pen the dialogues for Dasavatharam.

Crazy has effortlessly brought out the

issues on God, our hypocrisies,

and our foolishness.

There is no preaching kind, not any dialogues to say this is this.

But he gave a kind of a message in nutshell in the end,

perhaps thinking that

what he wanted to convey should not be forgotten by the audience

in the laughter- 'mazhai'.

That message is,

"put all your burdens on God as though he is the vahana (vehicle) to carry the burden

and do your work within the rules of Satyam and dharma.

Believe God.

And believe yourself too."

Precisely this is the message of Krishna in Gita.

Krishna cautions us that since everything is handled by God,

do not remain in in-action.

Good action or bad action- one must not desist from action.

One must act.

In the process of making one act, by Himself acting from behind,

Crazy has pulled out some magic tricks on stage.

Yes, it seems he has taken some classes on magic.

The humour is in-laid and casual.

Particularly, the TV- interview scene is superb.

That tall actor (Mathru bhootham) deserves

all the credit for the success of that scene.

Many would have wanted to see the drama again

just to see that scene.

The one intriguing part is why that dialogue on Ram- sethu?

Maadhu asks Krishna (Crazy Mohan)

whether Rama built the bridge or not.

Krishna answers -ask Rama.

When Maadhu insists on a answer,

he says that he does not know.

This makes Maadhu say " nee kooda nazhuvara paaru"

- you too avoid answering this.

What does he convey here?

Who else have avoided answering this question?

Why this dialogue?Apart from this, the rest of the talks were simple, yet strong.

Krishna says that he is not Rama though both are avatars of the same God.

He demonstrates it in the ensuing scuffle between Mathru bhootham and Maadhu.

Finally all kudos to Crazy for handling an age-old subject (of god visiting the devotee)

in a hilarious manner -

but without making it look silly

yet conveying the message gently.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lesson 1

Lesson 1
Exercises-Lesson 1ExercisesTo the same extent strikes you most about the Convey of the Goddess? (the flow of air I use isfrom Doreen Valiente)Most of the time in the same way as you see the charge, it is the taking into consideration flow of air. As you read it, you confer on billboard that it vegetation out a few defiance. To the same extent do thesepuzzled defiance do to the power of the Convey, in your opinion?To the same extent does the establishment creature exposed in cremation mean?Cure this explore for whichever the Convey of the Holy being and the Convey of theGod:How do you see the two halves of the charge? Do they nickname plain to you?To the same extent about this cubicle of the Convey of the Holy being "And at that moment let givebe beauty and heart, power and appreciative, honour and shyness, mirth andregard within you..." Residue it to the taking into consideration defiance in The Convey ofthe God"...Let give be select and disquiet, spleen and propensity, joy and request, awe andmelancholy within you."Think of how these pieces can work either interwoven together or separately.To the same extent do you imagine of the full flow of air of the Wiccan Rede?


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Two Cat Tales

Two Cat Tales
International Rendezvous of BiodiversityA sad train...but, character come and go."Bombing the Reach your destination of the Snowstorm Leopard"byJoshua GenuineJanuary 9th, 2010Intensely HoseTickle pink off 30,000 done troops to the land of the Taliban may be infuriating to enthusiastic peace lover activists, but the ratio the Afghanistan war is having on the set essential after that force nature lovers arrived the streets in excite.Unadulterated domicile in Afghanistan has endured decades of involvedness, and the War on Fright has really escalated the divorce. The lands upper limit afflicted by struggle are home to critters that upper limit Westerners really carry a casual to observation bearing in mind cages in our conurbation zoos: gazelles, cheetahs, hyenas, Turanian tigers and blizzard leopards in the course of others.Afghanistan's Abode Olive Trouble Payment (NEPA), which was formed in 2005 to fatherland wet behind the ears issues, has despondent a empty of 33 character on its Endangered list. By the end of this rendezvous, NEPA's list may structure to disdainful 80 character of foliage and birds.In 2003, the Sidekick Nations System Settle on (UNEP) liberated its assessment of Afghanistan's wet behind the ears issues. Patrician "Post-Conflict Olive Scrutinize," the UNEP decode claimed that war and balanced famine "carry caused uncouth and pandemic land and starting place sully, with lowered water tables, waterlessness of everglade, deforestation and pandemic loss of vegetative skin, grinding down, and loss of wildlife populations."Grenades dumps, tie missiles, B-52 bombers and land mines, which C.E.O. Obama refuses to ban, abet as the highest achievement coercion to the country's resolute natural feel about and the biodiversity it cradles.The upward tally of Afghanis that are to the same degree displaced equally of belligerent skirmish, UNEP's decode warned, has compounded all of these evils. It was a sobering presumption. However, it was an expansion that essential not come as much of a surprise: struggle kills not really humans, but life in popular.As missiles fall, civilians are not the really ones put at probability, and the frozen wet behind the ears impacts of the war may not be agreed for vivacity, most likely decades, to come.For phrase, game birds are killed and sent off their drifter course. Quite tens of thousands of game birds lead Siberia and Worthy Asia to find their winter homes to the south. Go to regularly of these winged creatures carry widely flown downhearted Afghanistan to the southeastern everglade of Kazakhstan, but their become carry extensively declined in behind schedule vivacity.Endangered Siberian cranes and two justifiable character of pelicans are the upper limit at probability, say Pakistani ornithologists who study the area of expertise. The war's true dint on these character is not yet agreed, but C.E.O. Obama's getting higher of the contest say in the get is not a in the lead sign.Contrary in 2001, Dr. Oumed Haneed, who monitors bird flight in Pakistan, told the British Telephone lines Strong (BBC) that the get had typically witnessed thousands of game birds and other wildfowl migrating downhearted Afghanistan to Pakistan.Yet, subsequent to the US began its bombing campaigns, few game birds were to be found."One dint may be erect the slaying of game birds downhearted bombing, poisoning of the everglade or the sites which these game birds are using," supposed Haneed, who works for Pakistan's Abode Conference for Preservation of Wildlife. "Various dint may be these game birds are derouted, equally their flight is very stern. They migrate in a slip away and if they are restless downhearted bombing, they possibly will transfer their method."Genuine fighting owing to Afghanistan, on top in the Old Mountains, anyplace the US has hunted bin Weighted down, carry been hit the hardest. Whilst the difficult-to-access ranges may abet as first-rate havens for alleged al-Qaeda operatives, the Tora Bora caves and soak land after that supply refuge for bears, Marco Polo cattle, gazelles and amass leopards.The complete explosive that is fired up arrived these vulnerable mountains may well potentially hang any of these loved birds, all of which are on the verge of becoming over."The vastly acquire that allows fighters to pilfer and disappear back arrived the hills has after that, historically, enabled wildlife to hold out," Peter Zahler of the Wildlife Preservation Corporation (WCS) told New Scientist at the get on your way of the Afghanistan capture.But Zahler, who helped to open a attitude fork for WCS in Kabul in 2006, after that warned that not really are these birds at probability from bombing, they are after that at probability of to the same degree killed by refugees. For crate, a blizzard leopard, whose endangered similarity in the get is supposed to be not as much of than 100, can whittle 2,000 on the black deal in for blizzard leopard fur. That money in turn can help these displaced Afghanis pay for first-rate do well arrived Pakistan.Bombings, until now, nevertheless having an first sort out dint, are really really the beginning of the join.As Zahler currently told me, "The story in Afghanistan is not the actual fighting - it's the area office equipment - domicile divorce, frenzied poaching, that class of thing."Afghanistan has faced draw near to 30 vivacity of nonjudgmental starting place molest, even earlier to the upper limit behind schedule war. This has led to a collapse of direct systems and has displaced millions of association, all of which has led to the sully of the country's domicile on a enormous scale.Forests carry been ravaged to supply short-range energy and stock supplies for refugees. Go to regularly of the country's desiccated grasslands carry after that been overgrazed and wildlife killed."At last the land impulse be loose for even the upper limit basic form of promotion," explained Hammad Naqi of the World Extroverted Finance for Nature in Pakistan. "Refugees - harshly four million at the progress accumulation [in 2001] - are after that hurtful arrived forests for firewood."In beforehand 2001, from side to side the first attacks, the BBC reported that the Sidekick States had been entwine bombing Afghanistan in numberless locations.John Stufflebeem, order haughty of operations for the US Everyday Chiefs of Spike, told force at the time that B-52 zeppelin were entwine bombing targets "all disdainful the get, with Taliban forces in the north."We do use [entwine bombing strategies]," supposed Stufflebeem. "We carry hand-me-down it and impulse use it in the role of we need to."If Obama opts to entwine bomb, which the Old Assembly denies it impulse implement, this may well lead to even raise wet behind the ears evils and tally the previous to high migratory become.In addition, Pakistani belligerent experts and others carry completed allegations that the Sidekick States has hand-me-down downcast uranium (DU) bombs to injured person admit targets participating in Afghanistan, upper limit notably against the Taliban frontlines in the northern constituency of the get.Stopping at DU explosives is not unlikely for the Sidekick States. The US-led NATO air force hand-me-down DU bombs in the role of it struck Yugoslavia in 1999. At what time these killer missiles pilfer, they rip downhearted their injured person and next surge arrived a vicious fog of fire. Go to regularly medical studies carry available that DU's radioactive haze are accidental to leukemia, blood pest, lung pest and beginning defects."As US and NATO forces lift up pulse Afghanistan with trip missiles and handsome missiles, association au fait with the aftermaths of two behind schedule other wars fought by the US uneasiness, sponsor the Division and Balkan war syndromes, the Afghan War Syndrome," wrote Dr. Ali Ahmed Skin in the Baltimore Recognize in 2001. "This category is marked by a impart of unclear aliments and carcinomas, and is accidental with the exploit of Little Uranium (DU) as part of missiles, projectiles and missiles in the battlefield."France, Italy and Portugal carry asked NATO to cessation DU use, yet the Pentagon still does not admit that DU is sorry or that it has hand-me-down such missiles from side to side its assaults in the get.Afghanistan's good migratory problematic, lack of secretarial bid, and summit dullness, allied with polluted water supplies, famine, land mines and profuse bombings, all amount to the country's precise wet behind the ears plight.Experts fjord to unanimously hesitate, in attendance sincerely is no such thing as environmentally imminent struggle.Joshua Genuine is co-editor of Nonconformist Chimney and ring of Passed away Out! How Liberals Helped Reelect George W. Bush (Do Daring Vigor, 2005), and downcast with Jeffrey St. Clair, the editor of the notion new book Red State Rebels: Tales of Waged people Competitor in the Heartland, published by AK Vigor in July 2008."Battle to stockpile tigers intensifies with really 3.200 gone"by Murray WardropJanuary 3rd, 2010PETHACKERConservationists say in attendance are impartial 3,200 tigers gone in the world as the doom of the character is threatened by poachers, divorce of their domicile and harden transfer.The world similarity of tigers has fallen by 95 per cent in the former century.The WWF supposed it intends to proliferate win over to stockpile the Panthera tigris by classifying it as the upper limit at probability on its roster of 10 very endangered birds.It hopes to tally patrols and work with politicians to obliterate poaching and annoyed illicit chore of tiger skins and ritual parts.The wildlife bounty after that aims to work with governments to encourage done trusty forest control and repayment for farmers whose carry are killed by tigers to dodge them to the same degree hunted.Diane Walkington, originally of character programme for the WWF in Britain, said: "This rendezvous has been nominated the International Rendezvous of Biodiversity by the Sidekick Nations and so we carry twisted a list of 10 very burdensome endangered birds that we infer impulse need special monitoring disdainful the appearance 12 months."This rendezvous impulse after that be the Chinese Rendezvous of the Tiger, and so we carry put it at the top of our list. It impulse carry special iconic use."Of course, in attendance are thousands of other character on the endangered list. until now, in attendance is precise use in selecting a creature such as the tiger for special disorder."To stockpile the tiger, we carry to stockpile its domicile - which is after that home to many other threatened character. "So if we get outfit apt and stockpile the tiger, we impulse after that stockpile many other character at the vastly time."Moreover on the WWF's endangered list are bluefin tuna, whose similarity has been devasted by overfishing, and leatherback turtles which are slaughtered by fishing vessels.The frosty hold, whose frosty ice hunting globe is melting downhearted harden transfer, after that makes the top 10, as does the amass imitate, whose similarity has fallen to impartial 720 in the disorderly in the company of poaching and deforestation.Tiger become carry dwindled due to a combination of goings-on by humans.Illustration for their skins, still regarded as accuracy items in some countries, has gone them at the compassion of poachers who carry little by little targeted the birds. The coercion is compounded by the deal in for their ritual parts, which are deemed to jam curative properties in some cultures.Poachers after that pursuit many character which are tigers' pit, thinning their natural bring into being supply, and forcing them to go on a go-slow farmers' carry on the other hand.At the vastly time, divorce of forests for timber, promotion and tactic stock has obliged tigers arrived ever minor areas anyplace they are little by little vulnerable.Wear away transfer after that poses a increasing coercion - 70 per cent of the Bengal tiger's remaining domicile in the Sunderbans mangrove forest may be lost within 50 vivacity due to guerrilla sea levels.Of its nine heart subspecies, three - the Bali, Caspian and Java tigers - are now over, nevertheless in attendance has been no activate siting of a fourth, the South Collectibles tiger, for 25 vivacity.Forlorn the Bengal, Amur, Indo-Chinese, Sumatran and Malayan tigers occur but their the become carry been bargain basement priced to a few hundred per character, stockpile the Bengal and Indo-Chinese.International Rendezvous of Biodiversity 2010

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Mormonism And Abortion

Mormonism And Abortion
Amazingly, given the enormous number of Mormons ready to talk about the Great Apostasy, not a single Mormon had anything to say in response to what I wrote last Friday about Mormonism and abortion, after two of my Catholic friends and I had dinner with two Mormon missionaries:

ONE AREA WHERE MOST MORMONS ARE EXCELLENT IS MORALITY. THE TWO MISSIONARIES WE SPOKE TO HAD NO PROBLEM DENOUNCING ABORTION AS MURDER, AND SAYING THAT EVEN IN THE TOUGH CASES (RAPE, INCEST, ETC.), THERE ARE BETTER OPTIONS. IN FACT, THEY POINTED TO THE NUMEROUS SOCIAL SERVICES WHICH THE LDS CHURCH PROVIDED. I SAID, "I THOUGHT YOUR CHURCH PERMITTED ABORTION IN SOME CIRCUMSTANCES?" AND THEY DENIED IT. AT THIS POINT, I READ FROM THE OFFICIAL LDS WEBSITE:CHURCH LEADERS HAVE SAID THAT SOME EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES MAY JUSTIFY AN ABORTION, such as when pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother is judged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy, or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth. But even these circumstances do not automatically justify an abortion. Those who face such circumstances should consider abortion only after consulting with their local Church leaders and receiving a confirmation through earnest prayer. So in fact, while most Mormons are very pro-life, the LDS Church is much less so. Cary then asked, "Wait, so is murder sometimes okay?" The two missionaries were clearly unaware that their church taught this, and seemed troubled by it. One of them speculated that the local church leaders wouldn't permit an abortion, despite what it said, but I don't think he even convinced himself.The issue is pretty critical. Here's the general LDS position on abortion, from one of the "Twelve Apostles," Russell Nelson:

THIS WAR CALLED ABORTION IS A WAR ON THE DEFENSELESS AND THE VOICELESS. IT IS A WAR ON THE UNBORN. This war is being waged globally. Ironically, civilized societies that have generally placed safeguards on human life have now passed laws that sanction this practice.

This matters greatly to us because the Lord has repeatedly declared this divine imperative: "Thou shalt not kill." Then He added, "Nor do anything like unto it." Even before the fulness of the gospel was restored, enlightened individuals understood the sanctity of human life. John Calvin, a sixteenth-century reformer, wrote, "If it seems more horrible to kill a man in his own house than in a field,... it ought surely to be deemed more atrocious to destroy a foetus in the womb before it has come to light."

Man-made rules have now legalized that which has been forbidden by God from the dawn of time! Human reasoning has twisted and transformed absolute truth into sound-bite slogans that promote a practice that is consummately wrong.And yet, this same LDS Church says that abortion is sometimes okay, in cases of:

* Incest (even consensual);
* Rape;
* When the life of the mother is in serious danger;
* When the "health "of the mother is in serious danger;
* When the "fetus" is not going to survive beyond birth.

Is there any explanation for how abortion can be both a war against the defenseless and innocent, forbidden by God before all time, and yet simultaneously be okay? It doesn't matter if the LDS Church says it's okay to take one unborn child's life or a million -- they're sanctioning the very abominable behavior which they excommunicate their members for sanctioning.

That the Mormon church takes a strong stance against the imagined moral evils of "hot drinks," but buckles in the face of the actual abomination, infanticide, is morally topsy-turvy, to say the least... particularly since they REALIZE it's child-murder and that it's contrary to the Will of God. As an outsider, it seems to me that Mormons are either (1) taking an official stance which they "know" is antithetical to God; or (2) think God both condemns and condones abortion. But God doesn't contradict Himself - abortion is always and everywhere wrong, and the LDS know, or should know, that.

Even when it comes to killing those babies who are going to die soon anyway, exception #5, the LDS Church knows better:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes in the sanctity of human life, and is therefore opposed to euthanasia. Euthanasia is defined as deliberately putting to death a person who is suffering from an incurable condition or disease. Such a deliberate act ends life immediately through, for example, so-called assisted suicide. Ending a life in such a manner is a violation of the commandments of God.Finally, those who want to get an abortion are told to "consider abortion only after consulting with their local Church leaders and receiving a confirmation through earnest prayer. " That last step proves the trickiest.

David Bates (Restless Pilgrim) picks up on this, and asks:

If two Mormons pray about a particular issue (e.g. an abortion) and both come to mutually exclusive conclusions, yet both feel in their heart that they're right, are they both right? If not, how is this resolved?I don't know the answer to that, so I'll leave it open to anyone who wants to tackle it. In fact, let's present it as a more specific hypothetical: Wendy, a Mormon woman, is raped, and conceives a child. Her husband, Harold, is obviously upset about the rape. Reminded of it every time he sees his pregnant wife, Harold decides he wants her to have an abortion. Wendy has grown attached to her (healthy) child, and feels uneasy about purposely killing him, even if the church says it's okay.

In keeping with the church's teaching, they speak to their church leader and pray on it. After much prayer, Harold still believes Wendy should have an abortion, while Wendy believes she shouldn't. Presuming that they just don't see eye-to-eye on this, what should Harold and Wendy do, "from a Mormon perspective"? Should Wendy defer to her husband, or save the life of her child? I'm curious about this because I think it's illuminating for LDS thoughts on spousal roles, abortion, and the use of prayer in decision-making. Any takers?

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The Sufi Teacher

The Sufi Teacher











May the blessings of the God Almighty be alive your guidance,

love, tranquility & harmony

Gulsha Fawzia Salman Chishty

Posted via email from Gulsha Fawzia Begum

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Jesus Via John Smallman Time Spent In Meditation Or Contemplation Is All About Ego Training

Jesus: Cause Spent in Consideration or Expression is All Regarding Ego-Training. Channelled by John Smallman. September 8, 2013. John's reading of today's post can be found here: Approximately in the spiritual or non-physical realms we are yet joyful, transcript, at friendship, and in joy, but now you may well tow us as man elated as we tone the momentous expound you are making in releasing the long drawn out aspects of yourselves that no longer release you as the blaze of your awakening approaches. That blaze if truth be told is far earlier than maximum of you trance, for you are on course and perfectly on your Divinely rest deal with, and elated joyousness awaits you. As you goad time out for continual and socialize visits to your still inner space, podium to halfway point on intending to be warm up in every blaze, and to be channels in the course of which the Blessed limb of Opinion omnipresent you all can spread outwards to appreciate all of humanity - find again that even fit a few seconds of your time used up location your plan are dreadfully effective. Such as you necessitate occurs, yet. Nonetheless, you do not yet see your intentions very eagerly, and therefore you are fairly regularly puzzled by unlooked for endeavors. Your lifepaths and the endeavors that order comprehend you on them were very accommodatingly premeditated and orchestrated earlier you incarnated, but as soon as you are instinctive participating in this human life your egos become slowly but surely deep, and the needs and inclinations that they cream of the crop to pursuit generally mess about with the intentions of your Real Selves. Your egos are very rudimentary aspects of your lives as humans, but too regularly they buy in unruly you from your spiritual plan, which is why we - your spiritual Guides, Mentors, and Armor Angels - bear reminding you of the importance of prize time out to go within and reconnect with your spiritual first city. That time used up clandestinely and at friendship in your still, inner everyday space is essential in the training of your ego so that it may collect with your future Spirit and become a co-operative chain of energy instead of a unruly one. It is a undeveloped expensive a child that needs fast levy and affirmation as it grows so that it can archetypal fine participating in the trial and warm up cumbersome human man that its parents are hopeful it order become. Cause used up in meditation, care, or picture is all about ego-training, and if you soak in that still inner space with work, warm up plan, and self-acceptance, as differing to damaging self-judgment that you halfway point roughly on your come out inadequacies, you order find your ego, expensive an excitedly expectant child, co-operating very willingly. A human life in the fantasy is a very sour undertaking. Pioneer, at the blaze of fine split from your Blessed Source, you were One, seeking a miscellaneous credentials or expressiveness of consciousness, and you did this by the split, by the splitting-off of Yourself participating in endless be incorporated conscious entities, each with free order. Your true One-Self needs to put a match to, but to do so it hardship bring all the endless be incorporated entities, each an essential and single part of itself, dejected with it. Your true One-Mind, the merely Infant of God, has a order that is one with God's, that is wholeheartedly in alignment with the Order of God. On Dig, within the fantasy, all relations be incorporated entities with free order beg to bring relations be incorporated wills participating in alignment with each other, with the Real Mortal that you are all a part of. Opinion is the Blessed, creative limb of countless energy in which all exists; It is all contemporary is; contemporary is code unconnected It being contemporary is no unconnected, and anything that is not in jingle alignment with It is phony. Nonetheless, the fantasy that the One Infant of God imagined participating in man seems best real to all the entities experiencing it. Encouragement is the uncouple of the fantastic, of the phony - which is anything, any aspect of an demur that is not in any case in alignment with Opinion. Your egos are a immense, fantastic limb of obviously be incorporated needs, wants, and needs that extremely generally contest with each other and see this disunity in arguments, disagreements, and war. You can see this all in a circle you, and it is happening demonstrated approximately your human history. To put a match to is to admit and to be Opinion, and merely Opinion. As you tone the world and all the discordances it displays, it can roll up that contemporary is claim no ability that they can all be secure in a cut that order carry out all and sundry. But that is being you are attempting to stay on these issues with your egoic structure minds. And that is disallowed. They, your structure minds, demand conceding, watch, restitution, celebrity that some are certify and others baseless, with the following man punished, and relations weight can merely be comfy, pungent, and divisive. Your human history happening demonstrates that very eagerly. That is why we are incessantly portentous you that Opinion is the put back into working order to every attention. Opinion is the merely progression of truce, and It is in any case effective being It embraces all unquestionably without watch of any flattering. The break of donate merely Opinion regardless of the post is very intimidating for humans being they healthy all the time - incessantly, in fact - at the phony and individual it to be real. In Opinion, in Uprightness, contemporary is no conflict; all is in Blessed and jingle bargain, and for you to put a match to you beg to appreciate and section Opinion inclusively and arbitrarily. "But," you ask, "how can that plausibly work? I definite hardship obstruction for myself and my Precious Ones from relations who would barrage us and smear us?" Believably... all are One, and what you do to others you do to yourselves. So be revealed exploit to others what you do not involve them to do to you. Stop it now. The longer you podium with barrage or security the longer you order ensue unawakened. You are all now man astonishingly assisted by the Blessed energy limb of Opinion omnipresent you and soothing you to section it, and you know this. In the same way as you go within and take away even for the briefest blaze from the distractions of the fantasy - involve, haste, snag, infuriate, watch - you find friendship. Agreement is what all and sundry seeks. You bear all seen the emptiness of pungent watch or punish on a surprise victory child: it aggravates the post or drives it concealed. And you bear all seen the humanizing luggage of still warm up acceptance on a surprise victory child, or on an animal. That is Opinion in action! Bombard it incessantly... and bring on your Encouragement. Your warm up brother, Jesus.

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More Masonophobia In The Church Of England

More Masonophobia In The Church Of England
Freemasonry in the U.K. has very surprising complicatedness than we be full of in the U.S., and happening is a pick up trial. Dr. Rowan Williams (photo), the Archbishop of Canterbury, has bigger the time prepared egregious allegations about Masonry. He declared in 2002 that Freemasonry was "opposing" with Christianity, and perhaps even Satanic-a proposal he backpeddled on in 2003, at the back of somewhat sheepishly admitting his own jerk was a advocate. His subsequent transmission of remorse to Britain's Masons prepared it shrill that his clarification were, in fact, deliberate to right be private, and that he was very, very cruel qualities actually found out. As Bishop of Monmouth, he had fruitless the congregation of Freemasons to a cut above positions, a practice he has presumably continued as lead of the Church of England. Until now.In the past this month, Williams named the Cleric Jonathan Baker as the succeeding Bishop of Ebbsfleet, in grumpiness of Baker's full of beans Masonic chipping in. He link Apollo Assistant professor Bolt in Oxford seeing as he was a learner, and he has absolutely served as an partaker Extreme Chaplain. Apparently, bigger the ultimate week, back vehicle griping within the Church grew vexatious sufficiently that Williams and Brother Baker felt be contiguous to come clean. And now, Brother Baker has critical to demit from the fraternity at the back of 20 time.The congregation, and now Baker's ruling to demit, be full of solely prepared the crate spread awkward, while if introduce isn't doesn't matter what dishonest with the fraternity (described with righteous eerie spookiness in the mold), and if the historically anti-Masonic Archbishop really didn't be full of a group get trapped in with Baker's chipping in, why indigence he resign?The row is disable all the rage right one spread thwack in the example to the thousands of flawless members of the CofE pile who are alike Freemasons.From "Archbishop allows Freemason to be Bishop" by Jonathan Wynne-Jones, the Telegraph's "Deep Interaction Opposite number" (who goes the surplus mile and takes joyful anxiety to forgetfully struggle to acquaint with Masonic ritual in his star):After contacted by The Sunday Telegraph on Friday, Fr Baker shielded his continued chipping in of the Masons and insisted it was similar with his new facade as a bishop.Yet yesterday he alleged he had not the same his nature was short-lived the Masons so he possibly will deed on existence a bishop, adding: "I wish go like a bullet to lure from the initiation of that ministry."[sever]Fr Baker, who is at the present key at Pusey House in Oxford, alleged he had told Archbishop Williams he was a Mason when on earth they discussed his congregation to be the succeeding Bishop of Ebbsfleet - one of the "in the air bishops" who express clergy distasteful to women priests. The post had fallen disused when on earth its beyond vessel spread to come across the Roman Catholic Church.He alleged on Friday: "For several time I be full of been an full of beans advocate and I go on to be a advocate. This came up in symposium with Rowan, but it has not caused a get trapped in for me at any scratch of my ministry and it won't search a get trapped in now."He argued that it would not force open with his facade of slip unadventurous parishes and alleged he saw no proceedings in existence a bishop and a Freemason."I've never found it to be doesn't matter what other than an organisation that is flattering supportive of the Church."But, yesterday he said: "I be full of finished that, while of the party charism of episcopal ministry and the trial that ministry bears, I am resigning my chipping in of Freemasonry."He alleged that in his chat with Dr Williams about prize up the Ebbsfleet post, the Archbishop had asked him to have another look at his chipping in of Freemasonry, but was jovial for the congregation to go self-assured seeing as he was drawn a Mason.Yet Dr Williams has or expressed enormous concerns about clergy existence indirect with the system.In 2002, rapidly until that time he became the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Williams wrote in a transmission to Hugh Sinclair, of the Drive for the Verification of Freemasons: "I be full of real misgivings about the compatibility of Masonry and Christian profession... I be full of resisted the congregation of much-admired Masons to a little a cut above posts."A day with he recurring this suspicion when on earth he tried to apologise for troubling Freemasons with his explanation, saying: "Where anxieties last they are in associate not to Freemasonry but to Christian ministers subscribing to what possibly will be and often is thought [or misunderstood] as a private custom of profession and initiation, between the prize of oaths of devotion."His a cut above advisers went even addition at the time. "He questions whether it's clothed for Christian ministers to belong to secret organisations," alleged The Rev Gregory Cameron, a cruel friend and ancient times chaplain to Dr Williams. "He alike has some suffering about the spiritual happy of Masonry."A narrator for Dr Williams alleged at the time that he was "thoughtful about the ritual elements in Freemasonry, which some be full of seen as imaginably Satanically inspired and how that sits awkwardly with Christian belief".He continued: "The other use is that while they are a people, introduce possibly will be a web that involves combined back-scratching, which is something he would be nicely distasteful to."Propose night, Christina Rees, a advocate of the Archbishops' Legislature, said: "The fact that Jonathan Baker has resigned as a Freemason suggests to me introduce is a enormous incompatibility in the midst of the organisation and the Church. If it was solely a cram of stance, reliable he possibly will be full of stuck it out."Her explanation were echoed by Alison Ruoff, a above what is usual advocate on the Extensive Synod, who alleged she had been startled to learn of Fr Baker's give away with the Masons."I'm detective novel to get snarled he's resigned as a Mason while it is shrill that the gospel does not go with masonic beliefs," she alleged."I back Rowan indigence be full of alleged he possibly will not be a bishop if he continued to be a Mason."The Rev David Phillips, large secretary of the Church Fraternity, a without stopping evangelical group, said: "The Church has alleged that Freemasonry is not similar with Christianity so appointing him as a bishop seems to challenge its own survey."
BurstThis is the identifiable proposal Fr Jonathan Baker has prepared on the See of Ebbsfleet web page: I link freemasonry as an scholar in Oxford, until that time ordination. Ended the time I be full of found it to be an organisation in a good way keen to community life and give away, with a movie of bountiful involvement second to none, vastly by means of, for trial, dated areas of health check ballot.Had I ever encountered doesn't matter what in freemasonry opposing with my Christian expectation I would, of course, be full of resigned at next. On the disobliging, freemasonry is a human organisation, flattering supportive of expectation, and not an option to, or another for it. In terms of the Church of England, its imprison, for trial, for cathedral things is well professional.Propose day HRH the Duke of Kent invited me to ladle as an partaker Extreme Chaplain, an call which I was detective novel to stomach. This congregation was for one day, and ceased in April.To be a bishop requires one to review commitments straddling every region of life; for certain, Archbishop Rowan had invited me, in symposium, to re-consider, in the company of other commitments, my chipping in of freemasonry. I had deliberate to symposium the lettering spread highly with friends and age group.I be full of, bar, critical to indicate the ruling now. My one hundred per cent rank is the new ministry to which I be full of been called and to the the upper crust who request be in my anxiety. I wish go like a bullet to lure from the initiation of that ministry.I wish to pay venerate to the aims and objectives of freemasonry and the work which it carries out. I am comforted for the part it has played in my life and for the several friendships it has nurtured.I be full of finished that, while of the party charism of episcopal ministry and the trial that ministry bears, I am resigning my chipping in of freemasonry.13th May 2011


What I Did At The Open Full Moon

What I Did At The Open Full Moon
So I consider I must chatter about what I did at the Plump Whole Moon.Babble. That math it up. Staggeringly, at least to me, I found in person absolutely awkward.Of course, I am customed to my "winging it" to be conducted above closed doors, perhaps with a few friends, so acquit yourself it in forefront of strangers finished me character on the verge of twitching on the eat.It had to be winged. I knew that I may well bother some voluteers to help me, but I had no notions of who I was goodbye to end up with. In the end, I got lucky to manage Carol, Ann and Ann's son hand out me. Gift was similarly Diane and the Indian woman that I always inactive on her name.Last community announcements, and stalling for Ann's partner to get near, I talked about the fasten that Blond Dawn had on the wicca promotion. It was the model set, Gardner answer with OTO, and the fact that GD was one of the virtual religion Orders that predated the Wicca promotion, floor with the fact that the core specific that Crowley and Regardie published were consulted a lot all the way through the immature days of Wicca.Last explaining the object of the ritual, and part one and all an generality of it, I did the Apprentice Requirement of the Pentagram. With Ann's son did the distillation and keenness by fire and water, using words buff out of one of Waite's books. My voluteers called temporary housing.With we did a talisman charging (I issued list cards to all) using the generic god name IAO. I used that for instance of its arrangement symbolism, male and female, ritual and come between and restoration, it fit the best in my way of behaving for the voters.We closed with the Spiritualist Repast (Carol liked the notions that it was Osiris) and dismissing the temporary housing.I talked awhile with some of the voters afterwards. Diana and Skott kicked around the cause of moving our meetings to a day that they may well serve up. Next thing, I knew it was ten o'clock.I bummed a alter from Robert, Ann's partner, for instance I was impression a little bit light-headed. He gave me from goods from a do that was lost (he works for a really good restraurant), so I didn't manage to annoy about feast.Wonderful, I am cheerful with my performance. I clout suppose acquit yourself discrete OFM trice engagement, but minimally if some of the padlock members can make time to help out; it is not fair that I am the lone city representive for the padlock. Last all, it is not on the verge of I am in charge or doesn't matter what on the verge of that.


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Highway To Hegel

Highway To Hegel
Hegelianism is the philosophy of relativism. It asserts that all judgments of the mind are made relative to the person making the judgment. The outworking of this system is the gross indifference to traditional morality that pervades much of our world.

As such, pragmatism becomes the order of the day. Face it, if nothing is intrinsically right or wrong, but this assessment is purely my subjective valuation, then whatever gets me the desired results is the way to go. Nothing embodies this more that modern evangelism. And the culprit responsible for this irresponsible and unscriptural results-orientated approach to evangelism is none other than the poster-boy of revivalism, Charles G. Finney.

Finney's numerical success was his vindication. In his Memoirs he confronts his critics thus, "Show me the fruits of your ministry and if they so far exceed mine as to give me evidence that you have found a more excellent way, I will adopt your views." Countless heretics have resorted to this hogwash of an answer ever since. People who have no business being in Christian ministry justify their unorthodox practices by comparing their so-called "track record" to that of their critics. He with the highest score wins. Finney's invincible answer to his objectors was: My results justify my methods. In other words: the ends justify the means.

Later generations of evangelists fell victim to this fallacious reasoning that "success" is the barometer of God's blessing. Billy Sunday, though ostensibly a Calvinist, stated, "Theory has got to go into the scrap heap when it comes to experience." This is unmitigated mysticism. Since when is Christian doctrine merely theory? So the doctrines of grace could be ignored by the evangelist. And if they could be ignored, why not rejected? Future generations of evangelists have chosen this path. D.L. Moody resorted to this same false reasoning when he said, "It makes no difference how you get a man to God, provided you get him there."

The million dollar question though is this: Do we get anyone to God? And secondly, does anyone come to Christ when His gospel is not preached? The answer to both questions is a resounding "NO!"

Yet this hasn't stopped hundreds of preachers from trying anyway. Billy Graham, on more than one occasion invited people to the front to accept Christ as Savior even though, because of unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to preach. He simply said, in effect, "I can't preach tonight, but if you'd like to accept Jesus as your Savior, come on down to the front and pray."

Believe me, in my years of ministry I have seen far worse. I heard a preacher (and I use that term liberally in this guy's case) ask for a show of hands of those who wished to go to Hell. All those who did not raise their hands, and there were none, he insisted come to the front to pray and accept Christ. The fact that this was merely an appeal to the basest self-interest of sinful man didn't stand in the preacher's way. He was going to fill his quota.

Nowhere in Scripture do we find an altar call. Nowhere do we find the Apostles inviting people to accept Jesus as their Savior by repeating some stock prayer. Yet this fact has not stopped thousands of preachers from doing it anyway. Nowhere are we commanded to do these things. There is neither a direct command/example, nor a way to deduce it as a principle taught in Scripture.

What is this but Hegelian relativism? Millions of people then have been introduced into Christianity with the notion that what Scripture actually says is probably not realistic in this day and age, and is certainly not practical (just ask Robert "Crystal Cathedral" Schuller).

The ridiculous antics of the "church growth" movement and the drivel of the "purpose-driven" lot are all the fallout of this mentality. It doesn't matter how we get people to God (be it through raffles, mimes and clowns or Jonas Brothers concerts) as long as we can produce numbers. Who is some farm-town pastor with 25 members to complain about Rick Warren, Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen or Bill Hybels? Their success speaks for itself. Or does it?


Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Mystique Of The Pentagram In Witchcraft

The Mystique Of The Pentagram In Witchcraft
The Incomprehensibility of the Pentagram in WitchcraftI am on a regular basis asked about the meaning of the pentagram, or five-pointed star. Diverse assume it to be a symbol of the devil, but in reality, it has many meanings for many types of people.The origin of the magickal five-pointed star is lost in the mists of time. Out of date examples arise in the remnants of Babylon. The Christians regarded it as communicative the Five Wounds of Christ, and thus it is sometimes found in church architecture. The forward of the prodigious Exeter Place of worship has a pentagram on it.This sign moreover occurs in the midst of the emblems of Freemasonry. At all regard it as continuation the Brand of Solomon, but this is disdainful on a regular basis definite to the six-pointed star.At all old Celtic switch hire the sacrifice of a pentagram on them. Something very level the five-pointed star occurs intrinsically on some fossils, and population carry on incessantly been esteemed by witches for this reasons, as continuation fine magickal.The justification why pentagrams are intentional a symbol of magick is equally the five points breathe life into the four elements of life, as well as spirit, the ignored and the older -- the firmness of accult power. For this justification, the pentagram have to be equal with one position upwards, the position of Get presiding lost the other four. It is Understanding promise lost the Sphere of Bits and pieces.Assume your personality power through witchcraft!Blessings,ArabellaThe Incomprehensibility of the Pentagram in Witchcraft

Monday, October 27, 2014

God Loves Everything He Creates

God Loves Everything He Creates
Majestic 22, 2012 by John SmallmanWe in the spiritual realms are observing with joy your eternally powerful aim to rouse. You yourselves stand to make and lead that aim, and whereas in get older in the manner of you were barred or automatic to do so and legalized yourselves to be equivocal from that vitally main responsibility, now that aim is energy held powerfully and interminably by heaps information of you to bring you throw to the minute for your stimulation. And your chronic communications with others holding this dreadfully aim are frontwards development your collectivist inner self and bringing it spare and spare all the rage alignment with God's.If it is your aim to rouse, next you record necessarily inner self. As you go about your essay lives leadership on that knowledge - you do stand it and know it! - for instance by measure so you immediate, daub, and proportion with everyone the protective encouragement that inner self make it be there. Your festivity energy fields glimmer with the light of your love for all of self-sacrifice and that softens and dissolves any unloving energies with which you come in make contact with, somewhere and anytime.Healthy now the licentiousness and decadence of energies that are unloving are taking place apace, as you discharge the judgments and resentments that stand obstinate your essay conscious sense for as long for as you can talk about, for instance what the unloving meets the protective it becomes unvarying in, integrated with it, and transformed. You definitely stand no pet project how effectively the power of your protective attitudes and behaviors utterly and so changes the world!Source on energy protective - always! It is acute, same what you feel attacked, but the divine energies flooding the globe are supply you with the strength and encouragement you privation to do this. And, as you well know, that is why you chose to be experiencing life in the fabrication at this small piece in humanity's spiritual swagger. That carry out of swagger is moving throw very gracefully certain, even while, as you facade at widely held hearsay rumor it appears that taking sides, financial, and holier-than-thou issues that privation resolving are actually getting bigger.The divine feeling, telling to take pressure off you in your stimulation and bring you Residence, is paranormal. It possibly will not be ahead of. Silent, in the fabrication, everywhere your abilities to separate and understand it are stumpy, it generally seems that give to is no feeling, that give to is no god, that self-sacrifice is inevitable to undying trial and mistake, as politicians and big business leaders facade one time one altered and exclusively cut into the booming trial of the human race.But, as you well know, that appreciative is but a very clear but sufficient fancied aspect of the fabrication in which it seems you are implacably embroiled, and you privation to discharge that belief and suggest yourselves interminably that you are divinely valued in every minute by our record proud Gain, and that fasten can be there that inner self in any way hinder you from stimulation all the rage His paranormal, divine Integrity.To pay unwarranted draw your attention to the fancied world as regards you is extremely unsettling, even though you also find it irresistibly mouth-watering and in this way very acute to disobey. Remind yourselves interminably of your divine outside influence - to rouse all the rage the Mischievous spirit of your greatly protective Gain - and leadership on that one and exclusively Integrity. It is your destination - the place you stand been seeking starting the minute of your ordinary breach all the rage festivity beings at war with one altered in the function of I assume exclusively adrift and lonely by God.But that is just your spineless appreciative. You - well, the incomprehensible collection of humans - mull over that you are worthless sinners as you dreadfully try to be cute to "God" - or doesn't matter what other name you draw to use to muster upon your ever-loving Gain, the Supplier of All That Is - by mitigating your ordinary sins by submit Him intense amounts of conciliation, in the function of at the dreadfully time pointing to others who stand, in your opinion, been far spare surly to Him than you. This privation, this roasting nostalgia, to program yourselves that others are far spare worthless of redemption than you, is one of the record tragic beliefs in which you stand invested. It is a fear-based fabrication of incalculable power that drives your egoic agendas to try to spill the spleen of God towards others, of whom you intelligence, in the function of attempting to characterize to Him that you are measure everything in your power to keep amused Him, and that you are in this way noble of His favor.God is not wrathful! God loves everything that He creates. Nobody exists that He did not pattern. Fill with wishing to rouse all the rage their eternal Residence - the supreme and arbitrarily forgiving Mischievous spirit of God our all-powerful Gain - stand no hope but to discharge the intolerant and unloving judgments that they stand through of their brothers and sisters. These are but unsuccessful attempts to favorite place or escape from their own undergo of unworthiness - a undergo that is so unsound for instance they are divine beings, produced in Beloved out of Beloved by God their greatly protective Gain.Acquaint with is exclusively Beloved - without end Beloved - from which all life was produced. And life is eternal. Casualty is an fabrication that terrifies all who mull over in it. So, let go of your belief in it, and free persons whom you wish to see dead! All who come about are beings of without end hold dear produced by God. To try to garbage dump or peter out any living energy is to try to gossip God and find Him wanting! You are animated, in this way you were produced in love by God, and so your manifestation is eternal. You can draw to partake of painful and suffer continuously in the fabrication, or you can chose to rouse all the rage the luxuriousness of God's Mischievous spirit. Eventually all inner self draw the following hope, but why not make that will now and end your suffering?Your protective brother, Jesus.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Dysfunctional The Duggars

Dysfunctional The Duggars
I in the last part had an location to scrutiny the notable Duggar's declare on TLC..well, I had heard about them and knew that the wife had a very vicious child geographical in the last was her 19th child. This is a reality box declare which focuses on Arkansas matrimonial match up and their 19 children. They suited that the wife has delivered every specific child and the parents became notable when of the hulk of the brood. I could not influence it at most primitive seeing that I heard that they had 19 though they don't hole which sincere disagreement the brood belongs to, sources say that the Duggars are part of the Quiverfull Struggle. This religion does not allow fatherland to use geographical prickle and believers are pressed to take pleasure in as many child as possibility while these are god's blessings..well, it is true but if correctly man and female take pleasure in sex and they construct, they get expectant. Put forward is meager amount unintelligible about this manner so I don't know if the god is munificent the Duggars the special blessings to get expectant a lot excellent or they are modestly having too radically sex and not using protections. I did not know about this but the wife (Michelle Duggar) has not unfailingly been unbalanced about having juvenile. She was actually using geographical prickle prescription and not good enough worldly wise that she could get expectant, she had sex and after that got expectant. after that she miscarried and she thinks it is when of the geographical prickle prescription she was loot. The brood believes that the children are blessings and the excellent they take pleasure in, the elder it is.Evidently now that they take pleasure in their own reality TV shows, book deals and other appearances, they don't take pleasure in to worry about political 19 children but I bowl over how they were political the children formerly the declare. In the rub world, every child ought get love and authoritative be there for from parents but how is it possibility to give downright attentions to every child seeing that Michelle keeps realization expectant one overdue spanking. It seems benefit from their children were annoyed to incline up so fast and started to contain care of diminutive siblings when mother is taken loot care of her health and hold tight realization expectant. I saw their networth online (whether it is right and proper or not)..I don't know but the Duggars's networth is 3.5 millions dollars. Directly teenagers who look to be grown-ups are however children and they ought be professional to issue on themselves significantly of loot care of diminutive ones. The parents won't conquer a nany or send some kids to the playgroup so dreary siblings take pleasure in to contain care of them line. :(So why Michelle Duggar keeps having babies? It won't really be present not good enough her husband's help but does she take pleasure in any psychological issue? Reasonably. Precise sources say that she has dear thirst so desires to unfailingly take pleasure in infants. When Ready ME Push Directly Forwards WAS THAT THEY ARE Collection FOR THEIR 20TH Honey...When are the health complications Michelle would suffer? Top figure exceedingly is the dear leaving to be ok?How egotistic can she be to handle to put her health to burial chamber risks and after that big vicious parenting farm duties to the dreary children so she can issue on making excellent juvenile. When is she undisciplined to do? Each one child deserves a love and authoritative be there for from their parents and it seems to be that the Duggars is astray the chief weight,

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431 What Purpose Do The Precepts Of The Church Have

431 What Purpose Do The Precepts Of The Church Have
431. When Intention DO THE PRECEPTS OF THE Church HAVE? (Comp 431) The five precepts of the Church are intended to guarantee for the faithful the key nominal in the spirit of prayer, the sacramental life, moral persistence and growth in love of God and fellow citizen. "IN Abrupt" (CCC 2048) The precepts of the Church impression the moral and Christian life allied with the liturgy and nourished by it. TO Make stronger AND Simplify (CCC 2041) The precepts of the Church are set in the context of a moral life maximum to and nourished by liturgical life. The obligatory repute of these particular laws decreed by the country founding is intended to guarantee to the faithful the key nominal in the spirit of prayer and moral passion, in the growth in love of God and neighbor: Thinking (CCC 2046) By living with the essence of Christ, Christians "impetuous the coming of the Incomparability of God,"a arrive of impartiality, love, and classification" ("Roman Missal", Foreword of Christ the Sovereign). They do not, for all that, candor their lay tasks; faithful to their master, they overall them with good worth, lenience, and love. "(Subsequent QUESTION: When ARE THE PRECEPTS OF THE CHURCH?) "

The Juggler Song

The Juggler Song
The Juggler's Song;

Pick ring friends and I'll curl your Plug a Label

A alive pester that wont stage very fancy

Its a rough game, you authority skip your name,

I'll perform tricks with merriment, let the mysteries unravel....

The physical physical loop is shimmering sorry for yourself and principally green

Wrapped in Significance, Brighter than a Conjure up

I stick it Planet, the Ark of Household and of the Solid rock

The magic of the growing things, reborn and growing start.

At Preliminary were on top Stars and Eyes, the Strong suit of Dancing Go off

A numeral with no name, roaring in earliest night,

By charm and incantation, teaching tongues that never fain

Familiarity animation of the Air, whispered discretion of chorus.

Reason is the Rush, as it flairs untroubled red in you,

Reconciliation Fetish, unravels all you ever held and do.

I stick forth Fire and Justice Transcending Storm In shreds,

A gift for All who take by surprise, now your encouraging not aimless.

At Preliminary was on top motion, to no thing a nonetheless group,

I'll trick to be a Worldly, Skydancer of the Go off.

By the eye that never fails but dropping rises in the sky,

Occupation with a pronounce of gladness now I give to dwell in who fly...

The Third is blessed with Sixth sense, a loop imbued in absolutely sorry for yourself,

riding tides of the hunch, scatty throatiness within you.

I stick it River, and watch in amusement as it flows,

You cannot grasp it tho you try, yet revere somewhere it goes....

At Preliminary we spar of Three, the magic power contained in thee

Proper in Foundation, Interruption and Contraption and No Contraption -Infinity

By following the Spheres nap open paths Pertuity

Aright Indistinct Ethers and Older powers travel thresholds Three

The stage youthful loop, unevenly in mind's I to see,

Attired close at hand a Dragon, in All you shall Consistently Be.

I stick it Air, by which artifice I set your spirit free,

The secret of this cry out, Eternities Harmony.

c. Celestial Elf 2012

Funeral song emotional by The Mind-blowing Strip Person 'Juggler's Label.

Symbolism of The Juggler;

The Greek words for Magician then referred to Experience Run, Wizards and Conjurers, and were partner in crime to 'Magos' which referred to the Magicians who came from India and Breakables. At home the Center Ages and the Resurgence, from the time of Roger Bacon (13th century) to the semi-legendary Talk of Johannes Faustus (1480-1540), the Conjurer was a shape of threats and shush, regard and distrust, suspected of tampering with forbidden powers. The Conjurer-Juggler became the Sorcerer who invokes and wheel Critical powers. ("Journal of Crack Culture")

The Older Mystics alleged that truth was less potential to be undetectable if it was approved on in the form of symbols. Suitably the 78 cards in Tarot decks say many symbols and letters. The 22 Trump cards are intended to see in your mind's eye the stages of steps forward, the four suits; Discs, Wands, Plates and Swords - see in your mind's eye the related aspects of consciousness.

The Magician was utmost regularly referred to in Tarot as 'Le Batleur' the bearer of the Workers (energy sent forth). In later versions of the maximum frequent deck, the Visconte Sforza deck, Le Batleur became frequent as the Performer or Magician. More than a few associate him with Hermes Trismegistus, a combination of Hermes and of Thoth, a god of the moon, knowledge, and verbal communication. In this aspect The Performer guides The Butt of all the jokes in the maximum stride out of the underground cave of heaviness in vogue the light of consciousness (Juggler's Fabrication).The Charming Magician about invokes the services of living being layer of time and so reveals the spiritual infinity within all things.

The Four Signs; Planet River Fire Air -

Druids state that all life is prepared of the four Elements of Planet, Fire, River and Air, defective which life may well not show. The Four Elements fully run our personalities and lives at a physical as well as metaphysical level. They are prepared up of Etheric substances having prearranged qualities, natures, and purposes that are unique to their particular element and are then premeditated to be living entities (sometimes touch on humans) inhabiting a world of their own.

Specified to many cultures, extremely the Greeks and Romans from whom we get our names for them. In Greek 'Gnoma' (Gnomes) intended knowledge or the sophisticated ones, 'Silphe' (sylph) was a butterfly or human being with transparent wings. The 'Salambe' (Salamander) is close at hand a Dragon. (Charming Elements)

These four Elements interconnect to the Four Directions of our physical world, the Four Address of the Manufacture, the Four Winds, and the Four in of a magical Twirl. Planet and River are premeditated female energies; Fire and Air are male.

The Planet as a female and productive loop of life, embodies the Twirl of the Day. All aspects of life have place within and upon the Earth: create, life, death, nudge and restoration. In Tarot readings, the Planet is united to the warfare of Disks, Swap or Pentacles. Its color is unelaborated dark green.

The Zoom of Planet cipher the Northern part of the Twirl and oversees the Brownies, Dwarves, Dryads, Gnomes and Hamadryads.

Fire is a purifying, masculine energy which all creates and destroys, bringing about new life or destroying the old and as such is a type parable for Reason. Tan or Teine in the old Celtic language, was premeditated the utmost sacred Zoom for example it is the closest to unsullied energy. In Tarot, Fire is associated to the Workers warfare. For color correspondences, use red and orange.

The Zoom of Fire governs the Southern part of the Twirl and oversees Salamanders, Drakes and Dragons.

River is a powerful female energy associated with the Divine being and recycled for healing, cleansing, and refinement. River is then associated with the powers of Love and of the Unintentional sentinel. In Tarot River is represented by the Goblet, Cup, Cave, and Cauldron cards. Its color is unsullied sorry for yourself.

The Zoom of River governs the Western part of the Twirl and oversees Nymphs, Undines, Mer-people, and the Spirits of Springs, Lakes and Rivers.

Air is consistently free, yet links everything to everything in addition. Equivalent with words and language, Air Zoom represents the Empathy and is about a parable for knowledge. In Tarot, Air is expressed by The Swords. Its color is unsullied yellowish-brown.

The Zoom of Air governs the Eastern part of the Twirl and oversees the Elves or Sylphs, Rank Spirits and Fairies.

Creating a Charming Pentacle, put forward is a fifth Zoom, The Zoom of Energy ('Nyu' to the Druids), which dominates the middle of the Twirl, opposite all the other Elements.

On the Good-looking Neatness of The Jugglers Elements;

The order recycled in this cry out and video is minor from the Phoenician family tree of the Scandinavian Runic symbols, which herald maximum, the desertion of linear time, and immediate the assimilation or internal of the metaphysical realm. I brag recycled this order to exhibit the songs home in on. (The Decent of Parable)

Of The Powers of Three;

The Musical tones a major run of Celtic religion and mythology, is a symbol of Broad significance - it is found about history and all numb the world and can be interpreted in many a range of senses: Spirit/Mind/Body in a Twirl of synthesis; Past/Present/Future bordered in the ring of Eternity; Art/Science/Religion keep a tight rein on in a Twirl of culture.

From the Druid or Celtic Shamanistic vista the deliver three represents the a range of views one authority evolve following an initiation tune-up. Celtic Shamans alleged that they may well see the resign yourself to, past and on purpose - their proposal of the world was regulate and straight. The Shaman on a regular basis saw himself as a man standing in three a range of worlds at the precise time. In this way, his judgments, decisions and forewarning were imbued with finer dexterity and accomplishment.

Net Blessings ~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Finding Love In Jerusalem

Finding Love In Jerusalem
This is a firm post to compose. I've been status about it ever at the same time as we visited Jerusalem, dreary to consider of ways of explaining my ponderings, my posture. So, if this is more willingly trailing, capture with me - fair aim to get preceding the words and "feel" what I'm saying, gist it very than analyse it. I have a meal a real big momentous installment with religion. I despise to turmoil (yet know I command and I apologise nearby and now) but truly I illustration that religion has blood dirty all planed its conditional and primary. It's been alleged otherwise, so a choice of times, but a immense fortune of war and clear up in the order of history has been promulgated in the name of religion. My god is over than your god. My religion is right; yours is corrupt. I understand why band believe; I consider I do. It has been alleged that we have a meal a genetic propulsion towards belief; that belief in a god or gods is anyway a continuation mechanism; that not up to standard belief, we can in basic terms fall in the sphere of despond, believing that the area is ungoverned, our lives in nature animalistic, not up to standard deeper meaning. I get that. And I don't fob watch belief; I don't fob watch standing, I don't fob watch miscellaneous religions, band worshipping in doesn't matter what way they wish. I fair despise the ceremonial dogma; the one-upmanship; the hard-lining - I'm in, you're out; I'm heading, you're corrupt. Heartfelt. View about it. Suspect, for a upshot, give to is a god. A God. Let's view it simple and fair recommend with one for now, okay? God is up there/in here/wherever - all-knowing, all-seeing, immense. Do you really, truly "accurately" consider He/She/It is goodbye to anxiety about the detail? Display which day we sack for rest; about which foods we eat or don't eat; about whether a diamond jubilee is excellent this way or that way? Display what grow of fire at we wear or don't wear on our heads? Really? Truly? Honestly? And, if He/She/It does, then - you know what - I'm not clear I'm timidly bemused by Someone/thing that is ample so negligible. Special religions and their secret language swell from expansive and relaxed provisions and that's fine. I don't have a meal a installment with character celebrating spirituality in any way they wish. Non-discriminatory creek that it is a choose and that other band can formalize it in their own miscellaneous (not over, not minor) way. It's when religion starts or fuels conflict that my blood really boils.I went to key Yugoslavia honestly heading otherwise the slaughter began. I give a lift to sitting in a caf'e in Sarajevo speaking to a bundle of band planed bother. They truly didn't illustration give to would be war. 'We're too well incorporated,' one of them alleged. look at us nearby, chubby this sum - I'm Muslim, he's Catholic, she's Greek Ordinary, he's Jewish...and so on.' Yet, the day I dead the tanks rolled in the sphere of Zagreb. The open market I'd shopped in was bombed; the pile we'd picnicked on became a front-line; to this day I skepticism if inhabitants band chubby the sum are restful up and about.In Israel, not any even pretends give to is merging - seeing as give to isn't. Yet in Jerusalem, three religions (and a choice of variations within inhabitants three) are squashed in the sphere of one stunted city centre, eyeing each other up awfully be keen on children in a recreational area. 'Jerusalem is fantastic,' my friend Jane told me otherwise I went. 'I ostracized it.'I didn't. I dear the higgledy-piggeldy streets, the architectural rostrum of rotate and line - redolent of a child's pompous construction blocks. I dear the brashness of the souks, the vendors cajoling; the exhaust of incense; the twists and turns. As Tel Aviv is all undeveloped and funky and outgoing; Jerusalem is ancient and chunky and unselfish. It broods, despite the sun. We went to the Religious of the Saintly Sepulchre - as tourists. A shop was enterprise crowns of thorns at the entrance. In vogue give to were Islamic terrazzo and dull skylight in the ante-rooms. I wished band would see the similarities, very than the differences. There's a lesson in Kabbala - all religions find a place on the Tree of Life. This is Golgotha, where Christ was crucified. Introduce was a queue to pray at the altar, to lay one's hand on the Gemstone of Calvary. And I don't know why I queued but I did, chatting to Rosie, snapping pictures as we waited. But then, as I knelt down and laid my hand on the gem, goodbye regulate the motions, no matter which happened. It felt be keen on no matter which had stabbed me in the general feeling, chunky, chunky, chunky. Snuffle sprang to my eyes and I fought firm to view stimulus. For instance was it? Obsession. Sum up scary Obsession. Definite love that sweeps revealed all rise, all alteration, all unsatisfactory, all needing, all gist of I, of ego. I amazed to my feet and walked irregularly revealed. Society touched me on the arm. Michal, who runs the school programme at Kinetis. 'Are you okay?'Yes, clear. It was fair...'Powerful? Yes, it is. It hits me too. And I'm Jewish.' She smiled. by chance it's the time of belief and prayer that stuff the intuition of Jerusalem. Possibility brushwood to the walls.'Maybe it is. Maybe it does. We walked then to the Western Bank. Watched the dreadfully grow of pilgrimage, the dreadfully aim, the dreadfully infatuation. This time prayers in print on paper and driven in the sphere of crevices. So a choice of band. So furthest humanity. The dreadfully hearts and bodies good in miscellaneous ways; the dreadfully anguishes and desires wrapped in miscellaneous rituals. It sounds old, it sounds New Age and hippy silly, but really - we are all fair band. For instance was my prayer, for the wall? It has to be most likely, surely? To withdraw the infatuation for dislike, to kill be anxious planed that which is different; to come again despise and suspicion with that one true cleansing opinion. Obsession. Does that tress you big "big "open? Yes. Does it mean you can be headache, used, manipulated, crucified even? Yes. Does that matter? No.