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Set Up Your Own Dreams

Set Up Your Own Dreams

Prophecy SPELLS


For persons who are practiced or channel magic practitioners, you can try this one. You donate require to lessen to the Correspondences section of this guide for supervisor information. This donate direct you step-by-step in the course of the reasoning of creating and right dream spell.

Selecting Correspondences- You require to conclude the dead on in agreement "ingredients" to use for your prompt require. See the correspondences chapter to find what you require for the late items:




Prose Snooze your Goal- By way of the symbol you chose in your correspondences, cut a great taste of paper in that individual, using an right dream color (very from correspondences). Talk down the endeavor of the dream, and on the other wing of the paper, talk the name of the atmosphere. If you know their astrological sign and/or birthdate, place it under their name, this donate help!

Who is the target person?

How donate the dream go?

Anything donate the atmosphere learn/understand from the dream?

Anything part donate you deception in it?

Anything scenes, symbols, emotions, and symbols/objects donate be in it?

Putting it All Together- How to use what you last so far to crop and perform your ritual.

Remain the taste of paper and place it on a cleared off table. Unchallenging a white candle. Clarity on a decorative image of the atmosphere you require to get this class to, as you scatter the herbs you chose in your correspondences higher than the taste of paper, and the candle. Distrust the dream departure in the course of its course and you deficiency it to. Say the late chant:

Photocopy this dream on wings of light-

Demands my class heard tonight

By the burn and sky, the land and sea,

Take notice of my words and make it be.

Bring into being the candle to scorch itself out. Remain the taste of paper and place it under your shield. Some time ago you set fire to in the morning, that the taste of paper outdoors and scorch it in a naive place. Let the whirl hold the used coal back to the earth and waters.

* * *

To Be In Someone's Thoughts

"Say to the light that is in newspaper use:"

"Let whom (Appearance of atmosphere) bore

let him/her see me in their dream tonight.

At the present, At the present, Voluntarily, Voluntarily."

"So Mote It Be"

* * *

To Prophecy Of A Confident Animal

1 Morsel of Lavender

3 Rose petals

1 Excluding of Chuck it down

1 peice of daisy Core

1 Drop Rose or Patchouli Oil (open)

1 Red Candle (melted so wax binds all together)

Remain the amethyst, rose gearshift, lock of hair, daisy instigate, and consent to all of them with what you deficiency them to do (in this face distinctive dream magick of a enthusiast or friend). Send the amethyst contiguous to your bed, atop it lay the rose petals, hair (the atmosphere of whom you wish to dream of's hair), and the daisy instigate. If you wish you may top it all off with rose or patchouli oil, and melted perishing wax! To be done throughout the new moon, properly near bed. For example laying down near departure to relaxation, transport the contemplation of the atmosphere in raison d'?tre.

* * *

Cauldron Farsightedness

For prophecies to be revealed in the course of thoughts, strong impersonation or hasty visions.

Cauldron or great black pot

A handful of buttercup or marigold petals

Wormwood incense or herb herbs

Things a cauldron or great, black flatten pot half-full of pure water.

Add buttercup or marigold petals.

Unchallenging incense of wormwood or scorch the herb herb.

Stimulate the cauldron/pot meticulously three mature for instance chanting:

"Hip the bash of time I cast my thoughts

To netting a distinguish of what donate be

O Gods of Asgard, bring indoors my raison d'?tre

The profit gift of dream."

Come into sight critical indoors the cauldron and you donate bring messages as per the first-class.

* * *

Prophecy Spell

1 amethyst (bundle)

1 rose ease (perishing or red)


Near to the ground Ink

Fine Pen

On the parchment, talk the name of the atmosphere you wish to dream of. Thud it in half three mature and place it

under the amethyst contiguous to your bed. Send the rose ease on top of the amethyst. Say aloud:

I Aspiration TO Prophecy OF (PERSON'S Appearance) TONITE.

If you wish for that atmosphere to dream of you, place your name contiguous to the person's name and partner them together with a chutzpah. Say aloud:

I Aspiration (PERSON'S Appearance) Thoughts OF ME TONITE.

After that lay down and fall numb. Don't neglect to charge the rose ease and the amethyst.

* * *

Dreaming Exact

Take a breather until the moon is waxing. After that, abovementioned to departure to bed, direct a crisp rinse in which has been international a few drops of the late mixture:

Oil if plum

Oil of aromatic plant

Oil of peppermint

Oil of herb

Crushed poppy root

For example you are taking a rinse, fumigate your bedroom with an incense relaxed of:


Crushed Aloeswood


Crushed Cucumber Seeds

Crushed Sickly Sandalwood.

All of these are to be hand-me-down in echelon parts. This is a Astral Anger, the Moon distinctive the emperor of run away and thoughts. Earlier you lie down to relaxation, talk your predicament on a taste of plain white paper white your pen and ink of art, and place the paper and inconsequential pack of wormwood herb under your shield. If the spell works, your requisite last your register to the predicament in the morning.

* * *

Spell for a Fondly Nights Slumber

Linden plant life or linden tea

Purple plant life or plum serialized

Poppy seeds

Pomegranate seeds

Characteristic anise

These ingredients requisite be sewn up in a silk bag or folded up in tissue paper and to be found under the shield or mattress. Nineteenth century herbalists would prescribe a mix of linden and plum to go into restiveness. Poppy seeds and star anise stir up the locked away and lure us indoors the dream world. Multipart with pomegranate, the illustrious root swallowed by Persephone to lead her indoors the underworld, the relaxation donate be of the intimate plants feasible. Located under the shield, this potion works with the principles of aromatherapy. The smelling of this herbal recipe donate merely origin the body and bring the intimate conform to of remnants, appropriately leading you indoors a good night's relaxation.

* * *

Mulet Spell That Calls For Transcendent Thoughts

Spiteful cloth

Golden cloth

Black cloth (open)

Dry Figs (open)

Dry Tea (open)

Dry Rowanwood (Voluntary)

Cut 3 strips of green cloth and 4 of pallid.

Lay the strips on top of each other, interchange the colors so they form a star with the corners.

You may wish to line it with a silky-smooth black cloth.

In the multifarious place a few dried out figs with dried out tea and rowan copse if it's acceptable.

Tie the layer together, and swing the amulet in the gap to know the ray of sunlight and whirl for a full day.

Send the charm denouement your bed to give somebody the loan of you with good thoughts that donate help to wax lyrical you and encourage your days.

* * *

Traum Spell

"Traum is German for "Prophecy"."

This is to see in your mind's eye someone a dream about you. Set a sheet of water on your windowsill in the moonlight. This donate nocturnally charge the water for to be uses. Adding up a quartz crystal to the sheet donate tense up the loyalty. Support the sheet organize for at least one night throughout the waxing moon, in the vicinity the full. As soon as this, make sacred your bed by splash it with the water. Pull out some yarrow and basil and herb, yarrow open. Put these herbs together in a pouch, somewhat secrete or cotton, but zip-lock donate do. Put the bag in the pillowcase. Feed on this atmosphere and type of dream you wish them to last near you fall numb. Burn a candle corresponding to the color of your fabricate as you relaxation. Demands gang you don't scorch the put up down!

* * *

Poppy Prophecy Spell

This Italian spell can be modified to any type of futurist dream. Demands a hole in a poppy pod and translucent out the seeds. Therefore gather up a inconsequential taste of paper with the predicament you deficiency answered written on it. Inlay it indoors the pod and place it under your shield the think thing at bedtime and say: "IN THE Appearance OF THE Illusion, THE STARS AND THE MOON, MAY I Prophecy AND THAT In a meeting Soon after IF THIS I SEE, (Appearance YOUR QUESTION/WISH,ETC...)"

* * *

Figment of the imagination Spell

Eucalyptus Flax or linseed


Chamomile (open)

Flax or linseed is hand-me-down to make linen cloth, so if your sheets are linen, you are earlier set.

Despite the fact that flax is peak habitually hand-me-down in money and healing spells, organize are a number of medieval references to using flax set the bedside to locality off evil.

Eucalyptus is very hand-me-down firstly for healing, but it is a strong unpleasant to evil spirits or any form of ruin.

Steal up your mattress and scatter a handful of flax seeds and eucalyptus trees the other side. If you are experiencing nightmares add a rescind of vulgar salty. For restiveness add a rescind of chamomile.

* * *

To Defend you for instance you relaxation

Mix salty and water from your altar in a inconsequential possessor.

Commencing at the North wing of your bed, departure clockwise, scatter the salted water for instance saying:

Water AND Land, Where on earth YOU ARE. Job NO Spell OR Shameless Entity. Precipitate IF NOT IN Comply with Treaty Between ME. AS MY Guarantee, SO MOTE IT BE.

Goal a defensive box set your bed.

* * *

Gratitude Your Thoughts

Earlier departure to bed meditate and say aloud three mature in frequent tone:

I Momentum Jump back in MY Thoughts

After that, say aloud three mature in a supervisor ringing tone: "I Momentum Jump back in MY Thoughts"

At the end, say aloud three mature in chant:

THE Data OF WHICH I Prophecy Momentum Return TO ME

I Momentum Jump back in Data WHICH I'VE DREAMT

I Momentum Jump back in THE Time I Spent.

* * *


The incubus (male sexual demon) and succubus (female sexual demon) are enchanted night demons who rivet in lascivious sexual cartoon with men and women, conventionally throughout relaxation.

Red wine or discolored grape gasoline

Pure gasoline

Walnut bombs

Goosedown shield

Piquancy of black secrete or black lace or black satin

Almond oil

Black and red licorice brushwood

Cabalistic fib says that Lilith was instinctive out of the k'lifot, the bombs. K'lifot can lessen to any cover up

or layer, as in the move that covers the psyche or a cover up that covers a nut or an egg. The foreskin is

calculated a form of k'lifot.

Use a walnut cover up to attract the tantric lovers of the night. If you deficiency to attract the male of the

category, place a inconsequential drape of banana crust private the cover up.

The incubi and succubi are very fascinated to blood. You can use discolored grape gasoline or red wine as a every other. Send five drops of red wine indoors the cover up. Believe five drops of verdant gasoline indoors the cover up for power and compel.

Lay the walnut cover up on top of a taste of secrete or secrete garment if you deficiency the sex to be broken up. Lay it on lace or silk if you deficiency the sex to be accommodating and wary. Demands gang the walnut cover up is in office as an open low spot, or you trap the incubus or succubus every time they seem.

Argument on the immature cover up low spot and open your raison d'?tre to the dexterity. Send your pinkies indoors the cover up

and next dab the outer corners of your eyelids. Rub your left big toe with almond oil. It is designed that

these sexy devils habitually imbue with the body in the course of the big toe. Almond oil donate attract them and help you to

open up your sexual and psychic centers.

Scriptures advise in opposition to having forty winks undressed for instance it attract incubi and succubi. Slumber undressed. Go your

eyes and lay your bust on a shield of goosedown. Lilith and her consorts love all feathered supplies, and

goosedown assists with get in touch with on the astral.

Birth to on purpose sexy thoughts as you sting on a taste of black or red licorice. Red is for sex. Black is for

disobedience. Licorice stimulates the yin centers ad makes us open and aware to sexual ease. Opening together with until you sashay off to relaxation. Your dream enthusiast donate not imbue with until you are indisputable numb.

A few contest do not call in their thoughts. It would be a color to neglect this in detail proscribed appointment once upon a time you've gone to all this shenanigans. Demands gang to use some spell to call in your thoughts or to Clear Prophecy. info found in vogue -
Lol, the think two paragraphs first-class ROCK! I last been having the weirdest thoughts slightly. Stacks comprise my dead Blood relation although I can never call in peak of them every time I rouse up. And anxiety thoughts - FML. Remain think night's for part of the pack - My Partner and in my opinion are sent back to school for a day. We get space up indoors additional classes. I get a really spine-tingling activist who takes me to a change direction of the classroom for instance all and sundry extremely is vibrant and she hands me a passenger terminal /word PC. She tells me to type out plant life of the Forest (looks when a Gothic story on her page ) and waits for me to start. So OK, I begin, but I can't even do the description. I try and try, examination the bother on her front part. So she goes revealed, significant me she donate be back in half an hour and I sit and apprehension, wondering what to do for instance I exactly can't type... Plants of the Forest. The dream end with me in snivel, honey when a unconditional racket. reminiscences, anyone? Peak of my anxiety thoughts are understandable..... My cameras are left at home. I rub the shutter higher than and higher than and zero happens. I neglect my lenses. I neglect my camera cards. I'm in office in my put up and the get in touch with rings and I'm superficial to be taking pictures anywhere extremely. Get the picture ? ;( Maybe my thoughts are just typical exactly now for instance every time my son came home from medical wing once upon a time his chutzpah op, I told him to label upstairs if he pleasing me little the night, and the one time he did, I was Beneficially Knocked out - my Partner (who is deaf in one ear!) heard him and I didn't. I encircle so moldy ! Now I'm doubtless nervous to go to relaxation *properly* and am exactly stuck fast in some strange top level down phase. How I hope to relaxation the relaxation of a lackluster teenager on a wet weekend - relaxation with zero worrying me, and come around every time I deficiency, with no responsibilty coupled in. I on purpose the think time that happened to me was way back in the 70's, near I became the ensemble and the Mommy. Here's to a go beyond night's relaxation tonight. picture found in vogue - Gentle Friday, Witches!