Saturday, December 7, 2013

Green Season

Green Season
I never thought the day would come because I'd adjustment on the air-condition with pleasure. Care me: it gets comfortable down covering. Surely comfortable. Scandinavia had flurry at Easter - well, covering green flavor (a great deal nicer and improved tourist-friendly name for misty flavor) seems to endure started two months in advance this day.

Temperatures are round about 36 (yes, celsius) and I be included the watch steady crust to be whimsical that can actually touchstone this level of wetness. All good.

Up your sleeve from the gale persist night, which was the loudest and longest-lasting I endure ever superior. Inspection the hurricane, the spring was so bad today that our diveboat (and all other speedboats) had to turn round about in the wake of 10 account and go back to the harbour. The corporation were not exstatic - but would endure been less so, if they'd been stuck fast on a 26 ft motor boat for three hours in 2 dial waves. Care me on that one too.

Easter was peak flavor covering and another time area of interest went far bigger than alleged for us. Which intended different three weeks deficient a day off. So they say it's really heavy-eyed this week, but we steady endure full boats every one for somersaulting and snorkeling. Maybe minute week.

The mission is to supervise the fight covering end of minute week. My first action essence be leaving to Phuket for two days of shopping with one of my friends. Khao Lak has really nothing in requisites of shopping - unless you're looking for a technique or an optician. Just the once that, I'll be leaving on a liveaboard or two for some somersaulting. NOT working, moral somersaulting. I can go rationally for free, so it's not as decadent as it sounds.

As well as I'll be protective material all the machinery and accounting stuff covering and get it to our accounting on Phuket.

Set out May I'm predisposed to go to Koh Tao to dwell Debbie and Beto. One of our friends from Saba comes to Thailand on holiday, so it would be superior to unearth up and do some somersaulting together.

Just the once Koh Tao it's reasoning time........what am I leaving to do this green flavor, what am I leaving to do minute high flavor (why is it not called buff season?). I endure assured options....Damages now I'm anxiously tired of working these steep hours in the accounting. Under the weather & tired ">

Equal life in Heaven is not always expand ;)

The friend and God who named me "qow" asked me whether line in customary know, what the origin of that is. I'm without doubt some of you do. For all the rest of you, I'll entrust the source in my minute blog publication (now THAT's a cliffhanger).....

Carry unrest mysterious line

xxx from the QoW