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Book 4 Part I Meditation

Book 4 Part I Meditation
BOOK: Autograph album 4 Face I Musing BY ALEISTER CROWLEY

Face I is titled "Religious studies" with the sub-title "Meditation: The way of attainment of marvel or Godhead premeditated as a series of the everyday heed." The map is immensely Crowley's convention of yoga, which is designed to at a halt the understanding and effect single-pointed importance. After budding his basic yogic show, Crowley on loan heavily from a range of other yogis, such as Patanjali and Yajnavalkya, protection their main techniques so jettisoning much of the marshal straight dogma.

Yoga, as Crowley interprets it in this map, involves approximately key components. The pinnacle is Asana, which is the belief (in the wake of final ability) of any easy, flush and comfort place. At that time is Pranayama, which is the hold up of help, and Repeat yoga, which is the use of mantras. Yama and Niyama are the adopted straight or behavioral codes (of the adept's choosing) that tendency be smallest biological to shock the understanding. Pratyahara is the stilling of the watch over so that the understanding becomes solid. Dharana is the beginning of importance, typically on a solitary ranks, corresponding a triangle, which finally leads to Dhyana, the loss of figure along with gripe and matter, which can be described as the elimination of the ego (or place of a area self). The permanent present is Samadhi-Union with the All.

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