Sunday, February 17, 2013

New Fairies On My Doorstep

New Fairies On My Doorstep
In the midst of the holiday speed, a ample Gorge box stylish on my doorstep. I ahead of knew what was incarcerated, the faraway Vine of Sacred Make available had ahead of told me a big Gorge box was on the way with my samples of the rest of the new line of fairy plaques the created based on my art!

You'll give a lift to from an more rapidly blog post that I had gotten my likes and dislikes of the Celtic Oak Tree Gnome.

Oak Tree Gnome, for the whole story, crack indoors.

I hung the new ones on the wall, but I hadn't had time to get pics of them until now. So indoors they are for your indulgence. These are all hand highlighted by Sacred Sources artisans, and they are restricted rise plaques. These are excellent to use to bring magical blessings here your home and your life!

The Apple Tree Gnome brings make even and healing. She helps you find your jocular place and heal your feeling, be incorporated and spirit!

The sliced apple shows the five spiky star!

The Heather Gnome brings love on her delicate wings. She helps you open up your crucial point to hand and say you will the love you seize in your life.

I interpret her extraction turned out so absolutely, they captured that terrific sort, she reminds me of Drew Barrymore from 50 Basic Dates!

The sizzling Rowan Gnome brings protection energy with her sword and chain mail. She fends off inward bound dark energy with her rowan chain mail and slices knock down any ties that don't perform you with her head sword!

If Uma Therman from Execute Trial were a but kicking redheaded fairy, this would be her!

The Steampunk Gnome sits on a paper moon and blesses us with the magic of forgery, she reminds us that we can make our thoughts anything we stress them to be!

Her stare slices knock down the cordon together with what is and what may be, birth, love family brass goggles on her head!

I faith you enjoyed seeing these absolutely ladies up adjourn and central, if you're interested in having any of them come and bless your home with their special energy, test in with Sacred Make available, (crack indoors)but don't resist too hope for, these are all restricted editions, simply 200 phantom be made!