Friday, July 9, 2010

The Prayer Rope My Mobile Phone

The Prayer Rope My Mobile Phone

By Protopresbyter Dionysios Tatsis

In our epoch without help new do not have representing phones. Someone else has their representing link and they every time speak and speak about with each other. Anywhere they are, they make a link get together. Wherever you get to know flowing music, which is an vision for inhabit who have the phones. Unaffected in the sacred churches telephones ring.

I would say that even anchorites have representing phones, nevertheless the fact they have selected the non-worldly life and have renounced era and friends. Few are inhabit who cautiously give up their representing link and carry on it to a rapid place in their home. They assess it problematic that at anytime and anywhere they possibly will be sought after out and be communicants of the complexity of others, interrupting their spiritual pursuits, which involves matter, devotion and the laying departure from the subject of life's cares. Many of my brethren moral fiber assess satirical the gear I am pointing out in the vicinity of. But I continue, to the same degree I theorize that the gear said on the representing are unneeded, if not detrimental. Offering are few hand baggage where they have some belief and make life easier for nation state, but for these hand baggage we have the rapid receiver of the home, the secretarial, the agree, etc.

The interminable receiver communication interferes with the gaze at in a thousand and one ways, which makes prayer and the spiritual life in general thorny. How can you work according to God, some time ago for a "high glug" you make and play calls?

Like others suffering you with finished questions and ask your set about unintelligent subjects, its as if nation state lost their logic or have gone back to their former. In extract to the representing link, you hardship not wish for that Christians to start with take communication with God and secondarily with nation state.

By the receiver we pass on with nation state. But how can we pass on with God? A cleric as soon as told me that he moreover has a representing link with assorted admit, and so he showed me his extensively hand-me-down prayer line. "By this", he conclusive me, "I pass on with the Lord at all times! On the representing link submit are keys, but I use the knots to ask for the Lord's mercy; this link neediness be hand-me-down unremittingly, ultra in our age where temptations are assorted and assorted nation state have moved to one side from God, as we are rapt with life's concerns."

Deified are inhabit who have not been captured by put on machinery and can by hand speak about with God with undistracted prayer, which does not despicable trappings, antennas, headsets, cables, etc.

Source: "Orthodoxos Typos", November 30, 2012. Translated by John Sanidopoulos.