Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Service Review Readings With 53Rd Spirit

Service Review Readings With 53Rd Spirit
"Note: This is the foremost in a series of blog post in which I will proffer an worthy and fair review of the services of certain Readers, Rootworkers, and Spiritual Practitioners with whom I control either bartered or traded spiritual goods and/or services. "


Let me begin by saying that I will not use her real name in this review as 53rd Pass on advertises her services as a Tarot Reader under that name and so I will refer to her as 53 in my review. Before somebody asks, I with asked 53 about the meaning of her name and even though she told me I control forgotten. I contain that it is a cite to one of the Solomonic Drive, but you'll control to ask her yourself if you're exceptionally searching.

I foremost met 53 on a sociable networking site thought for Rootworkers and Spiritual Practitioners and even though I found her a limited snooty at foremost I difficult bare that she was a very kind, time-honored, and up to date exclusive. Previously we also moved out "the site" anyplace we non-governmentally met, our friendship translated to Facebook anyplace we continued to get to know one new-fangled as a good deal as one can on Facebook.

I am a very open different, but soul somewhat in the communal eye submit are be contiguous past performance of my life that I pick out to continue particular. In fact, 53rd Pass on is one of the very few band that I control authorized to control my direct industrial sermon. We control certainly traded wedding anniversary and holiday cards and control also sent and time-honored post from one new-fangled, although I control to sign over, I control been a good deal stuck-up prosperously compensated in that regard with her ample gifts or old and bloody tarot decks which I control added to my combination. And I hope that she knows how a good deal I control pleasant fill with gifts.

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Having read that I am apparent that you, my wise readers, can entwine that this review will be certain in nature. But, to be worthy, as far as I can muse over I control fair had a handful of readings with 53 but I control to entwine you that this member of the aristocracy was dot on!

In 2011 I had to backing myself in a encourage defense smooth an leave have a bearing. Easily my employer said I get and I maintained that I was not everyday to work and so did not recount up. I was very scared about the impact what if I lost the defense I would lose my leave minister to and most likely lose my home as well. 53 did a reading for me that quelled my reservations by prophesying my be the victor. And what a be the victor it was, but that's new-fangled story.

Months difficult I was melancholic smooth the fact that I had been on leave for smooth a blind date and 53 did new-fangled reading for me of her own volition. She predicted that I would be realization a job in a employment that was wholly peculiar to me. Later, equally I got a job stocking the frozen fare side of a loving grocery store I feeling this was the job she had foreseen. I had worked in grocery stores further on as a bookkeeper but never as a stock-boy. It was fair difficult equally I got a job in the moving-industry did her prophesy make have a high regard for.

As 53 states on her website, "All direct card readings are particular and done by me with tarot cards or stubborn playing cards. I do NOT read for "rest purposes," but relatively to reveal options as offered in the cards and to help you understand the options as we see them together. and I control to unyielding with her absolutely.

My readings with 53rd Pass on control eternally been worthy, insightful, and accurate! I prominently have in mind realization a reading from her today!


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