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Ancient Giants And The Chilean Little Alien

Ancient Giants And The Chilean Little Alien
Critic Steve Quayle beam about a small distant found in Chile and also multiparty his latest carry out trial on giants. The relic of a creature, a tarn six inches eminent, was found in a part of Chile obvious for petrified grass and mineralization, he reported. It came to his hard work straight an "exobiologist," Ramon Navia-Osorio. Enthrallingly, Quayle believed that there've been alive sightings of such beings in Colombia, ethical two months ago-- and that an contagion of illness was linked with their thin covering.

Congruence slight creatures were hollow by Shoshone and Crow Indians andreports and tradition of them series the dirt, believed Quayle, who theorized that earth changes may bring caused such entities and spirits to be loosed upon us.

On the other end of the spectrum, display is both modern and ancient greatest for giants, with skeletons ranging from 17 to 19 ft. and further, Quayle contended. According to Pravda,Educationalist Ernst Muldashev conducted an cruise to Syria, Lebanon and Egypt and found the graves of giants.Quayle believes that haunt of the giants were the cannibalistic youngster of the Fallen Angels or Nephilim and that these "nervous and violent" beings soul be cyclic.


Stephen Quayle is the novelist of five books. For complete thirty time, he has been investigating ancient civilizations, giants, UFOs and natural row as they let the cat out of the bag to the calculated of mankind. Stephen discusses the coming worst-case scenarios future this world and how they interrelate to each other. Earthquakes, volcanoes, nuclear and natural terrorism, attached with the structured monetary meltdown of the U.S. lowly soul motion us now unimagined troubles. Stephen Quayle is on peak as stating that we bring encouraged from the realm of natural pressure now the battlefield of supernaturally guided events of the unintelligible hand of evil orchestrating world events of low proportions.


In esoteric and occult teachings, Giants are real beings who alive on spiritual, etheric and physical planes of company. Giants were a in the field of meaning in theosophical literature, Atlantis, lost continents and last the earth mysteries bent of Britain in the 1970s.

The initiative of giants was discussed by the theosophist and occult novelist Madame Blavatsky who wrote about the company of giants in her book The Sly Creed sandwiched between them to her rule of dig races and claiming they meet with Hindu stop of the formation. According to theosophists ape-like giants were the third dig dash who lived on the continent of Lemuria. Theosophists also coupled giants to the Atlantean dash.

Ahu Tongariki from one place to another Rano Raraku, Occultists and Theosophists call the stone structures were built by a dash of giants

Madame Blavatsky claimed that the Easter Atoll stone structures were built by the fourth dig dash, a dash of giants. She also claimed due to the flabbiness of Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan they had been built by giants measuring 60 feet eminent. Blavatsky coupled the Polynesian peoples as the very at the outset survivors as a "sub-race" of the fourth root-race, due to the Polynesian personnel exclusive "a leader individual than the rest of mankind".

The German occultist Guido von Disclose was won over by Blavatsky's writings on giants and mixed together paganism, mythology, with theosophy which repeated the company of giants living in unequal realms based on the initial four rounds of the dig dash rule.

R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz the egyptologist and perfectionist believed that giants had roamed the earth, and that one time the fall of Adam, guild roll out now a shape up of weakening

Lewis Spence a writer on mythology was important of theosophy, nevertheless he despite the fact that repeated the company of giants. He read and researched english myths and mythology depicting such giants such as Magog and the British good Albion. Changed writer who was averse to occultism was the British journalist and novelist William Comyns Beaumont, take pleasure in Spence he also repeated the company of giants based on myths, mythology, traditions and archeology. Beaumont believed that Britain was the put of Atlantis and that it was bursting by a good dash of Aryans