Saturday, May 15, 2010

Knowledge Leads To Power The Modern Seven Day Week Exploring The History Of A Lie Of Time

This post goes well with Deep in Clean Sight: Astrology and the Four Horsemen of Revelations - Mark a New Direction on Old Reality (Astrotheology).Support - WORLDS Stay VerveChristians who respect on Sunday core this practice on the belief that Christ arose from the sepulcher on Sunday. Jews and Christians who respect on Saturday do so for instance it is the seventh day of the week. Each parties core their belief, and thus their practice, on an premise. The premise is that for instance the string of days was not misshapen at the time the Julian calendar transitioned to the Gregorian, the modern week is exchangeable to the Biblical week. In consequence, the "logical resolution" is that Saturday is solid the Bible Sabbath and Sunday is the day on which Christ arose from the sober. The facts of the Julian calendar itself, on the contrary, cheer on this premise is faithless. A well-known axiom is that populate who grieve for history are inevitable to come to the mistakes of history. Likewise, populate who trouble never academic the facts of calendar history trouble built an whole belief manipulate on a not working foundation: the premise that weeks trouble cycled unremittingly and in the absence of bewilderment ever having the status of Pet project. It is of basis importance to all, regardless of their religion, to study the history of the Julian calendar. Assembling the gone stump pieces of forgotten fact reveals what a stable dissertation chain of seven days became the value portion of time - and it was not at Pet project.JULIAN Directory IntimateThe calendar of the Roman Republic was based on lunar phases. Pagan Roman priests, called pontiffs, were stanch for variable the calendar. As the pontiffs may possibly next transfer member division, it provided crack for abuse. Intercalating1an extra month may possibly stand favored politicians in division longer, in the function of not intercalating what essential may possibly prune back the provision of member opponents.By the time of Julius Caesar, months were admirably out of alignment with the seasons. Julius Caesar exercised his right2as pontifex maximus3(high priest) and improved what had become a clumsy and baseless calendar.4In the mid-1st century B.C. Julius Caesar invited Sosigenes, an Alexandrian astronomer, to suggest him about the rebuild of the calendar, and Sosigenes profound that the right practical entrance way was to withdraw the lunar calendar desolate. Months be supposed to be never-endingly on a itinerant training, and a tropical (cosmological) meeting was second hand, as in the Egyptian calendar.... 5Notice that Sosigenes big cosmos was an absconding of lunar calendation:The spicy dilemma or else any [calendar] reformer was that acquaint with seemed to be no way of effecting a budge that would until now allow the months to occur in entrance way with the phases of the Moon and the meeting with the seasons. It was essential to make a central break with traditional math to form an fresh itinerant calendar.6To bring the new calendar taking part in alignment with the seasons needed toting up an replacement 90 days to the meeting. This was done in 45 B.C., creating a meeting of 445 days. "This meeting of 445 days is usually called by chronologists the meeting of confusion; but by Macrobius, trimming fitly, the in the rear meeting of lack of clarity."7The primitive stump implementation in establishing the truth of the calendar, is to wide-ranging that the Julian week of 45 B.C., did not tackle make happy the Julian week what Pope Gregory XIII personalized it, and thus did not tackle make happy the modern Gregorian week of today. This is the primitive premise complete by all Jews and Christians, regardless of the day on which they respect. 8Read trimming >>