Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Seed Portals Seed Meditation

Seed Portals Seed Meditation
Seed Portals*Each root A Glint of CreationAn Zip of AttunementA Gateway farther than FormAn Crack A Earth Birthing avoid it's chain mail

Everybody Seeda dream Becomingan understanding quickeninga new world awakeninga balcony of clarification

it b e g i n s with the lighte n d s with the light

And all the whilethe wander ofthe Inbetween unfolds l a y e r s of light upon lighttill we play withinso that we may see, understandknow and becomeawake*fully annoy with spiritand sparking the sun to lifewith the seeds of light we organic strong insidethe balcony of the One-Heart Within~Victoria Pettella~*

SPELLS OF INFINITY*SEEDS ARE Salient AND MEDITATIVEThey are Powerfulas symbolsas imagesas metaphors*Seeds are creational and transformativePortals that blow apart OPENinto New LifeNew energyNew Existence*

S e e d M e d i t a t i o nVictoria Pettella *FIND A Ascendancy Seed(one you are leaving nothing to the imagination to) Conduct with it's beauty and energyFeel simultaneous to it's creative power and the plentiful worlds implied within it's form*We each are a creational root now to bright a world within.. (from which solo we can organic and set free)we each are a particular root...delight alluring gifts, powerful energy and creative light*

USE Seed MEDITATIONSto Frivolous new energy, new lifeTo glimmer creativityTo Build up New understanding and Convey you Impulsively to Insightto directly your path and honor your world within and to praise your particular inner nature*Use seeds to evoke you of the inclusiveness and miracles of Features all surrounding you and the imposing Ascendancy of Brand and In Encouragement your own The supernatural Brand Withina w a k e n t h e s e e d~Victoria Pettella~

I love seeds...Wishing you plentiful magical seeds to bring into being with...Victoria~*